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<title>Explorateur de components</title>

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// Morten's JavaScript Tree Menu
// version 2.3.1, dated 2002-02-02
// http://www.treemenu.com/

// Copyright (c) 2001-2002, Morten Wang & contributors
// All rights reserved.

// This software is released under the BSD License which should accompany
// it in the file "COPYING".  If you do not have this file you can access
// the license through the WWW at http://www.treemenu.com/license.txt

// Nearly all user-configurable options are set to their default values.
// Have a look at the section "Setting options" in the installation guide
// for description of each option and their possible values.

* User-configurable options.                                                  *

// Menu table width, either a pixel-value (number) or a percentage value.
MTMTableWidth = "100%";

// Name of the frame where the menu is to appear.
MTMenuFrame = "tree";

// Name of the frame which contains code.html
MTMCodeFrame = "code";

// Variable for determining how a sub-menu gets a plus-sign.
// "Never" means it never gets a plus sign, "Always" means always,
// "Submenu" means when it contains another submenu.
MTMSubsGetPlus = "Always";

// variable that defines whether the menu emulates the behaviour of
// Windows Explorer
MTMEmulateWE		= true;

// variable that defines if we should make submenu entries links if the
// menu has no URL attached when we emulate the Windows Explorer. Set to
// true if you want every submenu title to be a link (either to expand the
// menu or to access the URL for the menu. This setting was the default
// up to version 2.3.0). If set to false, submenu titles will not show up
// as links if no URL was specified for them.
MTMAlwaysLinkIfWE	= true;

// Directory of menu images/icons
MTMenuImageDirectory = "images/";

// Options for controlling the menu document
MTMDOCTYPE			= '<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd">';
MTMcontentType		= "text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1";

// Variables for controlling colors in the menu document.
// Regular BODY atttributes as in HTML documents.
MTMbgcolor			= "window";
MTMBackground		= "";
MTMTextColor		= "#00CCFF";

// color for all menu items
MTMLinkColor		= "#333367";

// Hover color, when the mouse is over a menu link
MTMAhoverColor		= "#3366FF";

// Foreground color for the tracking, clicked submenu and not linked submenu items.
// The latter only applies when MTMEmulateWE is true and MTMAlwaysLinkIfWE is false.
MTMTrackColor		= "#CCFFCC";
MTMSubExpandColor	= "blue";
MTMSubClosedColor	= "blue";
MTMSubTextColor		= "#00CCFF";

// All options regarding the root text and it's icon
MTMRootIcon			= "meta_base-1.gif";
MTMenuText			= "<b>Repository</b>";
MTMRootColor		= "#3366FF";
MTMRootFont			= "Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif";
MTMRootCSSize		= "80%";
MTMRootFontSize		= "-2";

// Font for menu items.
MTMenuFont			= "Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif";
MTMenuCSSize		= "72%";
MTMenuFontSize		= "-1";

// Variables for style sheet usage
// 'true' means use a linked style sheet.
MTMLinkedSS			= true;
MTMSSHREF			= "../styles/treeview.{USERBROWSER}.css";

// Scrollbar colour properties.  Supported by IE5.5 and newer versions.
// Set MTMuseScrollbarCSS to "true" then set the various colour properties
// as strings.  If you want the browser's default values, use "none".
MTMuseScrollbarCSS			= true;
MTMscrollbarBaseColor		= "none";
MTMscrollbarFaceColor		= "none";
MTMscrollbarHighlightColor	= "none";
MTMscrollbarShadowColor		= "none";
MTMscrollbar3dLightColor	= "none";
MTMscrollbarArrowColor		= "none";
MTMscrollbarTrackColor		= "none";
MTMscrollbarDarkShadowColor = "none";

// Header & footer, these are plain HTML.
// Leave them to be "" if you're not using them

MTMHeader = "";
MTMFooter = "";

// Whether you want an open sub-menu to close automagically
// when another sub-menu is opened.  'true' means auto-close
MTMSubsAutoClose = false;

// This variable controls how long it will take for the menu
// to appear if the tracking code in the content frame has
// failed to display the menu. Number if in tenths of a second
// (1/10) so 10 means "wait 1 second".
MTMTimeOut = 10;

// Message to pop up when a user right-clicks in the menu frame
// in case you prefer that kind of action prevented.

MTMrightClickMessage	= "";

// URL for a linked JavaScript file (.js), this URL is relative
// to the directory where code.html is located
MTMLinkedJSURL			= "";

MTMLinkedInitFunction	= "";

// Cookie usage.  First is use cookies (yes/no, true/false).
// Second is the cookie name to use for storing the menu state.
// Third is how many days we want the cookies to be stored.
// Last is the name of the cookie to store the tracked item in.
// If you do not supply a name for the tracked item cookie feature is turned off,

// Cookie usage. 
MTMUseCookies				= true;
MTMCookieName				= "E_Studio_Model_CTID";
MTMCookieDays				= null;
MTMTrackedCookieName		= "E_Studio_Model_CRA";

// Tool tips.  A true/false-value defining whether the support
// for tool tips should exist or not.
MTMUseToolTips = true;


// Tree Script generated by TreeMenu Generator

* User-configurable list of icons.                                            *

var MTMIconList = null;
MTMIconList = new IconList();
MTMIconList.addIcon(new MTMIcon("menu_link_ie.gif", ".html", "post"));

* User-configurable menu.                                                     *

// Main menu.
var menu= null;
	menu= new MTMenu();
	menu.addItem( "{REPCCOMNAME}", "mainpage.php?__ctrl=RepositoryModelComponent&__mode=view&__view=view&__user={DIRPUSRPKID}&pkid={REPMCOMPKID}&type={REPMCOTTYPE}", "view", "", "meta_item-{REPMCOTPKID}.gif", "meta_item-{REPMCOTPKID}.gif" );
	var Menu_unit_{REPMCOMPKID}= null;
		Menu_unit_{REPMCOMPKID}= new MTMenu();
		Menu_unit_{REPMCOMLINK}.addItem( "{REPMCOMNAME}", "mainpage.php?__ctrl=RepositoryModelComponent&__mode=view&__view=view&__user={DIRPUSRPKID}&pkid={REPMCOMPKID}&type={REPMCOTTYPE}", "view", "", "meta_item-{REPMCOTPKID}.gif", "meta_item-{REPMCOTPKID}.gif" );
		Menu_unit_{REPMCOMPKID}= new MTMenu();
		Menu_unit_{REPMCOMLINK}.makeLastSubmenu( Menu_unit_{REPMCOMPKID}, true, "make_item-{REPMCOTPKID}.gif", "make_item-{REPMCOTPKID}.gif" );
	menu.makeLastSubmenu( Menu_unit_{REPMCOMPKID}, true, "make_item-{REPMCOTPKID}.gif", "make_item-{REPMCOTPKID}.gif" );

<body onload="MTMStartMenu()" bgcolor="#000033" text="#ffffcc" link="yellow" vlink="lime" alink="red">

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