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 Enigma 2: Install and Upgrade instructions.

LSP: Lunabyte Systems Portal
Open-Source Project Inspired by Zef Hemel (hide@address.com)
Software Version:             LSP 2.0 "Enigma 2"
Software by:                  Lunabyte Systems (http://www.lunabyte.net)
Copyright 2002-2005 by:       Lunabyte Systems (http://www.lunabyte.net)
Support, News, Updates at:    http://www.lunabyte.net
This program is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it 
under the terms of the provided license as published by Lunabyte Systems.

This program is distributed in the hope that it is and will be useful,                  
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTIES; without even any implied warranty of           

See the "LSP_license.txt" file for details of the LSP license.
The latest version can always be found at http://www.lunabyte.net.

Enigma 2.0 (RC .1)

:: Initial Requirements & Tasks Prior to Enigma Installation ::

     || New Install ||

          - Download and install SMF 1.0.7 (NOTE THE VERSION!)
            Follow the SMF instructions, and if you have problems,
            please visit http://www.simplemachines.org   for help.

     || To Upgrade from Enigma 1.x (The Old YabbSe Version) ||

          - Back up your Portal files and directories!

          - Back up your database! (PhpMyAdmin dump, or use the
            dump database function in the E1 Admin Center. 

          - Download the SMF 1.0.7 UPGRADE package. This package
            will update you from YaBB SE (the E1 forum) to SMF.

          - Remove all portal files and directories, EXCEPT FOR:

              > Avatars: 
                 Move to main portal directory, if you would like
                 to keep your avatars. If not, delete this directory and
                 use the ones available with SMF.

              > Attachments:
                 Keep this intact.

              > Downloads (or dls,):
                  If you have any downloads, keep this directory.

              > Settings.php (AND Settings_bak.php):
                 KEEP THESE FILES!!!

          - Upload the SMF files and directories.

          - Upgrade according to the SMF directions, and if you have
            any problems, visit http://www.simplemachines.org for help.

     || Upgrade to Enigma 2, from pre-existing SMF site ||

          - Ensure you are running SMF v1.0.7.
          - Support for 1.1 will be available soon.

:: Installation/Upgrade of Enigma ::

     || Verification ||

          - Verify that SMF is now running. 

          - Put your forum in maintenance mode!
      	  From the Admin Center, select Edit Server Settings in the Forum
      	  Configuration menu section.

          - If there are any problems, visit http://www.simplemachines.org for

     || Uploading The Files ||

          - All files will be uploaded to the directory where SMF is installed!
            *** We will call this the "main" directory below. This is only as a
            reference. Your actual directory name may be different.***

          - The directory where this file is located is representative of the
            Directory where SMF is installed on your web server. (main directory)

            (Note for upgrades)
          - If you previously had a directory for downloads, move all the files
            to the new "downloads" directory or change the path from the admin
            center once installation is completed.

          Note:  DO NOT just upload a directory if it exists in both locations!
                 You could end up overwriting needed files!

         !!! Remember, we are simply calling the directory where you have SMF installed
             your "main" directory below! If it's SMF, html, public_html, etc, this is
             what "main" will refer to below!

         1) Upload the "Blocks" directory to your "main" directory.

         2) Upload the "downloads" directory to your "main" directory.

         3) Upload the "modules" directory to your "main" directory.

         4) Upload the "PortalSources" directory to your "main" directory.
            NOTE: You will now have a "Sources", AND a "PortalSources" directory.
                  DO NOT upload the files in "PortalSources" to the "Sources" directory.
                  They are completely seperate directories.

         5) Open the "Packages" directory and upload the files inside the "Packages" 
            directory, to the "Packages" directory on your server. 
            Do NOT simply upload the directory, add the local files to the
            same directory on the server so that the existing ones on the 
            server are NOT over-written.

         6) Open the "Themes" directory and upload the classic_e1 and Enigma directories.
            NOTE: Some FTP programs may have an issue with the multiple directories
                  inside these themes. You may wish to create an "Enigma" and "classic_e1"
                  directory on your server, then upload the directories inside the local
                  "Enigma" and "classic_e1" directories individually.

     || File Permissions ||

          - CHMOD the following directory to 666 (or windows equivalent)


           This folder will need to remain with these permissions in order for 
           image verification to work. You may need to chmod this directory to
           777, depending on your server configuration.

NOTE:  If you have FTP access to your site, you may skip the permission
       settings on the directories below.  This is only if you have ftp
       and FTP username and password. Most people do, and they may skip 
       to the || Completion || section below.

