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// start with for numbered vars

$txt['shoutbox_0'] = 'Shoutbox';
$txt['shoutbox_1'] = 'Shoutbox Archive';
$txt['shoutbox_2'] = 'Delete shouts older than:';
$txt['shoutbox_3'] = 'days';
$txt['shoutbox_4'] = 'Delete all shouts over your current limit of';
$txt['shoutbox_5'] = 'Delete';
$txt['shoutbox_6'] = 'Name';
$txt['shoutbox_7'] = 'Email';
$txt['shoutbox_8'] = 'Message';
$txt['shoutbox_9'] = 'Shout';
$txt['shoutbox_10'] = 'Sorry, if you are a guest you must enter both your name and your email address';
$txt['shoutbox_11'] = 'Whoops, looks like you forgot to fill in one of the Shoutbox fields.  Please try again.';
$txt['shoutbox_12'] = 'Sorry, if you are a guest you must enter a valid email address when using the Shoutbox.';
$txt['shoutbox_13'] = 'Verification:';
$txt['shoutbox_14'] = 'Enter Code';
$txt['shoutbox_42'] = 'Delete Options';
$txt['shoutbox_43'] = 'View All';
$txt['shoutbox_44'] = 'There currently are not any shouts to display.';
$txt['more_shout_smileys_title'] = 'Shout Box Additional smileys';

// put these here in addition to Post.english.php
$txt['more_smileys'] = 'more';
$txt['more_smileys_pick'] = 'Pick a smiley';
$txt['more_smileys_close_window'] = 'Close Window';

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