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// Version: 1.0; Errors

$txt[1] = 'You are not allowed to access this section';

$txt[73] = 'Only Moderators can use the direct remove function, please remove this message through the modify feature.';
$txt[75] = 'You didn\'t fill the name field out.  It is required.';
$txt[76] = 'You didn\'t fill the email field out.  It is required.';
$txt[90] = 'This topic is locked, you are not allowed to post or modify messages...';
$txt[91] = 'Password field empty';
$txt[93] = 'You are not allowed to lock or unlock this topic; you must be a moderator or administrator to do that...';
$txt[100] = 'The username you tried to use already exists.';
$txt[134] = 'You are not allowed to move topics...';
$txt[138] = 'This service is only for members...';
$txt[165] = 'To post you must be logged in. If you don\'t have an account yet, please <a href="' . $scripturl . '?action=register">register</a>.';
$txt[213] = 'Passwords aren\'t the same.';
$txt[223] = 'Sorry, you must register before using this feature.';
$txt[241] = 'Invalid character used in Password.';
$txt[242] = 'Invalid character used in Name.';
$txt[243] = 'Invalid character used in email.';
$txt[244] = 'The username you tried to use contains the reserved name \'%s\'. Please try another username.';
$txt[337] = 'This field only accepts numbers from 0-9';
$txt[472] = 'This topic doesn\'t exist on this board.';

$txt['smf26'] = 'You didn\'t select a vote option.';
$txt['smf27'] = 'Either that poll doesn\'t exist, the poll has been locked, or you tried to vote twice.';
$txt['smf28'] = 'This option is only available to registered members.';
$txt['smf31'] = 'This was locked by an administrator.  You cannot unlock it.';
$txt['smf61'] = 'Sorry, you are not permitted to modify your own karma.';
$txt['smf63'] = 'Sorry, this feature is disabled.';
$txt['smf115b'] = 'Cannot access attachments upload path!';
$txt['smf122'] = 'Your file is too large. The maximum attachment size allowed is %d KB.';
$txt['smf124'] = 'Your attachment couldn\'t be saved. This might happen because it took too long to upload or the file is bigger than the server will allow.<br /><br />Please consult your server administrator for more information.';
$txt['smf125'] = 'Sorry! There is already an attachment with the same filename as the one you tried to upload. Please rename the file and try again.';
$txt['smf126'] = 'The upload folder is full. Please try a smaller file and/or contact an administrator.';
$txt['smf191'] = 'Could not connect to server or could not find file';
$txt['smf253'] = 'You are not allowed to split topics';
$txt['smf232'] = 'The board you specified doesn\'t exist';
$txt['smf262'] = 'You are not allowed to merge topics';
$txt['smf263'] = 'You specified an invalid topic ID.';
$txt['smf268'] = 'You cannot split a topic at the first post.';
$txt['smf270'] = 'This topic only contains one message and cannot be split.';
$txt['smf271'] = 'no messages selected';
$txt['smf271b'] = 'Unable to split. You have selected every message.';
$txt['smf272'] = 'Unable to find messages';
$txt['smf273'] = 'Unable to insert topic';
$txt['smf289'] = 'You have chosen a username of an already existing moderator. Please choose another username';
$txt['smf304'] = 'Your session timed out while posting.  Please go back and try again.';
$txt['smf305'] = 'Session verification failed.  Please try logging out and back in again, and then try again.';
$txt['smf306'] = 'Unable to verify referring url.  Please go back and try again.';

