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// Version: 1.0.4; Admin

$txt[4] = 'Manage Boards';
$txt[5] = 'View/Delete Members';
$txt[6] = 'Email Your Members';
$txt[7] = 'Edit Forum News';
$txt[8] = 'Edit Membergroups';
$txt[9] = 'View all members';
$txt[11] = 'Below is a listing of all the members currently registered with your forum.';
$txt[65] = 'Next';
$txt[135] = 'Edit Censored Words';
$txt[136] = 'Put the word to be censored on the left, and what to change it to on the right.';
$txt[137] = 'Admin functions';
$txt[141] = 'Due to the public nature of forums there may be some words that you wish to prohibit being posted by users of your forum. You can enter any words below that you wish to be censored whenever used by a member.<br />Blank a box to remove that word.';
$txt[207] = 'Set Reserved Names';
$txt[216] = 'Edit Your Forum Template';
$txt[222] = 'Edit Server Settings';
$txt[338] = 'Send an email to the above email list';
$txt[341] = 'Set Reserved Names';
$txt[342] = 'One reserved word per line.';
$txt[347] = 'This page allows you to change the basic settings for your forum.  Be very careful with these settings, as they may render the forum dysfunctional.  Also note that some of these options (such as time format) are default options or for guests only.';
$txt[348] = 'Maintenance Mode?';
$txt[350] = 'Message Board Name';
$txt[351] = 'Forum URL';
$txt[352] = 'Cookie Name';
$txt[355] = 'Webmaster Email Address';
$txt[356] = 'SMF Directory';
$txt[360] = 'Sources Directory';
$txt[365] = 'Title BG Color';
$txt[366] = 'Title Text Color';
$txt[367] = 'Window BG Color';
$txt[368] = 'Window BG Color #2';
$txt[369] = 'Category BG Color';
$txt[370] = 'Table Border Color';
$txt[379] = 'Enable News?';
$txt[380] = 'Enable Guest Posting?';
$txt[388] = 'News Fader Title Color';
$txt[389] = 'News Fader News Color';
$txt[424] = 'SMF Admin Options';
$txt[426] = 'Member Controls';
$txt[427] = 'Forum Controls';
$txt[428] = 'Forum Configuration';
$txt[429] = 'Detailed Version Check';
$txt[495] = 'SMF File';
$txt[496] = 'SMF Package';
$txt[501] = 'Maintenance Controls';
$txt[521] = 'Show buttons as images instead of text';
$txt[571] = 'Credits';
$txt[584] = 'Show and require agreement letter when registering';
$txt[608] = 'Delete Selected Members';
$txt[610] = 'Repair All Boards and Topics';
$txt[644] = 'This is your &quot;' . $txt[208] . '&quot;.  From here, you can edit settings, maintain your forum, view logs, install packages, manage themes, and many other things.<div style="margin-top: 1ex;">If you have any trouble, please look at the &quot;Common Support &amp; Issues&quot; panel.  If the information there doesn\'t help you, feel free to <a href="http://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php" target="_blank">look to us for help</a> with the problem.</div>You may also find answers to your questions or problems by clicking the <img src="' . $settings['images_url'] . '/helptopics.gif" alt="' . $txt[119] . '" title="' . $txt[119] . '" border="0" /> symbols for more information on the related functions.';
$txt[670] = 'Please place one news item per box. Some BBC tags, such as <span title="Are you bold?">[b]</span>, <span title="I tall icks!!">[i]</span> and <span title="Brackets are great, no?">[u]</span> are allowed in your news, as well as smileys and HTML. Clear a news item\'s text box to remove it.';
$txt[684] = 'Forum Administrators';
$txt[699] = 'Reserved names will keep members from registering certain usernames or using these words in their displayed names. Choose the options you wish to use from the bottom before submitting.';
$txt[702] = 'Send activation email to new members upon registration?';
$txt[726] = 'Match whole name only. If unchecked, search within names.';
$txt[727] = 'Match case. If unchecked, search will be case insensitive.';
$txt[728] = 'Check username.';
$txt[729] = 'Check display name.';
$txt[735] = 'You can email anyone from this page. The email addresses of the selected membergroups should appear below, but you may remove or add any email addresses you wish. Be sure that each address is separated in this fashion: \'address1; address2\'.';
$txt[739] = 'Time in milliseconds to display each item in the news fader';
$txt[740] = 'Show BBC Buttons on Posting and PM Send Pages?';