     ** If you need to chmod the files manually **

		- CHMOD the following directories to 777 (or windows equivalent)

		  	Make a note of the current permission settings because the
		  	items below should be changed back after installation.
			- root (the main directory of your installation)
			- Sources

			Check the following directories as well.  They need to remain
			writable for your installation to work properly.

			- attachments
			- avatars
			- downloads (or the name you have assigned)
			- Packages
			- Smileys
			- Themes

          - CHMOD the following files to 777 (or windows equivalent)

	     	This following list is only for this process, then they must
	          be changed back to their original settings for security reasons.

			> root directory
				- index.php

			> Sources directory
				- ManagePermissions.php
				- Subs.php

		NOTE:  If you have FTP access to your site, you may skip the permission
			  settings on the files ABOVE.  (ONLY if you have ftp access)

			Check the following files as well.  They need to remain
			writable for your installation to work properly.

			> root directory
				- agreement.txt
				- Settings.php
				- Settings_bak.php
			> Packages directory
				- installed.list
				- server.list

!!!  || Completion ||

		- Browse to your site "Admin Center" and in the "Forum Controls" section
		  select "Package Manager".
		  If you have uploaded all of the files in the Enigma 2 package as instructed,
		  you will see a listing for the "LSP Enigma 2.0" Installation Package"

		- Click on the "[ Apply Mod ]" link for the LSP package.

		- If you have FTP access to your site and you skipped the permission settings
		  that were allowed previously, you should see a section for FTP login info.
		  Enter your username and password, etc, as required.

		- Now at the bottom of the "Package Manager - Install Actions" section click
		  on the "[ Proceed ]" link to install the package.

		  NOTE: If you do not see the "proceed" link, you have either missed a step, 
		        or are NOT running SMF 1.0.7! Double check every step carefully.

		- Once the package completes, click the "Home" link in your Main SMF Menu. Do
		  NOT click any other link!  Clicking this link will cause the page to reload
		  which will automatically start the install script for the next steps.

          - If the install script did NOT start, manually browse to the LSP_install.php
            file that your uploaded to your root install folder.
            	Example:  http://www.yourdomain.com/Enigma2/LSP_install.php

	!!! This next step is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

          - At this time, AND THIS TIME ONLY, you will need to rename 2 of the
		  directories inside the Themes folder of your installation.
		  	1.  Rename the "default" directory to "SMF_default"
			2.  Rename the "Enigma" directory to "default"

               > This file is for all installations of Enigma 2, both new and upgrades.

		- Continue with the install script and read all the information and options
		  you are given.  Follow each step exactly.

		- Once the install script has completed, you will see a link to go to your
		  new portal installation.

		  Please Note:  With the default theme directory changes made 
			during this installation, your web browser will
			have most likely cached all the images used for 
			the SMF theme.  When you click the link above to go to 
			your site, you may get a mixed theme display.  
			Click the refresh button in your web browser to fix the display.  
			If by chance, that does not work, you may need to clear your 
			browser cache. Your users may have the same problem IF you were 
			running SMF prior to installing Enigma2.  If a simple refresh
			does not fix the problem for them, please advise them to clear the 
			cache in their web browser.

		- Login to your portal and browse to the "Admin Center".

!!!        - For ALL installs and upgrades, this step is VERY important.

            > Visit the Manage Permissions area. You will need to set permissions
                for the new settings for ALL groups.

             Because we as developers can not anticipate who should have access
             to specific features and areas, you will need to make that decision.

			 You will need to read each permission carefully, and be sure that is
			 what you want to do.

            > Set Portal Settings to your liking, from the Portal Features
                and Options link. 

          - If you have upgraded from Enigma 1.x and you had custom
            images for your News Categories or Article Sections, add them into
            the appropriate images folder in each theme.

            	NOTE regarding images for themes:  If you create custom Themes and use
            	ANY custom images for that theme, it is recommended that you make a
            	COMPLETE copy of the images directory in each theme.

:: Support & Updates ::

  If you have any issues with your portal, please visit
  http://www.lunabyte.net for assistance. 

  If you would like to report a bug, please visit 
  http://www.lunabyte.net and click the link for our
  bug tracker. BUG REPORTS in the forums will be 
  deleted. They MUST be reported via our bug reporting
  system, so that we can properly track all issues. 

  Looking for the ChangeLog? Please visit
  http://www.lunabyte.net and click on the bug tracker
  link, and then the changelog link from there. 

     - Enjoy!

Thanks for choosing LSP!

 - The LSP Dev Team

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