$txt['cannot_admin_forum'] = 'You are not allowed to administrate this forum.';
$txt['cannot_calendar_edit_any'] = 'You cannot edit calendar events.';
$txt['cannot_calendar_edit_own'] = 'You don\'t have the privileges necessary to edit your own events.';
$txt['cannot_calendar_post'] = 'Event posting isn\'t allowed - sorry.';
$txt['cannot_calendar_view'] = 'Sorry, but you are not allowed to view the calendar.';
$txt['cannot_delete_any'] = 'Sorry, but you don\'t have the privilege to remove just any topic.';
$txt['cannot_delete_own'] = 'You cannot delete your own topics in this board.';
$txt['cannot_edit_news'] = 'You are not allowed to edit news items on this forum.';
$txt['cannot_pm_read'] = 'Sorry, you can\'t read your personal messages.';
$txt['cannot_pm_send'] = 'You are not allowed to send personal messages.';
$txt['cannot_karma_edit'] = 'You aren\'t permitted to modify other people\'s karma.';
$txt['cannot_lock_any'] = 'You are not allowed to lock just any topic here.';
$txt['cannot_lock_own'] = 'Apologies, but you cannot lock your own topics here.';
$txt['cannot_make_sticky'] = 'You don\'t have permission to sticky this topic.';
$txt['cannot_manage_attachments'] = 'You\'re not allowed to manage attachments or avatars.';
$txt['cannot_manage_bans'] = 'You\'re not allowed to change the list of bans.';
$txt['cannot_manage_boards'] = 'You are not allowed to manage boards and categories.';
$txt['cannot_manage_membergroups'] = 'You don\'t have permission to modify or assign membergroup.';
$txt['cannot_manage_permissions'] = 'You don\'t have permission to manage permissions.';
$txt['cannot_manage_smileys'] = 'You\'re not allowed to manage smileys.';
$txt['cannot_mark_any_notify'] = 'You don\'t have the permissions necessary to get notifications from this topic.';
$txt['cannot_mark_notify'] = 'Sorry, but you are not permitted to request notifications from this board.';
$txt['cannot_merge_any'] = 'You aren\'t allowed to merge topics on one of the selected board(s).';
$txt['cannot_moderate_forum'] = 'You are not allowed to moderate this forum.';
$txt['cannot_modify_any'] = 'You aren\'t allowed to modify just any post.';
$txt['cannot_modify_own'] = 'Sorry, but you aren\'t allowed to edit your own posts.';
$txt['cannot_modify_replies'] = 'Even though this post is a reply to your topic, you cannot edit it.';
$txt['cannot_move_any'] = 'You are not allowed to move topics in this board.';
$txt['cannot_poll_add_own'] = 'Sorry, you aren\'t allowed to add polls to your own topics in this board.';
$txt['cannot_poll_add_any'] = 'You don\'t have the access to add polls to this topic.';
$txt['cannot_poll_edit_own'] = 'You cannot edit this poll, even though it is your own.';
$txt['cannot_poll_edit_any'] = 'You have been denied access to editing polls in this board.';
$txt['cannot_poll_lock_own'] = 'You are not allowed to lock your own polls in this board.';
$txt['cannot_poll_lock_any'] = 'Sorry, but you aren\'t allowed to lock just any poll.';
$txt['cannot_poll_post'] = 'You aren\'t allowed to post polls in the current board.';
$txt['cannot_poll_remove_own'] = 'You are not permitted to remove this poll from your topic.';
$txt['cannot_poll_remove_any'] = 'You cannot remove just any poll on this board.';
$txt['cannot_poll_view'] = 'You are not allowed to view polls in this board.';
$txt['cannot_poll_vote'] = 'Sorry, but you cannot vote in polls in this board.';
$txt['cannot_post_attachment'] = 'You don\'t have permission to post attachments here.';
$txt['cannot_post_new'] = 'Sorry, you cannot post new topics in this board.';
$txt['cannot_post_reply_any'] = 'You are not permitted to post replies to topics on this board.';
$txt['cannot_post_reply_own'] = 'You are not allowed to post replies even to your own topics in this board.';
$txt['cannot_profile_remove_own'] = 'Sorry, but you aren\'t allowed to delete your own account.';
$txt['cannot_profile_remove_any'] = 'You don\'t have the permissions to go about removing people\'s accounts!';
$txt['cannot_profile_extra_any'] = 'You are not permitted to modify profile settings.';
$txt['cannot_profile_identity_any'] = 'You aren\'t allowed to edit account settings.';
$txt['cannot_profile_title_any'] = 'You cannot edit people\'s custom titles.';
$txt['cannot_profile_extra_own'] = 'Sorry, but you don\'t have the necessary permissions to edit your profile data.';
$txt['cannot_profile_identity_own'] = 'You can\'t change your identity at the current moment.';
$txt['cannot_profile_title_own'] = 'You are not allowed to change your custom title.';
$txt['cannot_profile_remote_avatar'] = 'You don\'t have the privilege of using a remote avatar.';
$txt['cannot_profile_view_own'] = 'Many apologies, but you can\'t view your own profile.';
$txt['cannot_profile_view_any'] = 'Many apologies, but you can\'t view just any profile.';
$txt['cannot_remove_own'] = 'You are not, on this board, allowed to delete your own posts.';
$txt['cannot_remove_replies'] = 'Sorry, but you cannot remove these posts, even though they are replies to your topic.';
$txt['cannot_remove_any'] = 'Deleting just any posts in this board is not allowed.';
$txt['cannot_report_any'] = 'You are not allowed to report posts in this board.';
$txt['cannot_search_posts'] = 'You are not allowed to search for posts in this forum.';
$txt['cannot_send_mail'] = 'You don\'t have the privilege of sending out emails to everyone.';
$txt['cannot_send_topic'] = 'Sorry, but the administrator has disallowed sending topics on this board.';
$txt['cannot_split_any'] = 'Splitting just any topic is not allowed in this board.';
$txt['cannot_view_attachments'] = 'It seems that you are not allowed to download or view attachments on this board.';
$txt['cannot_view_mlist'] = 'You can\'t view the memberlist because you don\'t have permission to.';
$txt['cannot_view_stats'] = 'You aren\'t allowed to view the forum statistics.';
$txt['cannot_who_view'] = 'Sorry - you don\'t have the proper permissions to view the Who\'s Online list.';

