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include_once '../src/Epi.php';
Epi::setPath('base', '../src');
// If you'd like to use Memcached for cache then init the 'cache' or 'cache-memcached' module and call EpiCache::employ()
// EpiCache::employ(EpiCache::MEMCACHED);

 * This is a sample page which uses native php sessions
 * It's easy to switch the session backend by passing a different value to getInstance.
 *  For example, EpiSession::getInstance(EpiSession::Memcached);
$router = new EpiRoute();
$router->get('/', array('MyClass', 'MyMethod'));

 * ******************************************************************************************
 * Define functions and classes which are executed by EpiRoute
 * ******************************************************************************************
class MyClass
  static public function MyMethod()
      getCache()->set('name', $_GET['name']);

    $name = getCache()->get('name');
      $name = '[Enter your name]';
    echo '<h1>Hello '. $name . '</h1><p><form><input type="text" size="30" name="name"><br><input type="submit" value="Enter your name"></form></p>';
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