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// Version: 1.0; Profile

$txt[80] = 'You are not allowed to change this person\'s profile.';
$txt[83] = 'Website title';
$txt[84] = 'Website URL';
$txt[85] = 'Signature';
$txt[86] = 'Posts';
$txt[88] = 'Change profile';
$txt[89] = 'Delete user';
$txt[113] = 'Current Status:';
$txt[228] = 'Personal Text';
$txt[229] = 'Personalized Picture';
$txt[232] = 'Picture/Text';
$txt[329] = 'Reset Form';
$txt[349] = 'Preferred Language';
$txt[420] = 'Age';
$txt[422] = '(no pic)';
$txt[453] = 'The user whose profile you are trying to view does not exist.';
$txt[458] = 'Latest posts of: ';
$txt[459] = 'Additional Information';
$txt[460] = 'Show the last';
$txt[461] = 'posts of this person';
$txt[474] = 'Specify your own avatar by URL. (ex: <b>http://www.mypage.com/mypic.gif</b>)';
$txt[475] = 'I have my own pic';
$txt[479] = 'The format here will be used to show dates throughout this forum.';
$txt[486] = 'Time Format';
$txt[487] = 'Time Offset must be between -23.5 and 23.5.';
$txt[518] = 'This is the displayed name that people will see.';
$txt[519] = 'Number of hours to +/- to make displayed time equal to your local time.';
$txt[563] = 'Birthdate';
$txt[564] = 'Month (MM)';
$txt[565] = 'Day (DD)';
$txt[566] = 'Year (YYYY)';
$txt[596] = 'For best security, you should use six or more characters with a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.';
$txt[597] = 'Additional Information';
$txt[598] = 'This must be included if you specify a URL below.';
$txt[599] = 'This must be a complete URL.';
$txt[600] = 'This is your ICQ number.';
$txt[601] = 'This is your AOL Instant Messenger nickname.';
$txt[602] = 'This is your Yahoo! Instant Messenger nickname.';
$txt[606] = 'Signatures are displayed at the bottom of each post or personal message. BBC code and smileys may be used in your signature.';
$txt[664] = 'Max ' . $modSettings['max_signatureLength'] . '; characters remaining: ';
$txt[688] = 'Send this member a personal message';
$txt[722] = 'hidden';
$txt[741] = 'Current forum time';
$txt[749] = 'The \'number of posts\' box can only contain digits.';

$txt['smf225'] = 'Language';
$txt['smf227'] = 'Avatar image is too big, please resize it and try again (max';
$txt['smf233'] = 'Invalid Date Registered value, valid example:';
$txt['smf237'] = 'Your MSN messenger email address';
$txt['smf241'] = 'Current Password';
$txt['smf243'] = 'You haven\'t entered your current password.';
// Don't use entities in the below string, except the main ones. (lt, gt, quot.)
$txt['smf244'] = 'For security reasons, your current password is required to make changes to your account.';

// Profile enhancements
$txt['pswd1'] = 'Secret Question';
$txt['secret_desc'] = 'To help retrieve your password, enter a question here with an answer that <b>only</b> you know.';
$txt['secret_desc2'] = 'Choose carefully, you wouldn\'t want someone guessing your answer!';
$txt['pswd2'] = 'Answer';
$txt['pswd3'] = 'Ask me my question';
$txt['pswd4'] = 'You can\'t retrieve your password, but you can set a new one by following a link sent to you by email.  You also have the option of setting a new password by answering your secret question.';
$txt['pswd5'] = 'Sorry, but you did not specify a valid combination of Secret Question and Answer in your profile.  Please click on the back button, and use the default method of obtaining your password.';
$txt['pswd6'] = 'Please enter the answer to your question, and the password you would like to use.  Your password will be changed to the one you select provided you answer the question correctly.';
$txt['pswd8'] = 'Your password was changed successfully.<br />Click <a href="' . $scripturl . '?action=login">here</a> to login.';
$txt['secret_why_blank'] = 'why is this blank?';

