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// Version: 1.0; Help

global $helptxt;
$helptxt = array();

$txt[1006] = 'Close window';

$helptxt[1] = '
	<b>Edit Boards</b><br />
	In this menu you can create/reorder/remove boards, and the categories
	above them. For example, if you had a wide-ranging
	site that offered information on &quot;Sports&quot; and &quot;Cars&quot; and &quot;Music&quot;, these
	would be the top-level Categories you\'d create. Under each of these
	categories you\'d likely want to create hierarchical &quot;sub-categories&quot;,
	or &quot;Boards&quot; for topics within each. It\'s a simple hierarchy, with this structure: <br />
			&nbsp;- A &quot;category&quot;
				&nbsp;- A board under the category of &quot;Sports&quot;
					&nbsp;- A child board under the board of &quot;Baseball&quot;
			&nbsp;- A board under the category of &quot;Sports&quot;</li>
	Categories allow you to break down the board into broad topics (&quot;Cars,
	Sports&quot;), and the &quot;Boards&quot; under them are the actual topics under which
	members can post. A user interested in Pintos
	would post a message under &quot;Cars->Pinto&quot;. Categories allow people to
	quickly find what their interests are: Instead of a &quot;Store&quot; you have
	&quot;Hardware&quot; and &quot;Clothing&quot; stores you can go to. This simplifies your
	search for &quot;pipe joint compound&quot; because you can go to the Hardware
	Store &quot;category&quot; instead of the Clothing Store (where you\'re unlikely
	to find pipe joint compound).<br />
	As noted above, a Board is a key topic underneath a broad category.
	If you want to discuss &quot;Pintos&quot; you\'d go to the &quot;Auto&quot; category and
	jump into the &quot;Pinto&quot; board to post your thoughts in that board.<br />
	Administrative functions for this menu item are to create new boards
	under each category, to reorder them (put &quot;Pinto&quot; behind &quot;Chevy&quot;), or
	to delete the board entirely.';

$helptxt[2] = '<b>Edit Forum News</b><br />
	This allows you to set the text for news items displayed on the Board Index page.
	Add any item you want (e.g., &quot;Don\'t miss the conference this Tuesday&quot;). Each news item should
	go in a separate box, and they are displayed randomly.';

$helptxt[3] = '<b>Edit Registration Agreement</b><br />
	This allows you to set the text for the registration agreement displayed when members sign up for your forum.
	You can add or remove anything from the default registration agreement, which is included in SMF.';

$helptxt[4] = '<b>View all Members</b><br />
	View all members in the board. You are presented with a hyperlinked list of member names. You may click
	on any of the names to find details of the members (homepage, age, etc.), and as Administrator
	you are able to modify these parameters. You have complete control over members, including the
	ability to delete them from the forum.';

$helptxt[6] = '<b>Email Your Members</b><br />
	From this menu you can send messages to all members who\'ve registered and entered their
	email addresses (not all will, of course). You may edit the distribution list, or send messages
	to all. Useful for important update/news information.';

$helptxt[7] = '<b>Ban Members</b><br />
	SMF provides the ability to &quot;ban&quot; users, to prevent people who have violated the trust of the board
	by spamming, trolling, etc. This allows you to those users who are detrimental to your forum. As an admin,
	when you view messages, you can see each user\'s IP address used to post at that time. In the ban list,
	you simply type that IP address in, save, and they can no longer post from that location.<br />You can also
	ban people through their email address.';

$helptxt[8] = '<b>Set Reserved Names</b><br />
	This allows you to put in keywords or names that you want to restrict people from using as
	a name or username.';

$helptxt[10] = '<b>Edit Features and Options</b><br />
	There are several features in this section that can be changed to your preference.  Options for installed mods will generally also appear in here.';

$helptxt[11] = '<b>Edit Censored Words</b><br />
	SMF offers the option to censor certain words, by replacing them with another one.<br />
	Add a new word per line, like the example bellow:<br />
	cl*wn=funny guy<br />
	<br />
	<i>(* can be used as a wildcard.)</i>';

