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// Version: 1.0; ManageSmileys

$txt['smiley_sets'] = 'Smiley Sets';
$txt['smiley_sets_enable'] = 'Enable smiley set selection by members';
$txt['smiley_sets_base_url'] = 'Base URL to all smiley sets';
$txt['smiley_sets_save'] = 'Save Changes';
$txt['smiley_sets_add'] = 'New smiley Set';
$txt['smiley_sets_delete'] = 'Delete selected';
$txt['smiley_sets_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to remove these smiley sets?\\n\\nNote: This won\\\'t remove the images, just the choices.';

$txt['smiley_sets_name'] = 'Name';
$txt['smiley_sets_url'] = 'URL';
$txt['smiley_sets_default'] = 'Default';

$txt['smiley_sets_latest'] = 'Smileys of The Moment';
$txt['smiley_sets_latest_fetch'] = 'Loading smiley information from simplemachines.org...';

$txt['smileys_add'] = 'Add Smiley';
$txt['smileys_add_method'] = 'Image Source';
$txt['smileys_add_existing'] = 'Use Existing File';
$txt['smileys_add_upload'] = 'Upload New Smiley';
$txt['smileys_add_upload_choose'] = 'File to upload';
$txt['smileys_add_upload_choose_desc'] = 'Image to be used by all smiley sets.';
$txt['smileys_add_upload_all'] = 'Same image for all sets';
$txt['smileys_add_upload_for1'] = 'Image for the';
$txt['smileys_add_upload_for2'] = 'set';

$txt['smileys_upload_error_types'] = 'Image can only have the following extensions:';
$txt['smileys_upload_error_notwritable'] = 'The following smiley directories are not writable:';

$txt['smileys_edit'] = 'Edit Smileys';
$txt['smileys_enable'] = 'Enable customized smileys';
$txt['smileys_enable_note'] = '(otherwise, the default smileys will be used.)';
$txt['smileys_code'] = 'Code';
$txt['smileys_filename'] = 'Filename';
$txt['smileys_description'] = 'Tooltip or description';
$txt['smileys_remove'] = 'Remove';
$txt['smileys_save'] = 'Save Changes';

$txt['smiley_settings_explain'] = 'These settings allow you to change the default smiley set, allow people to select their own smileys, and set paths and configuration data.';
$txt['smiley_editsets_explain'] = 'Smiley Sets are groups of smileys your users can choose between.  For example, you might have yellow and red smileys.<br />Here you can change the name and location of each smiley set - remember, however, that all sets share the same smileys.';
$txt['smiley_editsmileys_explain'] = 'Change your smileys here by clicking on the smiley you want to modify. Remember that these smileys all have to exist in all the sets or some smileys won\'t show up!  Don\'t forget to save after you are done editing!';
$txt['smiley_setorder_explain'] = 'Change the order of the smileys here.';
$txt['smiley_addsmiley_explain'] = 'Here you can add a new smiley - either from an existing file or by uploading new ones.';

$txt['smileys_set_order'] = 'Set smiley order';
$txt['smiley_settings'] = 'Smiley settings';
$txt['smiley_sets_base_dir'] = 'Absolute path to all smiley sets';
$txt['smiley_set_select_default'] = 'Default Smiley Set';
$txt['smiley_set_new'] = 'Create new smiley set';
$txt['smiley_set_modify_existing'] = 'Modify existing smiley set';
$txt['smiley_set_modify'] = 'Modify';
$txt['smiley_set_import_directory'] = 'Import smileys already in this directory';
$txt['smiley_set_import_single'] = 'There is one smiley in this smiley set not yet imported. Click';
$txt['smiley_set_import_multiple'] = 'There are %d smileys in the directory that have no yet been imported. Click';
$txt['smiley_set_to_import_single'] = 'to import it now.';
$txt['smiley_set_to_import_multiple'] = 'to import them now.';

$txt['smileys_location'] = 'Location';
$txt['smileys_location_form'] = 'Post form';
$txt['smileys_location_hidden'] = 'Hidden';
$txt['smileys_location_popup'] = 'Popup';
$txt['smileys_modify'] = 'modify';
$txt['smileys_not_found_in_set'] = 'Smiley not found in set(s)';
$txt['smileys_default_description'] = '(Insert a description)';
$txt['smiley_new'] = 'Add new smiley';
$txt['smiley_modify_existing'] = 'Modify smiley';
$txt['smiley_preview'] = 'Preview';
$txt['smiley_preview_using'] = 'using smiley set';
$txt['smileys_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to remove these smileys?\\n\\nNote: This won\\\'t remove the images, just the choices.';
$txt['smileys_location_form_description'] = 'These smileys will appear above the text area, when posting a new forum message or Personal Message.';
$txt['smileys_location_popup_description'] = 'These smileys will be shown in a popup, that is shown after a user has clicked \'[more]\'';
$txt['smileys_move_select_destination'] = 'Select smiley destination';
$txt['smileys_move_select_smiley'] = 'Select smiley to move';
$txt['smileys_move_here'] = 'Move smiley to this location';

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