$txt['smf1'] = 'Failed to make backup of Settings.php - make sure Settings_bak.php exists and is writable.';
$txt['modSettings_title'] = 'Edit Features and Options';
$txt['modSettings_info'] = 'Change or set options that control how this forum operates.';
$txt['smf5'] = 'Server on which the database resides:';
$txt['smf6'] = 'Database Username:';
$txt['smf7'] = 'Database Password:';
$txt['smf8'] = 'Database Name:';
$txt['smf11'] = 'Edit Registration Agreement';
$txt['smf12'] = 'This agreement is shown when a user registers an account on this forum and has to be accepted before users can continue registration.';
$txt['smf54'] = 'Database Tables Prefix:';
$txt['smf55'] = 'Hold down the ctrl key to select multiple entries.  Click the ' . $txt[17] . ' button when you are done.';
$txt['smf73'] = 'Listing of forum errors';
$txt['smf74'] = 'The following errors are fouling up your forum (blank if none)';
$txt['smf75'] = 'has a bad first message';
$txt['smf76'] = 'has a bad last message';
$txt['smf81'] = 'does not have a matching board';
$txt['smf83'] = 'does not have a matching category';
$txt['smf84'] = 'Category';
$txt['smf85'] = 'Would you like to fix these errors?';
$txt['smf86'] = 'Fixing forum errors';
$txt['smf89'] = 'Error creating a';
$txt['smf92'] = 'All errors fixed! Please check on any categories, boards, or topics created to decide what to do with them.';
$txt['smf201'] = 'Attachment Manager';
$txt['smf202'] = 'From here you can administer the attached files on your system. You can delete attachments by size and by date from your system. Statistics on attachments are also displayed below.';
$txt['smf203'] = 'File Attachment Statistics';
$txt['smf204'] = 'Total Attachments';
$txt['smf205'] = 'Total Size of Attachment Directory';
$txt['smf206'] = 'Total Space Available in Attachment Directory';
$txt['smf207'] = 'File Attachment Options';
$txt['smf208'] = 'Attachment Log';
$txt['smf209'] = 'Remove attachments older than';
$txt['smf210'] = 'Remove attachments larger than';
$txt['smf213'] = 'Attachment Name';
$txt['smf214'] = 'File Size';
$txt['smf215'] = 'No maximum directory size is currently set';
$txt['smf216'] = '[attachment deleted by admin]';
$txt['smf217'] = 'Live from Simple Machines...';
$txt['smf219'] = 'Remove All';
$txt['smf250'] = 'Please select the Member Group(s) you would like to send an email to.';
$txt['smf281'] = 'Optimize Database';
$txt['smf282'] = 'Your database contains %d tables.';
$txt['smf283'] = 'Attempting to optimize your database...';
$txt['smf284'] = 'Optimizing %1$s... %2$f kb optimized.';
$txt['smf285'] = 'All of the tables were already optimized.';
$txt['smf285b'] = 'It wasn\'t necessary to optimize any tables.';
$txt['smf286'] = ' table(s) optimized.';
$txt['smf307'] = 'has a non-existent topic ID';
$txt['smf308'] = 'contains no messages';
$txt['smf309'] = 'has a wrong number of replies';
$txt['smf310'] = 'has a non-existent member ID';
$txt['smf311'] = 'Successfully inserted salvaged messages in salvage category';
$txt['smf312'] = 'topic(s) without messages have been removed successfully';
$txt['smf319'] = 'Admin must approve all new members';
$txt['smf320'] = 'Warning - agreement.txt is not writable, any changes you make will NOT be saved.';

$txt['dvc1'] = 'This shows you the versions of your installation\'s files versus those of the latest version. If any of these files are out of date, you should download and upgrade to the latest version at <a href="http://www.simplemachines.org/">www.simplemachines.org</a>.';
$txt['dvc_more'] = '(more detailed)';

$txt['lfyi'] = 'You are unable to connect to simplemachines.org\'s latest news file.';

$txt['smileys_manage'] = 'Smileys and Smiley Sets';
$txt['smileys_manage_info'] = 'Install new smiley sets or add smileys to existing ones.';
$txt['package1'] = 'Package Manager';
$txt['package_info'] = 'Install new features or modify existing ones with this interface.';
$txt['theme_admin'] = 'Theme and Layout Settings';
$txt['theme_admin_info'] = 'Setup and manage your themes and set or reset theme options.';
$txt['registration_center'] = 'Registration Management';
$txt['registration_center_info'] = 'Register, approve, and manage member registration.';
$txt['registration_member'] = 'Register New Member';

