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// Version: 1.0 RC1; PageManagement

$txt['pm68']	= 'Name';
$txt['pm227']	= 'Sub folder';
$txt['pm163']	= 'Edit';
$txt['pm99']	= 'Admin Center';
$txt['pm30']	= 'Site title:';
$txt['pm32']	= 'Add a page';
$txt['pm33']	= 'Page Title';
$txt['pm34']	= 'Page name (title - lowercase, no spaces)';
$txt['pm35']	= 'Page contents:';
$txt['pm36']	= 'Page contents must be parsed for PHP';
$txt['pm37']	= 'Page Management';
$txt['pm38']	= 'stitle';
$txt['pm39']	= 'Page functions';
$txt['pm40']	= 'Edit';
$txt['pm41']	= 'Delete';
$txt['pm42']	= 'Edit Page';
$txt['pm43']	= 'Delete Folder';
$txt['pm44']	= 'Edit Folder';
$txt['pm87']	= 'Pages';
$txt['pm100']	= 'Title';
$txt['pm73']	= 'MemberGroup';
$txt['pm221']	= 'n/a';
$txt['pm312']	= 'Are you sure you want to delete this page?';
$txt['pm225']	= 'Editing page folder';
$txt['pm226']	= 'Add a folder';
$txt['pm227']	= 'Sub folder';
$txt['pm228']	= 'Add folder';
$txt['pm109']	= 'None';
$txt['pm51']	= 'Enable PHP?';
$txt['pm286']	= 'Enable UBBC Tags?';
$txt['pm287']	= 'Note: Only applies when PHP is NOT enabled';
$txt['pm72']	= 'Membergroups who can<br/>see it. (Click on blank area<br /> in box to disable it)';
$txt['pm222']	= 'Folder';
$txt['pm223'] = 'Are you sure?';
$txt['pm224'] = 'Removing this folder will remove all pages within it as well as folders, deleting anything within those folders and so on!';
$txt['pm214'] = '<font size="1">Hint: Hold down CTRL (Windows) or Option (Macintosh) to select multiple groups';
$txt['pm216'] = 'Number of featured news items displayed:';
$txt['pm13'] = 'Membergroups who can<br/>see it.';

$txt['pm401'] = 'Visible in Page Listing?';
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