$helptxt['number_format'] = '<b>Number Format</b><br />
	You can use this setting to format the way in which numbers on your forum will be displayed to the user. The format of this setting is:<br />
	<div style="margin-left: 2ex;">1,234.00</div><br />
	Where \',\' is the character used to split up groups of thousands, \'.\' is the character used as the decimal point and the number of zeros dictate the accuracy of roundings.';

$helptxt['time_format'] = '<b>Time Format</b><br />
	You have the power to adjust how the time and date look for yourself. There are a lot of little letters, but it\'s quite simple.
	The conventions follow PHP\'s strftime function and are described as below (more details can be found at <a href="http://www.php.net/manual/function.strftime.php" target="_blank">php.net</a>).<br />
	<br />
	The following characters are recognized in the format string: <br />
	<span class="smalltext">
	&nbsp;&nbsp;%a - abbreviated weekday name<br />
	&nbsp;&nbsp;%A - full weekday name<br />
	&nbsp;&nbsp;%b - abbreviated month name<br />
	&nbsp;&nbsp;%B - full month name<br />
	&nbsp;&nbsp;%d - day of the month (01 to 31) <br />
	&nbsp;&nbsp;%D<b>*</b> - same as %m/%d/%y <br />
	&nbsp;&nbsp;%e<b>*</b> - day of the month (1 to 31) <br />
	&nbsp;&nbsp;%H - hour using a 24-hour clock (range 00 to 23) <br />
	&nbsp;&nbsp;%I - hour using a 12-hour clock (range 01 to 12) <br />
	&nbsp;&nbsp;%m - month as a number (01 to 12) <br />
	&nbsp;&nbsp;%M - minute as a number <br />
	&nbsp;&nbsp;%p - either &quot;am&quot; or &quot;pm&quot; according to the given time<br />
	&nbsp;&nbsp;%R<b>*</b> - time in 24 hour notation <br />
	&nbsp;&nbsp;%S - second as a decimal number <br />
	&nbsp;&nbsp;%T<b>*</b> - current time, equal to %H:%M:%S <br />
	&nbsp;&nbsp;%y - 2 digit year (00 to 99) <br />
	&nbsp;&nbsp;%Y - 4 digit year<br />
	&nbsp;&nbsp;%Z - time zone or name or abbreviation <br />
	&nbsp;&nbsp;%% - a literal \'%\' character <br />
	<br />
	<i>* Does not work on Windows-based servers.</i></span>';

$helptxt[13] = '<b>Live announcements</b><br />
	This box shows recently updated announcements from <a href="http://www.simplemachines.org/">www.simplemachines.org</a>.
	You should check here every now and then for updates, new releases, and important information from the Simple Machines Team.';

$helptxt[14] = '<b>Registration Management</b><br />
	This section contains all the functions that could be necessary to manage new registrations on the forum. It contains up to three
	sections which are visible depending on your forum settings. These are:<br /><br />
			<b>Awaiting Approval</b><br />
			This section is only shown if you have enabled admin approval of all new registrations. Anyone who registers to join your
			forum will only become a full member once they have been approved by an admin. The section lists all those members who
			are still awaiting approval, along with their email and IP address. You can choose to either accept or reject (delete)
			any member on the list by checking the box next to the member and choosing the action from the drop-down box at the bottom
			of the screen. When rejecting a member you can choose to delete the member either with or without notifying them of your decision.<br /><br />
			<b>Awaiting Activation</b><br />
			This section will only be visible if you have activation of member accounts enabled on the forum. This section will list all
			members who have still not activated their new accounts. From this screen you can choose to either accept, reject or remind
			members with outstanding registrations. As above you can also choose to email the member to inform them of the
			action you have taken.<br /><br />
			<b>Register New Member</b><br />
			From this screen you can choose to register accounts for new members on their behalf. This can be useful in forums where registration is closed
			to new members, or in cases where the admin wishes to create a test account. If the option to require activation of the account
			is selected the member will be emailed a activation link which must be clicked before they can use the account. Similarly you can
			select to email the users new password to the stated email address.

