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<?php require_once('common.php'); 
// $Id: editArea.php,v 1.3 2005/03/20 21:44:48 atrommer Exp $
checkUser($_SESSION['USERTYPE'], 2);

 * This page takes a post from the assignemps page
 * and allows a super to edit the details of the area.
 * It also allows them to call the editPos page for position edits
// check for postback
if ($_POST['isPostback']){ // do the updates

// first we get the area details
$oAreaDetails = getAreas($_SESSION['USERID'],$_REQUEST['area']);

// now get the area template
$sATempl = getAreaTempl($_REQUEST['area']);

// next get the cur super's super list
if ($_SESSION['USERTYPE'] == 2){ // grab the supers child supers
	$oSupers = getChildSupers($_SESSION['USERID']);
} else {
	$oSupers = getSupervisors();

// get the area supers
$oAreaSuper = getAreaSuper($_REQUEST['area']);

// parse through the object into an array
foreach($oAreaSuper as $Super){
	$aSelectedSupers[] = $Super->as_uid;	
doHeader("Area Edit of ".$oAreaDetails[0]->area_name, 'taTempl');
This page allows you to edit the selected area's name, description, and template.
The template is used when creating event notes.
<form name="frmArea" action="editArea.php" method="post">
	<input type=hidden name=hdArea value="<?=$_REQUEST['area']?>">
	<table width="100%"  border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
	    <td colspan="2" valign="top"><strong>Edit Area</strong></td>
	  <tr class="evenRow">
	    <td valign="top">Area Name</td>
	    <td><input name="tbName" type="text" id="tbName" size="10" maxlength="20" value="<?=$oAreaDetails[0]->area_name?>"></td>
	    <td valign="top">Area Description</td>
	    <td><textarea name="tbDesc" cols="30" rows="4" id="tbDesc"><?=$oAreaDetails[0]->area_desc?></textarea></td>
	  <tr class="evenRow">
	    <td valign="top">Area Owners </td>
	    	<select name="msSupers[]" size="6" multiple id="msSupers[]">
		<? foreach ($oSupers as $Super) {
			if (in_array($Super->user_id,$aSelectedSupers)){
				print ("<option value=\"$Super->user_id\" selected>$Super->user_first $Super->user_last</option>\n");
			} else {
				print ("<option value=\"$Super->user_id\">$Super->user_first $Super->user_last</option>\n");
		if($_SESSION['USERTYPE'] < 3){ print ("<option value=\"".$_SESSION['USERID']."\" selected>Yourself</option>\n");}
		<textarea id="taTempl" name="taTempl" cols="100" rows="25"><?
			print $sATempl;
	    <input type="hidden" name="isPostback" value="1">
	  <tr><td colspan="2" align="center"><input name="btSubmit" type="submit" value="Save Edits?"></td></tr>
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