$txt['theme1a'] = 'Current Theme';
$txt['theme1b'] = '(change)';
$txt['theme2'] = 'Theme preferences';
$txt['theme_forum_default'] = 'Forum or Board Default';
$txt['theme_forum_default_desc'] = 'This is the default theme, which means your theme will change along with the administrator\'s settings and the board you are viewing.';

$txt['profileConfirm'] = 'Do you really want to delete this user?';

$txt['title1'] = 'Custom Title';

$txt['lastLoggedIn'] = 'Last Active';

$txt['notifyX'] = 'Notification Settings:';
$txt['notifyX1'] = 'Save settings';
$txt['notifyXAnn4'] = 'Receive forum announcements and important notifications by email.';
$txt['notifyXOnce1'] = 'Receive reply notification only for the first unread reply.';
$txt['auto_notify'] = 'Turn notification on when you post or reply to a topic.';

$txt['notifications_topics'] = 'Current Topic Notifications';
$txt['notifications_topics_list'] = 'You are being notified of replies to the following topics';
$txt['notifications_topics_none'] = 'You are not currently receiving any notifications from topics.';
$txt['notifications_topics_howto'] = 'To receive notifications from a topic, click the &quot;notify&quot; button while viewing it.';
$txt['notifications_boards'] = 'Current Board Notifications';
$txt['notifications_boards_list'] = 'You are being notified of new topics posted in the following boards';
$txt['notifications_boards_none'] = 'You aren\'t receiving notifications on any boards right now.';
$txt['notifications_boards_howto'] = 'To request notifications from a specific board, click the &quot;notify&quot; button in the index of that board.';
$txt['notifications_update'] = 'Unsubscribe';

$txt[325] = 'Ignorelist';
$txt[326] = 'Add one Username on each line.<br />Or enter * to ignore all messages.';
$txt[327] = 'Notify by email every time you receive a personal message.';

$txt['statPanel_showStats'] = 'User statistics for: ';
$txt['statPanel_users_votes'] = 'Number of Votes Cast';
$txt['statPanel_users_polls'] = 'Number of Polls Created';
$txt['statPanel_total_time_online'] = 'Total Time Spent Online';
$txt['statPanel_noPosts'] = 'No posts to speak of!';
$txt['statPanel_generalStats'] = 'General Statistics';
$txt['statPanel_posts'] = 'posts';
$txt['statPanel_topics'] = 'topics';
$txt['statPanel_votes'] = 'votes';
$txt['statPanel_polls'] = 'polls';
$txt['statPanel_topBoards'] = 'Most Popular Boards By Posts';
$txt['statPanel_topBoardsActivity'] = 'Most Popular Boards By Activity';
$txt['statPanel_activityTime'] = 'Posting Activity By Time';
$txt['statPanel_timeOfDay'] = 'Time of Day';
$txt['statPanel_show'] = 'Show general statistics for this member';

$txt['deleteAccount_warning'] = 'Warning - These actions are irreversible!';
$txt['deleteAccount_desc'] = 'From this page you can delete this user\'s account and posts.';
$txt['deleteAccount_member'] = 'Delete this member\'s account';
$txt['deleteAccount_posts'] = 'Posts of user that are to be removed';
$txt['deleteAccount_none'] = 'None';
$txt['deleteAccount_all_posts'] = 'All Posts';
$txt['deleteAccount_topics'] = 'Topics and Posts';
$txt['deleteAccount_confirm'] = 'Are you completely sure you want to delete this account?';

$txt['profileInfo'] = 'Profile Info';
$txt['summary'] = 'Summary';
$txt['showPosts'] = 'Show Posts';
$txt['statPanel'] = 'Show Stats';
$txt['trackUser'] = 'Track User';
$txt['trackIP'] = 'Track IP';