$helptxt[15] = '<b>Moderation Log</b><br />
	This section allows members of the admin team to track all the moderation actions that the forum moderators have performed. To ensure that
	moderators cannot remove references to the actions they have performed, entries may not be deleted until 24 hours after the action was taken.
	The \'objects\' column lists any variables associated with the action.';
$helptxt[16] = '<b>Error Log</b><br />
	The error log tracks logs every serious error encountered by users using your forum. It lists all of these errors by date which can be sorted
	by clicking the black arrow next to each date. Additionally you can filter the errors by clicking the picture next to each error statistic. This
	allows you to filter, for example, by member. When a filter is active the only results that will be displayed will be those that match that filter.';
$helptxt[17] = '<b>Theme Settings</b><br />
	The settings screen allows you to change settings specific to a theme. These settings include options such as the themes directory and URL information but
	also options that affect the layout of a theme on your forum. Most themes will have a variety of user configurable options, allowing you to adapt a theme
	to suit your individual forum needs.';
$helptxt['smileys'] = '<b>Smiley Center</b><br />
	Here you can add and remove smileys, and smiley sets.  Note importantly that if a smiley is in one set, it\'s in all sets - otherwise, it might
	get confusing for your users using different sets.';

// Mod Settings

$helptxt['topicSummaryPosts'] = 'This allows you to set the number of previous posts shown in the topic summary at the reply screen.';
$helptxt['enableStickyTopics'] = 'Stickies are topics that remain on top of the topic list. They are mostly used for important
		messages. Although you can change this with permissions, by default only moderators and administrators can make topics sticky.';
$helptxt['userLanguage'] = 'Turning this option on will allow users to select which language file they use. It will not affect the
		default selection.';
$helptxt['trackStats'] = 'Stats:<br />This will allow users to see the latest posts and the most popular topics on your forum.
		It will also show several statistics, like the most members online, new members and new topics.<hr />
		Hits:<br />Adds another column to the stats page with the number of hits on your forum.';
$helptxt['titlesEnable'] = 'Switching Custom Titles on will allow members with the relevant permission to create a special title for themselves.
		This will be shown underneath the name.<br /><i>For example:</i><br />Jeff<br />Cool Guy';
$helptxt['topbottomEnable'] = 'This will add go up and go down buttons, so that member can go to the top and bottom of a page
		without scrolling.';
$helptxt['onlineEnable'] = 'This will show an image to indicate whether the member is online or offline';
$helptxt['todayMod'] = 'This will show &quot;Today&quot;, or &quot;Yesterday&quot;, instead of the date.';
$helptxt['enablePreviousNext'] = 'This will show a link to the next and previous topic.';
$helptxt['pollMode'] = 'This selects whether polls are enabled or not. If polls are disabled, any existing polls will be hidden
		from the topic listing. You can choose to continue to show the regular topic without their polls by selecting
		&quot;Show Existing Polls as Topics&quot;.<br /><br />To choose who can post polls, view polls, and similar, you
		can allow and disallow those permissions. Remember this if polls are not working.';
$helptxt['enableVBStyleLogin'] = 'This will show a more compact login on every page of the forum for guests.';
$helptxt['enableCompressedOutput'] = 'This option will compress output to lower bandwidth consumption, but it requires
		zlib to be installed.';
$helptxt['databaseSession_enable'] = 'This option makes use of the database for session storage - it is best for load balanced servers, but helps with all timeout issues and can make the forum faster.  Doesn\'t work if session.auto_start is on.';
$helptxt['databaseSession_loose'] = 'Turning this on will decrease the bandwidth your forum uses, and make it so clicking back will not reload the page - the downside is that the (new) icons won\'t update, among other things. (unless you click to that page instead of going back to it.)';
$helptxt['databaseSession_lifetime'] = 'This is the number of seconds for sessions to last after they haven\'t been accessed.  If a session is not accessed for too long, it is said to have &quot;timed out&quot;.  Anything higher than 2400 is recommended.';
$helptxt['m16'] = 'Enabling this will cause your current location to be shown on a single line, as opposed to in a tree-like manner.';
$helptxt['m17'] = 'This will change the layout of the statistics shown at the bottom of the boardindex.';
$helptxt['enableErrorLogging'] = 'This will log any errors, like a failed login, so you can see what went wrong.';
$helptxt['notifyAnncmnts_UserDisable'] = 'This will allow users to opt out of notification of new posts on announcement boards.';
$helptxt['compactTopicPagesEnable'] = 'This will just show a selection of the number of pages.<br /><i>Example:</i>
		&quot;3&quot; to display: 1 ... 4 [5] 6 ... 9 <br />
		&quot;5&quot; to display: 1 ... 3 4 [5] 6 7 ... 9';
$helptxt['timeLoadPageEnable'] = 'This will show the time in seconds SMF took to create that page at the bottom of the board.';
$helptxt['removeNestedQuotes'] = 'This will only show the quote of the post in question, not any quoted posts from that post.';
$helptxt['simpleSearch'] = 'This will show a simple search form and a link to a more advanced form.';
$helptxt['maxwidth'] = 'This allows you to set a maximum size for posted pictures. Pictures smaller than the maximum will not be affected.';