$txt['theme3'] = 'That theme does not exist.';
$txt['theme_dir_wrong'] = 'The default theme\'s directory is wrong, please correct it by clicking this text.';
$txt['search_no_boards'] = 'No valid boards were selected!';
$txt['registration_disabled'] = 'Sorry, registration is currently disabled.';
$txt['registration_no_secret_question'] = 'Sorry, there is no secret question set for this member.';
$txt['poll_range_error'] = 'Sorry, the poll must run for more than 0 days.';
$txt['delFirstPost'] = 'You are not allowed to delete the first post in a topic.<p>If you want to delete this topic, click on the Remove Topic link, or ask a moderator/administrator to do it for you.</p>';
$txt['parent_error'] = 'Unable to create board!';
$txt['login_cookie_error'] = 'You were unable to login.  Please check your cookie settings.';
$txt['previous_next_end'] = 'You\'ve reached the end of the topics.  You can\'t go any farther.';
$txt['pswd7'] = 'Sorry, but you did not answer your question correctly.  Please click back to try again, or click back twice to use the default method of obtaining your password.';
$txt['rtm11'] = 'No moderators found!';
$txt['parent_not_found'] = 'Board structure corrupt: unable to find parent board';

$txt['calendar_off'] = 'You cannot access the calendar right now because it is disabled.';
$txt['calendar1'] = 'Invalid month value.';
$txt['calendar2'] = 'Invalid year value.';
$txt['calendar7'] = 'Event month is missing.';
$txt['calendar8'] = 'Event year is missing.';
$txt['calendar14'] = 'Event day is missing.';
$txt['calendar15'] = 'Event title is missing.';
$txt['calendar16'] = 'Invalid date.';
$txt['calendar17'] = 'No event title was entered.';
$txt['calendar18'] = 'Missing event ID.';
$txt['calendar19'] = 'You do not have permission to edit this event.';
$txt['calendar38'] = 'Board ID is missing.';
$txt['calendar39'] = 'Topic ID is missing.';
$txt['calendar40'] = 'Topic doesn\'t exist.';
$txt['calendar41'] = 'You are not the owner of this topic.';
$txt['calendar42'] = 'The board does not exist.';
$txt['calendar55'] = 'The span feature is currently disabled.';
$txt['calendar56'] = 'Invalid number of days to span.';

$txt['moveto_noboards'] = 'There are no boards to move this topic to!';

$txt['already_activated'] = 'Your account has already been activated.';

$txt['invalid_email'] = 'Invalid email address / email address range.<br />Example of a valid email address: hide@address.com<br />Example of a valid email address range: *@*.badsite.com';
$txt['invalid_expiration_date'] = 'Expiration date is not valid';
$txt['invalid_hostname'] = 'Invalid host name / host name range.<br />Example of a valid host name: proxy4.badhost.com<br />Example of a valid host name range: *.badhost.com';
$txt['invalid_ip'] = 'Invalid IP / IP range.<br />Example of a valid IP address:<br />Example of a valid IP range: 127.0.0-20.*';
$txt['invalid_username'] = 'Member name not found';
$txt['no_ban_admin'] = 'You may not ban an admin - You must demote them first!';
$txt['no_bantype_selected'] = 'No ban type was selected';
$txt['ban_not_found'] = 'Ban not found';
$txt['ban_unknown_restriction_type'] = 'Restriction type unknown';

$txt['recycle_no_valid_board'] = 'No valid board selected for recycle topics';

$txt['login_threshold_fail'] = 'Sorry, you are out of login chances.  Please come back and try again later.';

$txt['who_off'] = 'You cannot access Who\'s Online right now because it is disabled.';

$txt['merge_create_topic_failed'] = 'Error creating a new topic.';
$txt['merge_need_more_topics'] = 'Merge topics require at least two topics to merge.';

