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// headings
$txt['labelportal'] = 'Enigma Portal Features';
$txt['blocksettings'] = 'Built-in Block Settings';
$txt['compatibility'] = 'Compatibility Settings for Upgraded sites';
$txt['portalsettings'] = 'Portal Settings';
$txt['pagedesc'] = 'This page allows you to change the settings of features, mods, and basic options in your site.  Click the help icons for more information about a setting.';

// portal settings
$txt['enableblocks'] = 'Enable Blocks';
$txt['showsubmissions'] = 'Show submissions block, even when there aren\'t any submissions?';
$txt['enablesitemenus'] = 'Enable Site Menus';
$txt['enablesitenews'] = 'Enable Site News';
$txt['NewsTitle'] = 'Title for site news <small>(Site News:)</small>';
$txt['maxnewsitems'] = 'Max News Items for Featured News';
$txt['maxNPdisplay'] = 'Max News Items for News page';
$txt['use_portal_home_page'] = 'Use a Portal Feature as the home page?<br /><small>Note: If not checked/selected, Forum Index will be used.</small>';
$txt['portal_home_page'] = 'If above is checked, select a page to use:';
$txt['enablemodules'] = 'Enable Modules';
$txt['news_defaultboard'] = 'Default board for News submissions';

// Article Settings
$txt['enablearticles'] = 'Enable Articles';
$txt['featuredarticles'] = 'Number of featured Articles to display.';

// Blocks Settings
$txt['headlineslimit'] = 'Max number of News Headlines to display';

// Compatibility settings
$txt['parse_query_string'] = 'Load all individual query strings into current scope';
$txt['old_ops'] = 'Enable compatibility for old OpArray variables?';
$txt['usesitenews'] = 'Use SiteNews';
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