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		<td height="2" colspan="2"><img src="images/congrats.gif"></td>
		<td colspan="2">
				<font color="black" size="2">You have earned 2000 InstantPoints worth $40 FREE for completing your profile. Cash in your FREE Reward Points now for a year's worth of your favorite magazines. After the reward year you can continue service at special low rates.</font>
<font color="black" size="2">
To redeem your InstantPoints, 

<a href="javascript:points_popup()">
click on your selection(s) at Magazine Outlet</a> 
or read further for details. But hurry, this offer expires soon. Any unused FREE Reward Points are forfeited forever.</font></p>
				<p><font color="black" size="2">Redeeming your CatalystRecruiting Reward Points is easy:</font></p>
					<li type="1"><font color="black" size="2">CHOOSE A MAGAZINE REWARD from popular titles like US, Spin, and Yahoo! Internet Life.</font>
					<li type="1"><font color="black" size="2">SET UP YOUR REWARD SUBSCRIPTION by creating your fulfillment information including:<br>
					Your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and credit card number.<br>
					The credit card number is required to secure your post-reward period subscription at special low rates.</font>
					<li type="1"><font color="black" size="2">ENJOY YOUR FULL YEAR MAGAZINE REWARD.<br>
					This CatalystRecruiting sponsored offer will be fulfilled by<br>
					MagazineOutlet.com. </font>

<p><font size="2">
If you encounter any problems while redeeming your InstantPoints, please
 contact MagazineOutlet.com
directly at <a href=mailto:hide@address.com>
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