$txt['spamWaitTime_broken'] = 'The last posting from your IP was less than %d seconds ago. Please try again later.';
$txt['registerWaitTime_broken'] = 'You already registered just %d seconds ago!';
$txt['loginWaitTime_broken'] = 'You will have to wait about %d seconds to login again, sorry.';

$txt['no_valid_search_string'] = 'Did you forget to put something to search for?';
$txt['topic_gone'] = 'The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you.';
$txt['theme_edit_missing'] = 'The file you are trying to edit... can\'t even be found!';

$txt['attachments_no_write'] = 'The attachments upload directory is not writable.  Your attachment or avatar cannot be saved.';
$txt['attachments_limit_per_post'] = 'You may not upload more than %d attachments per post';

$txt['rtm_not_own'] = 'You can\'t report your own post to the moderator, that doesn\'t make sense!';

$txt['no_dump_database'] = 'Only administrators can make database backups!';
$txt['pm_not_yours'] = 'The personal message you\'re trying to quote is not your own or does not exist, please go back and try again.';
$txt['mangled_post'] = 'Mangled form data - please go back and try again.';

$txt['error_while_submitting'] = 'The following error or errors occurred while posting this message:';
$txt['error_long_name'] = 'The name you tried to use was too long.';
$txt['error_no_name'] = 'No name was provided.';
$txt['error_bad_name'] = 'The name you submitted cannot be used, because it is or contains a reserved name.';
$txt['error_no_email'] = 'No email address was provided.';
$txt['error_bad_email'] = 'An invalid email address was given.';
$txt['error_no_event'] = 'No event name has been given.';
$txt['error_no_subject'] = 'No subject was filled in.';
$txt['error_no_question'] = 'No question was filled in for this poll.';
$txt['error_no_message'] = 'The message body was left empty.';
$txt['error_long_message'] = 'The message exceeds the maximum allowed length (' . $modSettings['max_messageLength'] . ' characters).';
$txt['error_session_timeout'] = 'Your session timed out while posting. Please try to re-submit your message.';
$txt['error_no_to'] = 'No recipients specified.';
$txt['error_bad_to'] = 'One or more \'to\'-recipients could not be found.';
$txt['error_bad_bcc'] = 'One or more \'bcc\'-recipients could not be found.';
$txt['error_form_already_submitted'] = 'You already submitted this post!  You might have accidently double clicked, or tried to refresh.';
$txt['error_poll_few'] = 'You must have at least two choices!';

$txt['smiley_not_found'] = 'Smiley not found.';
$txt['smiley_has_no_code'] = 'No code for this smiley was given.';
$txt['smiley_has_no_filename'] = 'No filename for this smiley was given.';
$txt['smiley_not_unique'] = 'A smiley with that code already exists.';
$txt['smiley_set_already_exists'] = 'A smiley set with that URL already exists';
$txt['smiley_set_not_found'] = 'Smiley set not found';
$txt['smiley_set_path_already_used'] = 'The URL of the smiley set is already being used by another smiley set.';
$txt['smiley_set_unable_to_import'] = 'Unable to import smiley set. Either the directory is invalid or cannot be accessed.';

$txt['smileys_upload_error'] = 'Failed to upload file.';
$txt['smileys_upload_error_blank'] = 'All smiley sets must have an image!';
$txt['smileys_upload_error_name'] = 'All smileys must have the same filename!';
$txt['smileys_upload_error_illegal'] = 'Illegal Type.';

$txt['search_invalid_weights'] = 'Search weights are not properly configured. At least one weight should be configure to be non-zero. Please report this error to an administrator.';
$txt['unable_to_create_temporary'] = 'Search was unable to create temporary tables. Please report this error to an administrator.';

$txt['package_no_file'] = 'Unable to find package file!';
$txt['packageget_unable'] = 'Unable to connect to the server.  Please try using <a href="%s" target="_blank">this URL</a> instead.';
$txt['not_on_simplemachines'] = 'Sorry, packages can only be downloaded like this from the simplemachines.org server.';
$txt['package_cant_uninstall'] = 'This package was either never installed or was already uninstalled - you can\'t uninstall it now.';
$txt['package_cant_download'] = 'You cannot download or install new packages because the Packages directory is not writable!';
$txt['package_upload_error'] = 'Could not upload package, please check directory permissions!';
$txt['package_upload_error_exists'] = 'The file you are uploading already exists on the server. Please delete it first then try again.';

$txt['no_membergroup_selected'] = 'No membergroup selected';

$txt['attachment_not_found'] = 'Attachment Not Found';

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