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// Version: 1.0.1; Packages

$txt['smf154'] = 'Proceed';
$txt['smf160'] = 'Modification file was extracted, but this modification also comes with a PHP script which should be executed before it will work';
$txt['smf161'] = 'Run';
$txt['smf163'] = 'Read';
$txt['smf173'] = 'Script output:';
$txt['smf174'] = 'Additional notes';
$txt['smf175'] = 'Instruction/Additional notes file';
$txt['smf180'] = 'List files in package';
$txt['smf181'] = 'Files in archive';
$txt['smf182'] = 'Package Get';
$txt['smf183'] = 'Package servers';
$txt['smf184'] = 'Browse';
$txt['smf185'] = 'Add server';
$txt['smf186'] = 'Server name';
$txt['smf187'] = 'URL';
$txt['smf189'] = 'No packages yet.';
$txt['smf190'] = 'Download';
$txt['smf192'] = 'Package downloaded successfully';
$txt['smf193'] = 'Package has been downloaded successfully';
$txt['smf198'] = 'Package Manager';
$txt['smf159b'] = 'Apply Mod';
$txt['smf162b'] = 'Modification file was extracted, this modification also comes with a SQL file with modifications the database needs.  It is a good idea to run it.';
$txt['smf163b'] = 'Run';
$txt['smf174b'] = 'SQL Queries';
$txt['smf189b'] = 'No mods currently installed';
$txt['smf188b'] = 'Browse installed mods';
$txt['smf198b'] = 'Uninstall';
$txt['smf198d'] = 'Delete Mod List';
$txt['smf198h'] = 'Sorry, you server has PHP set to SAFE MODE.  This feature is not compatible with SAFE MODE.  Sorry.';
$txt['smf198i'] = 'Let me try anyway.';

$txt['package1'] = 'Package Manager';
$txt['package2'] = 'Main Menu';
$txt['package3'] = 'Browse Packages';
$txt['package4'] = 'Create a New Package';
$txt['package5'] = 'Download New Packages';
$txt['package6'] = 'View and Remove Installed Packages';
$txt['package7'] = 'Modification Packages';
$txt['package8'] = 'Avatar Packages';
$txt['package9'] = 'Language Packages';
$txt['package10'] = 'Unknown Packages';
$txt['package11'] = 'Apply Mod';
$txt['package12'] = 'Use Avatars';
$txt['package13'] = 'Add Language';
$txt['package14'] = 'List Files';
$txt['package15'] = 'Remove';
$txt['package24'] = 'Package Type';
$txt['package34'] = 'Archiving';
$txt['package37'] = 'Extracting';
$txt['package39'] = 'The avatars have been extracted, you can now use them.';
$txt['package41'] = 'The language pack has been extracted, you can now use it (by setting it in your settings).';

$txt['pacman2'] = 'Mod Name';
$txt['pacman3'] = 'Version';
$txt['pacman4'] = 'Author';
$txt['pacman6'] = 'Author\'s Homepage';
$txt['pacman8'] = 'No Description Given';
$txt['pacman9'] = 'Description';
$txt['pacman10'] = 'Location of file';

$txt['package_installed_key'] = 'Installed mods:';
$txt['package_installed_current'] = 'current version';
$txt['package_installed_old'] = 'older version';
$txt['package_installed_warning1'] = 'This package is already installed, and no upgrade was found!';
$txt['package_installed_warning2'] = 'You should uninstall the old version first to avoid problems, or ask the author to create an upgrade from your old version.';
$txt['package_installed_warning3'] = 'Please remember to always make regular backups of your sources and database before installing mods, especially beta versions.';
$txt['package_installed_extract'] = 'Extracting Package';
$txt['package_installed_done'] = 'The package was installed successfully.  You should now be able to use whatever functionality it adds or changes; or not be able to use functionality it removes.';

$txt['packages_latest'] = 'Latest packages';
$txt['packages_latest_fetch'] = 'Attempting to fetch the most popular and recent packages from www.simplemachines.org...';