$txt['profileEdit'] = 'Modify Profile';
$txt['account'] = 'Account Related Settings';
$txt['account_info'] = 'These are your account settings. This page holds all critical information that identifies you on this forum. For security reasons, you will need to enter your (current) password to make changes to this information.';
$txt['forumProfile'] = 'Forum Profile Information';
$txt['forumProfile_info'] = 'You can change your personal information on this page. This information will be displayed throughout ' . $context['forum_name'] . '. If you aren\'t comfortable with sharing some information, simply skip it - nothing here is required.';
$txt['theme'] = 'Look and Layout Preferences';
$txt['theme_info'] = 'This section allows you to customize the look and layout of the forum.';
$txt['notification'] = 'Notifications and Email';
$txt['notification_info'] = 'SMF allows you to be notified of replies to posts, newly posted topics, and forum announcements. You can change those settings here, or oversee the topics and boards you are currently being receiving notifications for.';
$txt['pmprefs'] = 'Personal Message Options';
$txt['pmprefs_info'] = 'Other members of ' . $context['forum_name'] . ' can contact your personally, but sometimes you may want to ignore someone\'s messages.  This page allows you to set that, among other things.';

$txt['profileAction'] = 'Actions';
$txt['deleteAccount'] = 'Delete this account';
$txt['profileSendIm'] = 'Send personal message';
$txt['profileBanUser'] = 'Ban this user';

$txt['display_name'] = 'Display name';
$txt['enter_ip'] = 'Enter IP (range)';
$txt['errors_by'] = 'Error messages by';
$txt['errors_desc'] = 'Below is a list of all the recent errors that this user has generated/experienced.';
$txt['errors_from_ip'] = 'Error messages from IP (range)';
$txt['errors_from_ip_desc'] = 'Below is a list of all recent error messages generated by this IP (range).';
$txt['invalid_ip'] = 'Invalid IP address. Note that only asterisks (*) are allowed as masks, e.g. 127.0.*.*';
$txt['ip_address'] = 'IP address';
$txt['ips_in_errors'] = 'IPs used in error messages';
$txt['ips_in_messages'] = 'IPs used in messages';
$txt['members_from_ip'] = 'Members from IP (range)';
$txt['members_in_range'] = 'Members possibly in the same range';
$txt['messages_from_ip'] = 'Messages posted from IP (range)';
$txt['messages_from_ip_desc'] = 'Below is a list of all messages posted from this IP (range).';
$txt['most_recent_ip'] = 'Most recent IP address';
$txt['no_errors_from_ip'] = 'No error messages from the specified IP (range) found';
$txt['no_errors_from_user'] = 'No error messages from the specified user found';
$txt['no_members_from_ip'] = 'No members from the specified IP (range) found';
$txt['no_messages_from_ip'] = 'No messages from the specified IP (range) found';
$txt['none'] = 'None';
$txt['own_profile_confirm'] = 'Do you really want to delete your own account?';
$txt['view_ips_by'] = 'View IPs used by';

$txt['avatar_will_upload'] = 'I will upload my own picture';

$txt['activate_reactivate_title'] = 'Welcome back to';
$txt['activate_reactivate_mail'] = 'In order to re-validate your email address, your account has been deactivated.  Click the following link to activate it again:';
$txt['activate_changed_email'] = 'You\'ve changed your email address. In order to validate this address you will receive an email. Click the link in that email to reactivate your account.';

$txt[394] = 'Unable to send reminder email.';
$txt[395] = 'Send an email to';
$txt[396] = 'to ask for password';
$txt[669] = 'Password Reminder';

$txt['smf100'] = 'Username/Email';
$txt['smf101'] = 'by User';
$txt['smf102'] = 'by Email';

$txt['reminder_subject'] = 'New password for ' . $context['forum_name'];
$txt['reminder_mail'] = 'This mail was sent because the \'forgot password\' function has been applied to your account. To set a new password click the following link';
$txt['reminder_sent'] = 'A mail has been sent to your email address. Click the link in that mail to set a new password.';
$txt['reminder_set_password'] = 'Set Password';
$txt['reminder_password_set'] = 'Password successfully set';
$txt['reminder_error'] = '%s failed to answer their secret question correctly when attempting to change a forgotten password.';

$txt['registration_not_approved'] = 'Sorry, this account has not yet been approved. If you need to change your email address please click';
$txt['registration_not_activated'] = 'Sorry, this account has not yet been activated. If you need to resend the activation email please click';

