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// Module Settings language variables

$txt['labelmodule'] = 'Enigma Module Settings';
$txt['enableresourcei']	= 'Enable Resource Index';
$txt['resourcedoubbc']	= 'Allow doUBBC code in discriptions';
$txt['enablefaq']	= 'Enable FAQ';
$txt['enabledls']	= 'Enable Downloads';
$txt['dlsurl']		= 'Downloads URL';
$txt['dlsdir']		= 'Downloads path <small>(home/user/public_html/.../...)</small>';
$txt['maxlinksviewlinks'] = 'Max links per ViewLinks page:';
$txt['maxlinksperpage'] = 'Max links per category, per page:';
$txt['disablelinkverify'] = 'Disable image verification for guest Link submissions:<br /><small>(turned on by default)</small>';
$txt['max_gb_entries_per_page'] = 'Max Guestbook Entries per page?';
$txt['disablegbverify'] = 'Disable image verification for the Guestbook?<br /><small>(turned on by default)</small>';

// Shout Box Module variables
$txt['labelshout'] = 'Shout Box Module';
$txt['shoutdir'] = 'Shout Sort Direction';
$txt['enablearchiveshout'] = 'Allow shouts from the archive page?';
$txt['shoutlimit'] = 'Number of Shouts to display';
$txt['shoutmaxchr'] = 'Max Number of characters per line';
$txt['shoutsplitchr'] = 'Character number to split long words at (usually 3 less than max)';
$txt['shoutsmileys'] = 'Display some clickable smileys in the shoutbox';
$txt['disableshoutverify'] = 'Disable image verification for guests in the Shout Box';
$txt['enablescrollshout'] = 'Enable Scrolling?';
$txt['shoutscrollwidth'] = 'Scroll box width (pixels)';
$txt['shoutscrollheight'] = 'Scroll box height (pixels)';
$txt['shoutscrollspeed'] = 'Scrolling speed';
$txt['shoutscrolldir'] = 'Scrolling direction';
$txt['shoutscrolldelay'] = 'Scroll Delay (milliseconds - normal is 60)';
$txt['shoutdesc'] = 'Descending';
$txt['shoutasc'] = 'Ascending';
$txt['scrollslowest'] = 'Slowest';
$txt['scrollslower'] = 'Slower';
$txt['scrollmedium'] = 'Medium';
$txt['scrollfaster'] = 'Faster';
$txt['scrollfastest'] = 'Fastest';
$txt['scrollup'] = 'Up';
$txt['scrolldown'] = 'Down';
$txt['scrollleft'] = 'Left';
$txt['scrollright'] = 'Right';

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