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Software Version:                  LSP 2.0 "Enigma 2"
Software by:                         Lunabyte Systems (http://www.lunabyte.net)
Copyright 2002-2005 by:       Lunabyte Systems (http://www.lunabyte.net)
Support, News, Updates at:    http://www.lunabyte.net
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See the "LSP_license.txt" file for details of the LSP license.
The latest version can always be found at http://www.lunabyte.net.

$permissionList['membergroup'] = array_merge($permissionList['membergroup'], modulePermissionList());
$non_guest_permissions = array_merge($non_guest_permissions, moduleNonGuestPermissions());
$leftPermissionGroups = array_merge($leftPermissionGroups, moduleLeftPermissionGroups());

This file is for any permission settings having to do with Modules.

1. to add module permissions, add to the $modulePermissionList array and ModulePermissions.english.php
   in the same manner as SMF's permission array and language file.
2. If the new permission is something that Guests should NOT be allowed at all, add it
   to the $moduleNonGuestPermissions array.  Otherwise it will be able to be set for guests.
3. If you want the new group of permissions to display on the left side of the permission
   screen, add the group name to the $moduleLeftPermissions array.
For all other formating or options, refer to the comments in SMF's ManagePermissions.php file.

function modulePermissionList()
     $modulePermissionList = array (
	          'module_manage' => array(
				'manage_articles' => false,
	               'manage_faqs' => false,
	               'manage_guestbook' => false,
	               'manage_quotes' => false,
	               'manage_downloads' => false,
	               'manage_polls' => false,
	          'module_submissions' => array(
	               'submit_link' => false,
	               'review_link' => false,
	          'files' => array(
	               'download_files' => false,
	          'bpolls' => array(
	          	'bpoll_view' => false,
	          	'bpoll_vote' => false,
	          	'bpoll_lock' => false,
	          'shoutbox' => array(
	               'delete_shouts' => false,
	               'submit_shouts' => false,

     return $modulePermissionList;

function moduleNonGuestPermissions()
	$moduleNonGuestPermissions = array(

	return $moduleNonGuestPermissions;


function moduleLeftPermissionGroups()
	$moduleLeftPermissionGroups = array(

	return $moduleLeftPermissionGroups;

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