$txt['viewmembers_name'] = 'Username (display name)';
$txt['viewmembers_online'] = 'Last Online';
$txt['viewmembers_today'] = 'Today';
$txt['viewmembers_day_ago'] = 'day ago';
$txt['viewmembers_days_ago'] = 'days ago';

$txt['display_name'] = 'Display name';
$txt['email_address'] = 'Email Address';
$txt['ip_address'] = 'IP address';
$txt['member_id'] = 'ID';

$txt['security_wrong'] = 'Administration login attempt!' . "\n" .
	'Referer: ' . (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) ? $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] : 'unknown') . "\n" .
	'User agent: ' . $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] . "\n" .
	'IP: ' . $GLOBALS['user_info']['ip'];

$txt['email_as_html'] = 'Send in HTML format.  (with this you can put normal HTML in the email.)';
$txt['email_parsed_html'] = 'Add &lt;br /&gt;s and &amp;nbsp;s to this message.';
$txt['email_variables'] = 'In this message you can use a few &quot;variables&quot;.  Click <a href="' . $scripturl . '?action=helpadmin;help=emailmembers" onclick="return reqWin(this.href);" class="help">here</a> for more information.';
$txt['email_force'] = 'Send this to members even if they have chosen not to receive announcements.';
$txt['email_as_pms'] = 'Send this to these groups using personal messages.';

$txt['ban_title'] = 'Ban Members';
$txt[724] = 'IP banning: (e.g. or 128.0.*.*) - one entry per line';
$txt[725] = 'Email banning: (e.g. hide@address.com) - one entry per line';
$txt[7252] = 'User name banning: (e.g. l33tuser) - one entry per line';

$txt['ban_description'] = 'Here you can ban troublesome people either by IP, hostname, username, or email.';
$txt['ban_add_new'] = 'Add new ban';
$txt['ban_banned_entity'] = 'Banned entity';
$txt['ban_on_ip'] = 'Ban on IP (e.g. 192.168.10-20.*)';
$txt['ban_on_hostname'] = 'Ban on Hostname (e.g. *.mil)';
$txt['ban_on_email'] = 'Ban on Email Address (e.g. *@badsite.com)';
$txt['ban_on_username'] = 'Ban on Username';
$txt['ban_notes'] = 'Notes';
$txt['ban_restriction'] = 'Restriction';
$txt['ban_full_ban'] = 'Full ban';
$txt['ban_cannot_post'] = 'Cannot&nbsp;post';
$txt['ban_cannot_register'] = 'Cannot&nbsp;register';
$txt['ban_add'] = 'Add';
$txt['ban_edit_list'] = 'Edit ban list';
$txt['ban_type'] = 'Ban Type';
$txt['ban_days'] = 'day(s)';
$txt['ban_will_expire_within'] = 'Ban will expire after';
$txt['ban_expires'] = 'Expires';
$txt['ban_actions'] = 'Actions';
$txt['ban_expiration'] = 'Expiration';
$txt['ban_reason_desc'] = 'Reason for ban, to be displayed to banned member.';
$txt['ban_notes_desc'] = 'Notes that may assist other staff members.';
$txt['ban_remove_selected'] = 'Remove selected';
$txt['ban_remove_selected_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to remove the selected bans?';
$txt['ban_modify'] = 'Modify';

$txt['ban_log'] = 'Ban log';
$txt['ban_log_description'] = 'The ban log shows all attempts to enter the forum by banned users (\'full ban\' and \'cannot register\' ban only).';
$txt['ban_log_no_entries'] = 'No ban log entries';
$txt['ban_log_ip'] = 'IP';
$txt['ban_log_email'] = 'Email address';
$txt['ban_log_member'] = 'Member';
$txt['ban_log_date'] = 'Date';
$txt['ban_log_remove_all'] = 'Remove all';
$txt['ban_log_remove_all_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete all ban log entries?';
$txt['ban_log_remove_selected'] = 'Remove selected';
$txt['ban_log_remove_selected_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete all selected ban log entries?';

$txt['apply_filter'] = 'Apply Filter';
$txt['applying_filter'] = 'Applying Filter';
$txt['filter_only_member'] = 'Only show the error messages of this member';
$txt['filter_only_ip'] = 'Only show the error messages of this IP address';
$txt['filter_only_session'] = 'Only show the error messages of this session';
$txt['filter_only_url'] = 'Only show the error messages of this URL';
$txt['filter_only_message'] = 'Only show the errors with the same message';
$txt['session'] = 'Session';
$txt['error_url'] = 'URL of page causing the error';
$txt['error_message'] = 'Error message';
$txt['clear_filter'] = 'Clear filter';
$txt['remove_selection'] = 'Remove Selection';
$txt['remove_filtered_results'] = 'Remove All Filtered Results';
$txt['sure_about_errorlog_remove'] = 'Are you sure you want to remove all error messages?';
$txt['reverse_direction'] = 'Reverse chronological order of list';

