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global $helptxt;

if (!is_array($helptxt))
	$helptxt = array();

// Portal Settings help
$helptxt['menu_image_setting'] = '<i>"Image Filename:"</i> should be the file name of the image that will be displayed (image.gif).<br/><br/><i>"Image Location:"</i> this setting should be set as default if you wish to use SMF\'s (Themes/Enigma/images/language) location.  This is more convenient for providing more languages - let the menu system figure the rest out.<br /><br /><i>"Folder:"</i>leave this blank for Default location.';
$helptxt['menu_settinginit_template_set'] = 'in order to load a menu, $settings[\'theme_load_menus\'] must be set in template_init().  This can be done while you are editing index.template.php to distribute your placement for the menus (template_menu()). <br /><br /><i>template_menu()</i> when used without passing a menu name will load the default menu, and for other menus use <i>template_menu(\'MenuTitle\')</i>.<br /><br /><i>Example:</i> $settings[\'theme_load_menus\'] = array(\'default\', \'Enigma\');';
$helptxt['menu_settinginit_template'] = 'This Menu has been Initialized in template_init()!';
$helptxt['enableblocks'] = 'Would you like to enable "Blocks" display on your site?<br />
				Note:  Make sure the blocks functions and checks are in your index.template.php.';
$helptxt['showsubmissions'] = 'If the submissions block is enabled, would you like the block to display<br />
	all the time?  The block will still ONLY display for users that<br />
	have reviewing right for either News, Links or Articles.<br />
	<br />
	If left unchecked, the block will NOT display<br />
	when there are NOT any new submissions.';
$helptxt['enablesitemenus'] = 'Enable Site Menus from Menu Management?<br />
	<br />
	Note:  It is NOT recommended to disable Menus completely, but advanced<br />
	users may want to use hard coded links.';
$helptxt['enablesitenews'] = 'Would you like to enable News on your site?<br />
	If you enable news, you may want to allow some membergroups permission<br />
	to submit news and other groups permission to review news.';
$helptxt['NewsTitle'] = 'This is the Page Title display for site news. It is recommended to keep somewhat short.';
$helptxt['maxnewsitems'] = 'How many news items do you want to allow to be displayed for the Features News?<br />
	This will only take affect if News is enabled to display on the home page.';
$helptxt['use_portal_home_page'] = 'Check this is you would like a portal page to be use for the home page<br />
	instead of the default, forum index.<br />
	<br />
	If checked, be sure to select a page to use in the drop down list below.';
$helptxt['portal_home_page'] = 'If you have decided to use a portal page for the home page, select a page from<br />
	this drop down list.  The list will include all currently installed modules and custom pages.';
$helptxt['enablemodules'] = 'Enable modules?  Modules include ALL files and folders inside the modules folder<br />
	on your site.';
$helptxt['news_defaultboard'] = 'Select a default forum board for News submissions.  This is only used if<br />
	Submit News is selected from the Submissions Page.';

// Blocks Settings
$helptxt['headlineslimit'] = 'This will set the maximum number of lines (news headlines) to display<br />
	in the built-in News Headlines Block.';

// Compatibility Settings
$helptxt['parse_query_string'] = 'In YaBBSE and Enigma, Query strings were parsed from Variable=Value, so you could use $Variable in pages and blocks for the most part.<br /><br />In SMF they are not parsed and you must use $_REQUEST[\'Variable\'], $_POST[\'Variable\'], $_GET[\'Variable\'] to get these values, this may break many pages with forms or that require information from the query string.<br /><br />So by Checking this box you can have SMF Load all individual query strings into current scope like YaBBSE.';
$helptxt['old_ops'] = 'Enable compatibility for old OpArray variables?<br />
	Because of the new URL request call system, a lot of the old OP requests<br />
	were eliminated.  By checking the box for this setting, you can enable<br />
	a function to restore all the old OP requests until you can convert all the<br />
	links on your site over to the new system.<br />
	<br />
	**New installations of Enigma2 should NOT need this setting.';

// include any extra module helptext, from the ModuleHelp.(language).php file
global $modSettings;
// include any extra module helptext, from the ModuleHelp.(language).php file
if ($modSettings['enablemodules'])
	autoLoadLangFiles('portal/modules/ModuleAdminHelp', 'Help_');
if ($modSettings['enableblocks'])
	autoLoadLangFiles('portal/blocks/BlockAdminHelp', 'Help_');

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