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 Enigma 2: Install and Upgrade instructions.
LSP: Lunabyte Systems Portal
Open-Source Project Inspired by Zef Hemel (hide@address.com)
Software Version:                  LSP 2.0 "Enigma 2"
Software by:                         Lunabyte Systems (http://www.lunabyte.net)
Copyright 2002-2006 by:       Lunabyte Systems (http://www.lunabyte.net)
Support, News, Updates at:    http://www.lunabyte.net
This program is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it 
under the terms of the provided license as published by Lunabyte Systems.

This program is distributed in the hope that it is and will be useful,                  
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTIES; without even any implied warranty of           

See the "LSP_license.txt" file for details of the LSP license.
The latest version can always be found at http://www.lunabyte.net.

Enigma 2.0 (RC1)

:: Install or Upgrade Directory? ::

	- Choose the Enigma2_Install directory files IF:

		1) Initially installing Enigma
		2) Upgrading from Enigma 1.x
		3) Upgrading an existing SMF installation

	- Choose the Enigma2_Upgrade_fom_beta5 directory files ONLY IF:

		1) Upgrading from Enigma 2 (beta .5) to RC1

	*** If you are upgrading from a version prior to beta .5, you will
	    need to upgrade to the next version after yours, then continue
	    to upgrade in order until you are on beta .5. THEN upgrade to
	    the RC1 release.

	Now, view the Readme_First.txt file in the directory
	with the your required files.

:: Support & Updates ::

  If you have any issues with your portal, please visit
  http://www.lunabyte.net for assistance. 

  If you would like to report a bug, please visit 
  http://www.lunabyte.com and click the link for our
  bug tracker. BUG REPORTS in the forums will be 
  deleted. They MUST be reported via our bug reporting
  system, so that we can properly track all issues. 

  Looking for the ChangeLog? Please visit
  http://www.lunabyte.net and click on the bug tracker
  link, and then the changelog link from there. 

     - Enjoy!

Thanks for choosing LSP!

 - The LSP Dev Team

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