$helptxt['mail_type'] = 'This allows you to select either the default PHP mail program or your mail server.
		Fill in the details of your outgoing mail server unless you selected sendmail.';
$helptxt['attachmentEnable'] = 'Attachments are files that members can upload, and attach to a post.<br /><br />
		<b>Check attachment extension</b>:<br /> Do you want to check the extension of the files?<br />
		<b>Allowed attachment extensions</b>:<br /> You can set the allowed extensions of attached files.<br />
		<b>Display attachment as picture in posts</b>:<br /> If the uploaded file is a picture, this will show it underneath the post<br />
		<b>Attachments directory</b>:<br /> The path to your attachment folder<br />(example: /home/sites/yoursite/www/forum/attachments)<br />
		<b>Attachments URL</b>:<br /> The URL to your attachment folder<br />(example: http://www.yoursite.com/forum/attachments)<br />
		<b>Max attachment folder space</b> (in KB):<br /> Select how large the attachment folder can be, including all files within it.<br />
		<b>Max attachment size per post</b> (in KB):<br /> Select the maximum filesize of all attachments made per post.  If this is lower than the per-attachment limit, this will be the limit.<br />
		<b>Max size per attachment</b> (in KB):<br /> Select the maximum filesize of each separate attachment.<br />
		<b>Max number of attachments per post</b>:<br /> Select the number of attachments a person can make, per post.';
$helptxt['karmaMode'] = 'Karma is a feature that shows the popularity of a member. Members, if allowed, can
		\'applaud\' or \'smite\' other members, which is how their popularity is calculated. You can change the
		number of posts needed to have a &quot;karma&quot;, the time between smites or applauds, and if administrators
		have to wait this time as well.<br /><br />Whether or not groups of members can smite others is controlled by
		a permission.  If you have trouble getting this feature to work for everyone, double check your permissions.';
$helptxt['cal_enabled'] = 'The calendar can be used for showing birthdays, or for showing important moments happening in your community.<br /><br />
		<b>Show days as link to \'Post Event\'</b>:<br />This will allow members to post events for that day, when they click on that date<br />
		<b>Show week numbers</b>:<br />Show which week it is.<br />
		<b>Max days in advance on board index</b>:<br />If this is set to 7, the next week\'s worth of events will be shown.<br />
		<b>Show holidays on board index</b>:<br />Show today\'s holidays in a calendar bar on the board index.<br />
		<b>Show birthdays on board index</b>:<br />Show today\'s birthdays in a calendar bar on the board index.<br />
		<b>Show events on board index</b>:<br />Show today\'s events in a calendar bar on the board index.<br />
		<b>Default Board to Post In</b>:<br />What\'s the default board to post events in?<br />
		<b>Minimum year</b>:<br />Select the &quot;first&quot; year on the calendar list.<br />
		<b>Maximum year</b>:<br />Select the &quot;last&quot; year on the calendar list<br />
		<b>Birthday color</b>:<br />Select the color of the birthday text<br />
		<b>Event color</b>:<br />Select the color of the event text<br />
		<b>Holiday color</b>:<br />Select the color of the Holiday text<br />
		<b>Allow events to span multiple days</b>:<br />Check to allow events to span multiple days.<br />
		<b>Max number of days an event can span</b>:<br />Select the maximum days that an event can span.<br /><br />
		Remember that usage of the calendar (posting events, viewing events, etc.) is controlled by permissions set on the permissions screen.';
$helptxt['localCookies'] = 'SMF uses cookies to store login information on the client computer.
	Cookies can be stored globally (myserver.com) or locally (myserver.com/path/to/forum).<br />
	Check this option if you\'re experiencing problems with users getting logged out automatically.<hr />
	Globally stored cookies are less secure when used on a shared webserver (like Tripod).<hr />
	Local cookies don\'t work outside the forum folder so, if your forum is stored at www.myserver.com/forum, pages like www.myserver.com/index.php cannot access the account information.
	Especially when using SSI.php, global cookies are recommended.';
$helptxt['disabledBBC'] = 'This setting allows you to manually disable certain Bulletin Board Codes from being used on your forum. To do this just type in a comma separated list of all codes you wish to remain inactive.<br /><br />
	<b>Example:</b><br />\'move,glow,table,tr,td\' - This would disable the move, glow and table tags from being used on your forum.<br /><br />
	Please note that this does not work on all tags.';
$helptxt['enableBBC'] = 'Selecting this option will allow your members to use Bulletin Board Code (BBC) throughout the forum, allowing users to format their posts with images, type formatting and more.';
$helptxt['enableNewReplyWarning'] = 'When this option is enabled, a member who is making a post on your forum will be shown a warning message if a new reply is received while they are writing their message. This presents them with an opportunity to adjust their post accordingly.';
$helptxt['time_offset'] = 'Not all forum administrators want their forum to use the same time zone as the server upon which it is hosted. Use this option to specify a time difference (in hours) from which the forum should operate from the server time. Negative and decimal values are permitted.';
$helptxt['spamWaitTime'] = 'Here you can select the amount of time that must pass between postings. This can be used to stop people from "spamming" your forum by limiting how often they can post.';

