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// Block_registrations language file
global $txt;

// Registration Block Text
$txt['blk_registrations'] = 'Registration Approval';
$txt['regblk_01'] = 'There aren\'t any registrations at this time.';
$txt['regblk_02'] = 'There is 1 registration awaiting approval';
$txt['regblk_03'] = 'There are ';
$txt['regblk_04'] = ' registrations awaiting approval.';
$txt['regblk_05'] = 'There is a problem with this block.<br />It seems your registration method is ok, but something went wrong. The query results were not equal to 0, equal to 1, or greater than one.';
$txt['regblk_06'] = 'Your current registration method does not support the use of this block. If you would like to use it, please set your registration method to "Member Approval" in "Edit Features and Options" area, under the "Forum Configuration" Area of the Admin Menu.';
$txt['regblk_07'] = 'Registration Center';
// End Registration Block Text

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