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to: <"$user_firstname $user_lastname"> $user_email
from: <Catalyst Recruiting> hide@address.com
subject: Great news! Your Catalyst registration is complete.
Congratulations! You've completed Step 2 of your registration with
Catalyst Recruiting and introduced yourself to employers across
the country.

       Your username: $user_name
       Your password: $password1

Keep these in a safe place for future use. If you've got questions or
suggestions, email us at hide@address.com We welcome
your feedback.


Keep your profile up to date - you can always return to
www.CatalystRecruiting.com to add more links and information. In the
next few months, we'll be upgrading our site to include more features
and articles, and partnering up with other sites to bring you prizes
and deals...free CDs and magazine subscriptions, for starters (read on). 


Forward this email (erase your password first) to your favorite
people - or go to 


and use our handy automatic email form. If you can get three friends to complete
a profile on our site, we'll give you the free CD of your choice from our new
partner, loudtunes.com.
If you want a free, cool-looking Catalyst T-shirt, send funny work stories
to hide@address.com (we'll make our favorite one into an original
comic strip) and your career questions to hide@address.com -
we print your message, you get a shirt. 

If you're really good at signing up your friends and you get more than 10
new profiles into our system,  we'll give you a cash bonus and we'll offer you
a job. We're not kidding. 


Do it because you like your friends. You don't want them to toil in
corporate oblivion when they could find interesting jobs at
interesting companies. Catalyst works as a virtual recruiter for
companies too young, too small, or too cool to visit every campus or
maintain big human resources departments. We'll link your friends (and
you) up with the opportunities that won't appear in your local
newspaper. Plus, you should help us out, because we're nice
guys. We're students and recent grads who got frustrated by the
inefficiency of the on-campus recruiting game and decided to do
something about it.


You want your stuff, the profiles you send our way have to be complete
and original. Come on, don't lie to us. Like we said, we're nice guys.


Thanks for signing up, keep in touch, check out the site, and send your
friends our way. Have a great year.

Catalyst Recruiting
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