$helptxt['enablePostHTML'] = 'This will allow the posting of some basic HTML tags:
	&lt;b&gt;, &lt;u&gt;, &lt;i&gt;, &lt;pre&gt;, &lt;blockquote&gt;, &lt;img src=&quot;&quot; /&gt;, &lt;a href=&quot;&quot;&gt;, and &lt;br /&gt;.';

$helptxt['themes'] = 'Here you can select whether the default theme can be chosen, what theme guests will use,
	as well as other options. Click on a theme to the right to change the settings for it.';
$helptxt['theme_install'] = 'This allows you to install new themes.  You can do this from an already created directory, by uploading an archive for the theme, or by copying the default theme.<br /><br />Note that the archive or directory must have a <tt>theme_info.xml</tt> definition file.';
$helptxt['enableEmbeddedFlash'] = 'This option will allow your users to use Flash directly inside their posts,
	just like images.  This could pose a security risk, although few have successfully exploited it.
$helptxt['xmlnews_enable'] = 'Allows people to link to <a href="' . $scripturl . '?action=.xml;sa=news">Recent news</a>
	and similar data.  It is also recommended that you limit the size of recent posts/news because, when rss data
	is displayed in some clients, like Trillian, it is expected to be truncated.';
$helptxt['hotTopicPosts'] = 'Change the number of posts for a topic to reach the state of a &quot;hot&quot; or
	&quot;very hot&quot; topic.';
$helptxt['globalCookies'] = 'Allows for the use of subdomain independent cookies.  For example, if...<br />
	Your site is at http://www.simplemachines.org/,<br />
	And your forum is at http://forum.simplemachines.org/,<br />
	Using this modification will allow you to access the forum\'s cookie on your site.';
$helptxt['redirectMetaRefresh'] = 'Normally, SMF uses a &quot;Location&quot; header to redirect you to various places in the forum.  However, this doesn\'t always work on some older servers.<br /><br />Enable this if you experience problems staying logged in.';
$helptxt['securityDisable'] = 'This <i>disables</i> the additional password check for the administration section. This is not recommended!';
$helptxt['securityDisable_why'] = 'This is your current password. (the same one you use to login.)<br /><br />Having to type this helps ensure that you want to do whatever administration you are doing, and that it is <b>you</b> doing it.';
$helptxt['emailmembers'] = 'In this message you can use a few &quot;variables&quot;.  These are:<br />
	{$board_url} - The URL to your forum.<br />
	{$current_time} - The current time.<br />
	{$member.email} - The current member\'s email.<br />
	{$member.link} - The current member\'s link.<br />
	{$member.id} - The current member\'s id.<br />
	{$member.name} - The current member\'s name.  (for personalization.)<br />
	{$latest_member.link} - The most recently registered member\'s link.<br />
	{$latest_member.id} - The most recently registered member\'s id.<br />
	{$latest_member.name} - The most recently registered member\'s name.';
$helptxt['attachmentEncryptFilenames'] = 'Encrypting attachment filenames allows you to have more than one attachment of the
	same name, to safely use .php files for attachments, and heightens security.  It, however, could make it more
	difficult to rebuild your database if something drastic happened.';

