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// Version: 1.0; ManageMembers

$txt['membergroups_title'] = 'Manage Membergroups';
$txt['membergroups_description'] = 'Membergroups are groups of members that have similar permission settings, appearence, or access rights. Some membergroups are based on the amount of posts a user has made. You can assign someone to a membergroup by selecting their profile and changing their account settings.';
$txt['membergroups_modify'] = 'Modify';

$txt['membergroups_add_group'] = 'Add group';
$txt['membergroups_regular'] = 'Regular groups';
$txt['membergroups_post'] = 'Post count based groups';

$txt['membergroups_new_group'] = 'Add Group';
$txt['membergroups_group_name'] = 'Membergroup name';
$txt['membergroups_new_board'] = 'Visible Boards';
$txt['membergroups_new_board_desc'] = 'Boards the membergroup can see.';
$txt['membergroups_new_as_type'] = 'by type';
$txt['membergroups_new_as_copy'] = 'or based off of';
$txt['membergroups_new_copy_none'] = '(none)';
$txt['membergroups_can_edit_later'] = '(you can edit them later.)';

$txt['membergroups_edit_group'] = 'Edit Group';
$txt['membergroups_edit_name'] = 'Group name';
$txt['membergroups_edit_post_group'] = 'This group is based off posts.';
$txt['membergroups_min_posts'] = 'Req. posts';
$txt['membergroups_online_color'] = 'Color in online list';
$txt['membergroups_star_count'] = 'Number of star images';
$txt['membergroups_star_image'] = 'Star image filename';
$txt['membergroups_star_image_note'] = '(starting off theme URL/images, you can use $language for the language of the user.)';
$txt['membergroups_max_messages'] = 'Max personal messages';
$txt['membergroups_max_messages_note'] = '(0 = unlimited)';
$txt['membergroups_edit_save'] = 'Save';
$txt['membergroups_delete'] = 'Delete';
$txt['membergroups_confirm_delete'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this group?!';

$txt['membergroups_members_title'] = 'Showing all members from group';
$txt['membergroups_members_all_current_desc'] = 'Below is a list of all members who currently belong to this member group.';
$txt['membergroups_members_no_members'] = 'This group is currently empty';
$txt['membergroups_members_add_title'] = 'Add a member to this group';
$txt['membergroups_members_add_desc'] = 'List of Members to Add';
$txt['membergroups_members_add'] = 'Add Members';
$txt['membergroups_members_remove'] = 'Remove from Group';

$txt['membergroups_postgroups'] = 'Post groups';

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