$txt['settings_not_writable'] = 'These settings cannot be changed because Settings.php is read only.';

$txt['maintain_title'] = 'Forum Maintenance';
$txt['maintain_info'] = 'Optimize tables, make backups, check for errors, and prune boards with these tools.';
$txt['maintain_done'] = 'Maintenance Completed.';

$txt['maintain_general'] = 'General Maintenance';
$txt['maintain_recount'] = 'Recount all forum totals and statistics.';
$txt['maintain_errors'] = 'Find and repair any errors.';
$txt['maintain_logs'] = 'Empty out unimportant logs.';
$txt['maintain_optimize'] = 'Optimize all tables to improve performance.';
$txt['maintain_version'] = 'Check all files against current versions.';

$txt['maintain_backup'] = 'Backup Database';
$txt['maintain_backup_struct'] = 'Save the table structure.';
$txt['maintain_backup_data'] = 'Save the table data. (the important stuff.)';
$txt['maintain_backup_gz'] = 'Compress the file with gzip.';
$txt['maintain_backup_save'] = 'Download';

$txt['maintain_old'] = 'Remove Old Posts';
$txt['maintain_old1'] = 'Remove all topics not posted in for ';
$txt['maintain_old2'] = ' days, besides stickies.';
$txt['maintain_old_all'] = 'All Boards';
$txt['maintain_old_choose'] = 'Choose Specific Boards';
$txt['maintain_old_remove'] = 'Remove';
$txt['maintain_old_confirm'] = 'Are you really sure you want to delete old posts?\\n\\nThis cannot be undone!';

$txt['db_error_send'] = 'Send emails on MySQL connection error';
$txt['db_persist'] = 'Use a persistent connection';

$txt['default_language'] = 'Default Forum Language';

$txt['maintenance1'] = 'Subject for display:';
$txt['maintenance2'] = 'Message for display:';

$txt['errlog1'] = 'View Forum Error Log';
$txt['errlog2'] = 'The error log tracks every error encountered by your forum.  To delete any errors from the database, mark the checkbox, and click the ' . $txt[31] . ' button at the bottom of the page.';

$txt['theme4'] = 'Theme Settings';
$txt['theme_current_settings'] = 'Current Theme\'s Settings';

$txt['parent_repair_found'] = 'Board %d does not have an existing parent board. (its parent is board %d)';
$txt['parent_repair_fixed'] = 'Successfully assigned orphaned boards to the salvage area.';

$txt['repair_zeroed_ids'] = 'Found topics and/or messages with topic or message IDs of 0.';

$txt['dvc_your'] = 'Your Version';
$txt['dvc_current'] = 'Current Version';
$txt['dvc_sources'] = 'Sources';
$txt['dvc_default'] = 'Default Templates';
$txt['dvc_templates'] = 'Current Templates';
$txt['dvc_languages'] = 'Language Files';

$txt['modlog_view'] = 'View Moderation Log';
$txt['modlog_date'] = 'Date';
$txt['modlog_member'] = 'Member';
$txt['modlog_position'] = 'Position';
$txt['modlog_action'] = 'Action';
$txt['modlog_ip'] = 'IP';
$txt['modlog_search_result'] = 'Search Results';
$txt['modlog_total_entries'] = 'Total Entries';
$txt['modlog_ac_banned'] = 'Banned';
$txt['modlog_ac_locked'] = 'Locked';
$txt['modlog_ac_stickied'] = 'Stickied';
$txt['modlog_ac_deleted'] = 'Deleted';
$txt['modlog_ac_deleted_member'] = 'Deleted Member';
$txt['modlog_ac_removed'] = 'Removed';
$txt['modlog_ac_modified'] = 'Modified';
$txt['modlog_ac_merged'] = 'Merged';
$txt['modlog_ac_split'] = 'Split';
$txt['modlog_ac_moved'] = 'Moved';
$txt['modlog_ac_profile'] = 'Profile Edit';
$txt['modlog_ac_pruned'] = 'Pruned Board';
$txt['modlog_ac_news'] = 'Edited News';
$txt['modlog_enter_comment'] = 'Enter Moderation Comment';
$txt['modlog_moderation_log'] = 'Moderation Log';
$txt['modlog_moderation_log_desc'] = 'Below is a list of all the moderation actions that have been carried out by moderators of the forum.<br /><b>Please note:</b> Entries cannot be removed from this log until they are at least 24 hours old.';
$txt['modlog_no_entries_found'] = 'No entries found';
$txt['modlog_remove'] = 'Remove';
$txt['modlog_removeall'] = 'Remove All';
$txt['modlog_go'] = 'Go';
$txt['modlog_add'] = 'Add';
$txt['modlog_search'] = 'Quick Search';
$txt['modlog_by'] = 'By';