$txt['package_upgrade'] = 'Upgrade';
$txt['package_install_readme'] = 'Installation Readme';
$txt['package_install_type'] = 'Type';
$txt['package_install_action'] = 'Action';
$txt['package_install_desc'] = 'Description';
$txt['package42'] = 'Install Actions';
$txt['package43'] = 'for archive';
$txt['package44'] = 'Installing this package will perform the following actions:';
$txt['package45'] = 'The package you are trying to download or install is either corrupt or not compatible with this version of SMF.';
$txt['package50'] = 'Create';
$txt['package51'] = 'Move';
$txt['package52'] = 'Delete';
$txt['package53'] = 'Extract';
$txt['package54'] = 'File';
$txt['package55'] = 'Tree';
$txt['package56'] = 'Execute Modification';
$txt['package57'] = 'Execute Code';

$txt['package_bytes'] = 'bytes';

$txt['package_action_missing'] = '<b style="color: red;">File not found</b>';
$txt['package_action_error'] = '<b style="color: red;">Modification parse error</b>';
$txt['package_action_failure'] = '<b style="color: red;">Failure</b>';
$txt['package_action_success'] = '<b>Success</b>';

$txt['package_uninstall_actions'] = 'Uninstall Actions';
$txt['package_uninstall_done'] = 'The package has been uninstalled, it should no longer take effect.';
$txt['package_uninstall_cannot'] = 'This package cannot be uninstalled, because there is no uninstaller!<br /><br />Please contact the mod author for more information.';

$txt['package_install_options'] = 'Installation Options';
$txt['package_install_options_ftp_why'] = 'Using FTP is the easiest way to get around having to manually chmod the files writable by FTP yourself for the package manager to work.<br />Here you can set the default values for some fields.';
$txt['package_install_options_ftp_server'] = 'FTP Server';
$txt['package_install_options_ftp_port'] = 'Port';
$txt['package_install_options_ftp_user'] = 'Username';
$txt['package_install_options_make_backups'] = 'Create Backup versions of replaced files with a tilda (~) on the end of their names.';

$txt['package_ftp_necessary'] = 'FTP Information Required';
$txt['package_ftp_why'] = 'Some of the files this package needs to modify are not writable.  This needs to be changed by logging into FTP and chmoding the files.';
$txt['package_ftp_why_download'] = 'To download packages, the Packages directory and files in it need to be writable - and they are not currently.  The package manager can use your FTP information to fix this.';
$txt['package_ftp_server'] = 'FTP Server';
$txt['package_ftp_port'] = 'Port';
$txt['package_ftp_username'] = 'Username';
$txt['package_ftp_password'] = 'Password';
$txt['package_ftp_path'] = 'Local path to SMF';

// For a break, use \\n instead of <br />... and don't use entities.
$txt['package_delete_bad'] = 'The package you are about to delete is currently installed!  If you delete it, you may not be able to uninstall it later.\\n\\nAre you sure?';

$txt['package_examine_file'] = 'View file in package';
$txt['package_file_contents'] = 'Contents of file';

$txt['package_upload_title'] = 'Upload a Package';
$txt['package_upload_select'] = 'Package to Upload';
$txt['package_upload'] = 'Upload';
$txt['package_upload_error_supports'] = 'The package manager currently allows only these file types: ';
$txt['package_upload_error_broken'] = 'The package you tried to upload either is not a valid package or has become corrupted.';
$txt['package_uploaded_success'] = 'Package uploaded successfully';
$txt['package_uploaded_successfully'] = 'The package has been uploaded successfully';

$txt['package_modification_malformed'] = 'Malformed or invalid modification file.';
$txt['package_modification_missing'] = 'The file could not be found.';
$txt['package_no_zlib'] = 'Sorry, your PHP configuration doesn\'t have support for <b>zlib</b>.  Without this, the package manager cannot function.  Please contact your host about this for more information.';

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