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Escher CMS Change History

Version 0.9.2 [2011-07-01]
	integrated branch management: production, staging and development branches
	support for separate read/write databases
	drag & drop ordering of pages
	site search plugin
	atom/rss feed plugin
	<et:design:snippet> now accepts arbitrary parameters passed to snippet
	new tag: <et:design:param>, for accessing snippet parameters
	new tag: <et:pages:excerpt>
	new tag: <et:core:escape_url>
	new tags to assist with navigation previous/next links when iterating items
	new default theme
	comments plugin:
		new default snippets
		change: by default, comment processing now done prior to saving comment instead of after retrieving it
	upgraded textile library to rev 3511

Version 0.9.1 [not released]
	miscellaneous bug fixes
	enhanced password security (PHPass integrated)
	added query plugin
	added "private" attribute to <et:core:scope> tag
	synced to changes in Spark/Plug's authentication model (using SparkHasher)
	synced to changes in Spark/Plug's exception handling model
	eliminated "meta" namespace and tags; added tags: <et:pages:meta>, <et:images:meta>, <et:files:meta>, <et:links:meta>
	can associate custom metadata with images, files and links
	form plugin: allow setting default values for multiple checkboxes ("default" attribute now accepts comma-delimited list)
	added missing semicolons in some inline styles of sample site
	eliminated one level of directory hierachy in sparkplug directory
	.htaccess: moved use of header directive inside check for enabled headers module

Version 0.9.0 [2010-11-20]
	Initial Release
	Requires Spark/Plug v1.0.0
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