$txt['smileys_default_set_for_theme'] = 'Select default smiley set for this theme';
$txt['smileys_no_default'] = '(use global default smiley set)';

$txt['censor_test'] = 'Test Censored Words';
$txt['censor_test_save'] = 'Test';
$txt['censor_case'] = 'Ignore case when censoring.';
$txt['smf231'] = 'Check only whole words.';

$txt['admin_confirm_password'] = '(confirm)';

$txt['date_format'] = '(YYYY-MM-DD)';
$txt['undefined_gender'] = 'Undefined';
$txt['age'] = 'User age';
$txt['activation_status'] = 'Activation Status';
$txt['activated'] = 'Activated';
$txt['not_activated'] = 'Not activated';
$txt['primary'] = 'Primary';
$txt['additional'] = 'Additional';
$txt['messenger_address'] = 'Messenger Address';
$txt['wild_cards_allowed'] = 'wildcard characters * and ? are allowed';
$txt['search_for'] = 'Search for';
$txt['member_part_of_these_membergroups'] = 'Member is part of these membergroups';
$txt['membergroups'] = 'Membergroups';
$txt['confirm_delete_members'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete the selected members?';

$txt['support_credits_title'] = 'Support and Credits';
$txt['support_credits_info'] = 'Get support on common issues and version information to give if you have problems.';
$txt['support_title'] = 'Support Information';
$txt['support_versions_current'] = 'Current SMF version';
$txt['support_versions_forum'] = 'Forum version';
$txt['support_versions_php'] = 'PHP version';
$txt['support_versions_mysql'] = 'MySQL version';
$txt['support_versions_server'] = 'Server version';
$txt['support_versions_gd'] = 'GD version';
$txt['support_versions'] = 'Version Information';
$txt['support_latest'] = 'Common Support &amp; Issues';
$txt['support_latest_fetch'] = 'Retrieving support information...';

$txt['edit_permissions'] = 'Edit Permissions';
$txt['edit_permissions_info'] = 'Change restrictions and available features globally or to specific boards.';
$txt['membergroups_members'] = 'Ungrouped Members';
$txt['membergroups_guests'] = 'Unregistered Guests';
$txt['membergroups_guests_na'] = 'n/a';
$txt['membergroups_name'] = 'Name';
$txt['membergroups_stars'] = 'Stars';
$txt['membergroups_members_top'] = 'Members';
$txt['membergroups_add_group'] = 'Add group';
$txt['membergroups_permissions'] = 'Permissions';

$txt['permitgroups_restrict'] = 'Restrictive';
$txt['permitgroups_standard'] = 'Standard';
$txt['permitgroups_moderator'] = 'Moderator';
$txt['permitgroups_maintenance'] = 'Maintenance';
$txt['permitgroups_inherit'] = 'Inherit';

$txt['confirm_delete_attachments_all'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete all attachments?';
$txt['confirm_delete_attachments'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete the selected attachments?';
$txt['attachment_manager_browse_files'] = 'Browse Files';
$txt['attachment_manager_recount'] = 'Recount';
$txt['attachment_manager_avatars'] = 'Avatars';
$txt['attachment_manager_attachments'] = 'Attachments';
$txt['attachment_manager_last_active'] = 'Last Active';
$txt['attachment_manager_member'] = 'Member';
$txt['attachment_manager_avatars_older'] = 'Remove avatars from members not active for more than';
$txt['attachment_manager_total_avatars'] = 'Total Avatars';

$txt['editnews_clickadd'] = 'Click here to add another item.';
$txt['editnews_remove_selected'] = 'Remove selected';
$txt['editnews_remove_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete the selected news items?';
$txt['censor_clickadd'] = 'Click here to add another word.';
$txt['update_available'] = 'Update Available!';
$txt['update_message'] = 'You\'re using an outdated version of SMF, which contains some bugs which have since been fixed.
	It is recommended that you <a href="" id="update-link">update your forum</a> to the latest version as soon as possible. It only takes a minute!';

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