$helptxt['failed_login_threshold'] = 'Set the number of failed login attempts before directing the user to the password reminder screen.';
$helptxt['edit_wait_time'] = 'Number of seconds allowed for a post to be edited before logging the last edit date.';
$helptxt['enableSpellChecking'] = 'Enable spell checking. You MUST have the pspell library installed on your server and your PHP configuration set up to use the pspell library. Your server ' . (function_exists('pspell_new') == 1 ? 'DOES' : 'DOES NOT') . ' appear to have this set up.';
$helptxt['lastActive'] = 'Set the number of minutes to show people are active in X number of minutes on the board index. Default is 15 minutes.';

$helptxt['autoOptDatabase'] = 'This option optimizes the database every so many days.  Set it to 1 to make a daily optimization.  You can also specify a maximum number of online users, so that you won\'t overload your server or inconvenience too many users.';
$helptxt['autoFixDatabase'] = 'This will automatically fix broken tables and resume like nothing happened.  This can be useful, because the only way to fix it is to REPAIR the table, and this way your forum won\'t be down until you notice.  It does email you when this happens.';

$helptxt['enableParticipation'] = 'This shows a little icon on the topics the user has posted in.';

$helptxt['db_persist'] = 'Keeps the connection active to increase performance.  If you aren\'t on a dedicated server, this may cause you problems with your host.';

$helptxt['queryless_urls'] = 'This changes the format of URLs a little so search engines will like them better.  They will look like index.php/topic,1.html.<br /><br />This feature will ' . (strpos(php_sapi_name(), 'apache') !== false ? '' : 'not') . ' work on your server.';
$helptxt['fixLongWords'] = 'This option breaks words longer than a certain length into pieces so they don\'t disturb the forum\'s layout. (as much...)  This option should not be set to a value under 40.';

$helptxt['who_enabled'] = 'This option allows you to turn on or off the ability for users to see who is browsing the forum and what they are doing.';

$helptxt['recycle_enable'] = '&quot;Recycles&quot; deleted topics and posts to the specified board.';

$helptxt['default_personalText'] = 'Sets the default text a user will have as their &quot;personal text.&quot;';

$helptxt['modlog_enabled'] = 'Logs all moderation actions.';

$helptxt['guest_hideContacts'] = 'If selected this option will hide the email addresses and messenger contact details
	of all members from any guests on your forum';

$helptxt['registration_method'] = 'This option determines what method of registration is used for people wishing to join your forum. You can select from:<br /><br />
			<b>Registration Disabled:</b><br />
				Disables the registration process, which means that no new members can register to join your forum.<br />
			<b>Immediate Registration</b><br />
				New members can login and post immediately after registering on your forum.<br />
			<b>Member Activation</b><br />
				When this option is enabled any members registering to the forum will have a activation link emailed to them which they must click before they can become full members<br />
			<b>Member Approval</b><br />
				This option will make it so all new members registering to your forum will need to be approved by the admin before they become members.
$helptxt['send_validation_onChange'] = 'When this option is checked all members who change their email address in their profile will have to reactivate their account from an email sent to that address';
$helptxt['send_welcomeEmail'] = 'When this option is enabled all new members will be sent an email welcoming them to your community';
$helptxt['allow_hideOnline'] = 'With this option enabled all members will be able to hide their online status from other users (except administrators). If disabled only users who can moderate the forum can hide their presence. Note that disabling this option will not change any existing member\'s status - it just stops them from hiding themselves in the future.';
$helptxt['allow_hideEmail'] = 'With this option enabled members can choose to hide their email address from other members. However, administrators can always see everyone\'s email addresses.';