$txt['primary_membergroup'] = 'Primary Membergroup';
$txt['additional_membergroups'] = 'Additional Membergroups';
// Escape any single quotes in here twice.. 'it\'s' -> 'it\\\'s'.
$txt['additional_membergroups_show'] = '[ show additional groups ]';
$txt['no_primary_membergroup'] = '(no primary membergroup)';
$txt['deadmin_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you wish to irrevocably remove your admin status?';

$txt['account_not_activated'] = 'Account is currently not activated';
$txt['account_activate'] = 'activate';

$txt['show_online'] = 'Show others your online status?';

$txt['return_to_post'] = 'Return to topics after posting by default.';
$txt['copy_to_outbox'] = 'Save a copy of each Personal Message in my outbox by default.';
$txt['popup_messages'] = 'Show a popup when you receive new messages?';
$txt['recent_posts_at_top'] = 'Show most recent posts at the top.';
$txt['recent_pms_at_top'] = 'Show most recent personal messages at top.';

$txt['timeformat_easy0'] = '(Forum Default)';
$txt['timeformat_easy1'] = 'Month Day, Year, HH:MM:SS a/pm';
$txt['timeformat_easy2'] = 'Month Day, Year, HH:MM:SS (army time.)';
$txt['timeformat_easy3'] = 'YYYY-MM-DD, HH:MM:SS';
$txt['timeformat_easy4'] = 'DD Month YYYY, HH:MM:SS';
$txt['timeformat_easy5'] = 'DD-MM-YYYY, HH:MM:SS';

$txt['rtm8'] = 'Poster';

$txt[732] = 'Show board descriptions inside boards.';
$txt['show_children'] = 'Show child boards on every page inside boards, not just the first.';
$txt['show_no_avatars'] = 'Don\'t show other users\' avatars.';
$txt['show_no_signatures'] = 'Don\'t show other users\' signatures.';
$txt['show_no_censored'] = 'Leave words uncensored.';
$txt['calendar_start_day'] = 'First day of the week on the calendar';
$txt['display_quick_reply'] = 'Use quick reply on topic display: ';
$txt['display_quick_reply1'] = 'don\'t show at all';
$txt['display_quick_reply2'] = 'show, off by default';
$txt['display_quick_reply3'] = 'show, on by default';
$txt['display_quick_mod'] = 'Show quick-moderation on message index as ';
$txt['display_quick_mod_none'] = 'don\'t show.';
$txt['display_quick_mod_check'] = 'checkboxes.';
$txt['display_quick_mod_image'] = 'icons.';

$txt['whois_title'] = 'Look up IP on a regional whois-server';
$txt['whois_apnic'] = 'APNIC (Asia Pacific region)';
$txt['whois_arin'] = 'ARIN (North America, a portion of the Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa)';
$txt['whois_lacnic'] = 'LACNIC (Latin American and Caribbean region)';
$txt['whois_ripe'] = 'RIPE (Europe, the Middle East and parts of Africa and Asia)';

$txt['moderator_why_missing'] = 'why isn\'t moderator here?';
$txt['username_change'] = 'change';
$txt['username_warning'] = 'To change this member\'s username, the forum must also reset their password, which will be emailed to the member with their new username.';

$txt['showPermissions'] = 'Show Permissions';
$txt['showPermissions_given'] = 'Given by';
$txt['showPermissions_denied'] = 'Denied by';
$txt['showPermissions_permission'] = 'Permission (denied permissions are <del>struck out</del>)';
$txt['showPermissions_none_general'] = 'This member has no general permissions set.';
$txt['showPermissions_none_board'] = 'This member has no board specific permissions set.';
$txt['showPermissions_all'] = 'As an administrator, this member has all possible permissions.';
$txt['showPermissions_select'] = 'Board specific permissions for';
$txt['showPermissions_general'] = 'General Permissions';
$txt['showPermissions_global'] = 'All boards';
$txt['showPermissions_all_boards'] = 'All';
$txt['showPermissions_all_boards_except'] = 'All, except';
$txt['showPermissions_boards'] = 'Boards';
$txt['showPermissions_boards_denied'] = 'Boards denied';
$txt['showPermissions_local_only'] = 'Permission only locally available';

$txt['local_time'] = 'Local Time';
$txt['posts_per_day'] = 'per day';

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