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##### Shout Box usage information #####

The Shout Box is a unique module in that it can be called from
almost anywhere within Enigma2.  This same manner could be
duplicated with other modules if someone was so inclined.

Before turning on or enabling a Shout Box on your site, it is
recommend that you check the permission settings for the Shout
Box from the Member Controls - "Edit Permissions" page in the
Admin Center.
Note: Deleting Shouts has been disabled for Guests.

To display the Shout Box in a Block, you can select it as the
block type from within Block Management when adding a new block.

If by chance you would like to use the Shout Box on a page by
itself, just use a link to it as a module: 

To display the Shout Box within a page or any template file from
within Enigma, just make a call to:
You can do this by including "ShoutBox()" in an echo statement
like variables get displayed or you can just use a plain function
call as shown above.

When the Shout Box is called anywhere, other than setting it as
a Block Type from Block Management, you can display it inside a
HTML Table or Div statement.  Create the beginning of your table
or div, call the ShoutBox function and then close the table or div.

If you would like to put it inside a table or div in a block, do
NOT add it as a Block type, rather, create a custom block, start
your display, as explained above and call ShoutBox(), then finish
your display.

The Shout Archive page can be reached by clicking the "View All"
link from within the Shout Box itself or by linking to it as a
subaction of the Shout Box module:

If you would like to change the way your Shout Box looks, start by
editting it's settings from the "Portal Features and Options" page
in the Admin Center.  Scroll down the page and expand the "Shout Box"
settings group.

Each setting has a help icon next to it with details about what
each one does or changes.  You can probably change the display to
suite your needs with just these settings. If you would still
like more customization, continue to the next paragraph.

To further change the display of your Shout Box, you can edit
the ShoutBox.template.php file in the modules template folder
of your Theme.
	- template_shout_reader controls the display of the shouts
		themselves and calls the shout form if the user is allowed
		to submit shouts.
	- template_shout_form displays the form to submit new shouts
		which uses the image verification system of Enigma if the
		user is a guest and guests are allowed to submit shouts.
	- template_shout_archive controls the display of the Shout
		Archive page.
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