$helptxt['latest_support'] = 'This panel shows you some of the most common problems and questions on your server configuration. Don\'t worry, this information isn\'t logged or anything.<br /><br />If this stays as &quot;Retrieving support information...&quot;, your computer probably cannot connect to <a href="http://www.simplemachines.org/">www.simplemachines.org</a>.';
$helptxt['latest_packages'] = 'Here you can see some of the most popular and some random packages or mods, with quick and easy installations.<br /><br />If this section doesn\'t show up, your computer probably cannot connect to <a href="http://www.simplemachines.org/">www.simplemachines.org</a>.';
$helptxt['latest_themes'] = 'This area shows a few of the latest and most popular themes from <a href="http://www.simplemachines.org/">www.simplemachines.org</a>.  It may not show up properly if your computer can\'t find <a href="http://www.simplemachines.org/">www.simplemachines.org</a>, though.';

$helptxt['secret_why_blank'] = 'For your security, the answer to your question (as well as your password) is encrypted in such a way that SMF can only tell you if get it right, so it can never tell you (or anyone else, importantly!) what your answer or password is.';
$helptxt['moderator_why_missing'] = 'Since moderation is done on a board-by-board basis, you have to make members moderators from the <a href="javascript:window.open(\'' . $scripturl . '?action=manageboards\'); self.close();">board management interface</a>.';

$helptxt['permissions'] = 'Permissions are how you either allow groups to, or deny groups from, doing specific things.<br /><br />You can modify multiple boards at once with the checkboxes, or look at the permissions for a specific group by clicking \'Modify.\'';
$helptxt['permissions_board'] = 'If a board is set to \'Global,\' it means that the board will not have any special permissions.  \'Local\' means it will have its own permissions - separate from the global ones.  This allows you to have a board that has more or less permissions than another, without requiring you to set them for each and every board.';
$helptxt['permissions_quickgroups'] = 'These allow you to use the &quot;default&quot; permission setups - standard means \'nothing special\', restrictive means \'like a guest\', moderator means \'what a moderator has\', and lastly \'maintenance\' means permissions very close to those of an administrator.';
$helptxt['membergroups'] = 'In SMF there are two types of groups that your members can be part of. These are:
		<li><b>Regular Groups:</b> A regular group is a group to which members are not automatically put into. To assign a member to be in a group simply go to their profile and click &quot;Account Settings&quot;. From here you can assign them any number of regular groups to which they will be part.</li>
		<li><b>Post Groups:</b> Unlike regular groups post based groups cannot be assigned. Instead, members are automatically assigned to a post based group when they reach the minimum number of posts required to be in that group.</li>

$helptxt['calendar_how_edit'] = 'You can edit these events by clicking on the red asterisk (*) next to their names.';

$helptxt['maintenance_general'] = 'From here, you are able to optimize all your tables (makes them smaller and faster!), make sure you have the newest versions, find any errors that might be messing up your board, recount totals, and empty logs.<br /><br />The last two should be avoided unless something is wrong, but don\'t hurt anything.';
$helptxt['maintenance_backup'] = 'This area allows you to save a copy of all the posts, settings, members, and other information in your forum to a very large file.<br /><br />It is recommended that you do this often, perhaps weekly, for safety and security.';
$helptxt['maintenance_rot'] = 'This allows you to <b>completely</b> and <b>irrevocably</b> remove old topics.  It is recommended that you try to make a backup first, just in case you remove something you didn\'t mean to.<br /><br />Use this option with care.';

$helptxt['avatar_allow_server_stored'] = 'This allows your members to pick from avatars stored on your server itself.  They are, generally, in the same place as SMF under the avatars folder.<br />As a tip, if you create directories in that folder, you can make &quot;categories&quot; of avatars.';
$helptxt['avatar_allow_external_url'] = 'With this enabled, your members can type in a URL to their own avatar.  The downside of this is that, in some cases, they may use avatars that are overly large or portray images you don\'t want on your forum.<br /><br />Remember that members need the permission to choose a remote avatar for this to work for them. This option only enables the use for those with the proper permission.';
$helptxt['avatar_check_size'] = 'This can help to &quot;enforce&quot; the size restriction, but it can also slow things down markedly.  Use with care.';
$helptxt['avatar_allow_upload'] = 'This option is much like &quot;Allow members to select an external avatar&quot;, except that you have better control over the avatars, a better time resizing them, and your members do not have to have somewhere to put avatars.<br /><br />However, the downside is that it can take a lot of space on your server.';
$helptxt['avatar_download_png'] = 'PNGs are larger, but offer better quality compression.  If this is unchecked, JPEG will be used instead - which is often smaller, but also of lesser or blurry quality.';

$helptxt['disableHostnameLookup'] = 'This disables host name lookups, which on some servers are very slow.  Note that this will make banning less effective.';

$helptxt['search_match_complete_words'] = 'This option limits search results to full words that match a users query. For example, if this option is disabled, a search term like \'here\' would match \'here\', \'there\', and \'hereafter\'. Enabling this option would limit search results to only match \'here\'.<br /><br />Please notice that enabling this option might slow down the search function, especially if the amount of messages is large.';
$helptxt['disableTemporaryTables'] = 'This option prevents the usage of temporary tables. Since this option makes search queries slower, it\'s advisable to only use it if you don\'t have permissions to create temporary tables.';
$helptxt['search_cache_size'] = 'Search caching is used to limit the amount of extensive database queries. Once the user has entered a search query, the results are cached in the database. This way, the next pages of the search results are already available without need for extensive search.<br /><br />Use this setting to limit the amount of cached results. Increasing this value requires a larger database (about 20kb for each cached result).';
$helptxt['search_weight_frequency'] = 'Weight factors are used to determine the relevancy of a search result. Change these weight factors to match the things that are specifically important for your forum. For instance, a forum of a news site, might want a relatively high value for \'age of last matching message\'. All values are relative in relation to each other and should be positive integers.<br /><br />This factor counts the amount of matching messages and divides them by the total number of messages within a topic.';
$helptxt['search_weight_age'] = 'Weight factors are used to determine the relevancy of a search result. Change these weight factors to match the things that are specifically important for your forum. For instance, a forum of a news site, might want a relatively high value for \'age of last matching message\'. All values are relative in relation to each other and should be positive integers.<br /><br />This factor rates the age of the last matching message within a topic. The more recent this message is, the higher the score.';
$helptxt['search_weight_length'] = 'Weight factors are used to determine the relevancy of a search result. Change these weight factors to match the things that are specifically important for your forum. For instance, a forum of a news site, might want a relatively high value for \'age of last matching message\'. All values are relative in relation to each other and should be positive integers.<br /><br />This factor is based on the topic size. The more messages are within the topic, the higher the score.';
$helptxt['search_weight_subject'] = 'Weight factors are used to determine the relevancy of a search result. Change these weight factors to match the things that are specifically important for your forum. For instance, a forum of a news site, might want a relatively high value for \'age of last matching message\'. All values are relative in relation to each other and should be positive integers.<br /><br />This factor looks whether a search term can be found withing the subject of a topic.';
$helptxt['search_weight_first_message'] = 'Weight factors are used to determine the relevancy of a search result. Change these weight factors to match the things that are specifically important for your forum. For instance, a forum of a news site, might want a relatively high value for \'age of last matching message\'. All values are relative in relation to each other and should be positive integers.<br /><br />This factor looks whether a match can be found in the first message of a topic.';

$helptxt['see_admin_ip'] = 'IP addresses are shown to administrators and moderators to facilitate moderation and to make it easier to track people up to no good.  Remember that IP addresses may not always be identifying, and most people\'s IP addresses change periodically.<br /><br />Members are also allowed to see their own IPs.';
$helptxt['see_member_ip'] = 'Your IP address is shown only to you and moderators.  Remember that this information is not identifying, and that most IPs change periodically.<br /><br />You cannot see other members\' IP addresses, and they cannot see yours.';

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