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* @version 3.0.0
* @package embedia (formerly moseasymedia)
* @copyright Copyright © 2009, Brilaps LLC
* @author Ozgur Cem Sen
* @email hide@address.com
* @link http://brilaps.com || http://wiki.brilaps.com
* @license http://www.opensource.org/licenses/gpl-license.php GNU/GPL v.2 .

Last Update 2010-02-03 Release 3.0.0

We're simply repacking embedia 3.0.0 without the BETA tag


2010-01-08 Release 3.0.0 BETA1

* embedia will not break the page validation (if Javascript option is used) 

* No need to use sessions for overlays. 

* Added YUI 3.0 support. 
    Instead of Thickbox overlays, YUI3's overlay feature is used.

* JW FLV player removed and replaced by JW Media Player.

* Architectural changes. embedia is lighter and more efficient. 

* embedia can handle moseasymedia tags.

* Age old dumb problem of having to save the mambot at least once is gone. If no params is found, embedia will use the defaults. It's up to you to change them and save according to your requirements.

* embedia will work only with PHP 5.1.2 and above. 

* For YouTube videos, you don't need to replace the ? and = with /'s. 

* many more good stuff ...


and a loooooong time ago......

2008-04-17 Release 2.0.1

This update release came earlier than I expected. Here are a few changes

* moseasymediaWindowsMediaPlayerVideo.php was erroring out because of a left over null variable

* Some header updates

* Sanity check for possible typos in player= attrib. When you typo player=SomeOtherPlayer , you'll get an error.

* ThickboxExists param added to not to include Thickbox twice.

* eregi bug in the function that determines the player by file extension is fixed.

* displayheight param was being ignored in FLV player. Now it's not.

* strip_tags applied to {moseasymedia ....} tag, incase there is some <br/> etc. got stuck in the tag.

* You can put the spaces in the title tag for JW Players, but the trick is; to put %20 instead of spaces .

** A few of the items mentioned in the 2.0.0 release to be fixed in 2.0.1 are deferred to 2.0.2

** Been getting reports about problems IE7 that we've yet to recreate. 
    If you have a recreatable moseasymedia problem in IE7, we would love to hear from you. 


If you're already up on moseasymedia 2.0, you can simply override the existing files. 
    bot_moseasy ....  =>  mambots/content/  or plugings/content
    mod_moseasy ....  =>  modules/
    wikkawikimoseasy ..=> actions/moseasymedia ...
If you're still on 1.0.4, please refer to the "upgrade" instructions in the section below. 

If you're trying moseasy the first time, just install it.     

That's it for a 3-day-after release. Enjoy. :)


2008-04-13 Release 2.0.0

moseasymedia 2.0 is one big step from the last 1.0.4 release. Very excited about this one. 

Here's what happened in moseasymedia 2.0 , and what made it 2.0 and not a 1.0.5 or 1.5. 

* moseasymedia became an asset of Brilaps LLC. http://brilaps.com 
    Still released under GNU/GPL v2.  

* moseasymedia core is stripped from all Mambo/Joomla! specific function call, so it can easily integrate with its host application. moseasymedia 2.0 runs on;

    Mambo 4.6.x && Joomla 1.0.x
    Joomla 1.5.x
    Wikka Wiki and most recent trunk (as of 04/14/08) http://wikkawiki.org

(You need to download the package that applies to your site.)    

* Most wanted "popup" support added. You can choose between the regular window popup or Thickbox (jQuery) popup. 
    Plus new override params added : "popup", "popupwidth", "popupheight", "popuptoolbar", "popupmenubar", "popupscrollbars", "popupmediathumbnail"

* A few html compliance errors fixed. Unfortunately, moseasymedia will never generate fully compliant code; EMBED breaks it all.

* AllowScriptAccess param added back into Flash and JW Players

* Possible pass by reference issues in PHP 5 resolved.

* When you have multiple videos on the same page, moseasymedia will try to include only one common js and css file for that media type.

* Some sanity and crash checks when the mambot was not published.  

*Project folders restructured for the sake of clarity, plus a bunch of internal code enhancements (more OOP practices)

Known issues, and some notes:
    Still didn't get around to fix with the spaces in the "title" tags for JW Players. (2.0.1 it is) 
    Auto fix the YouTube URLs to replace "?" and "=" with "/" . (not sure if this will ever make it in :) )
    "YOU MUST SAVE THE BOT AT LEAST ONCE" still needs to be practiced. (in 2.0.1 moseasymedia will load default values from it's own config file, if the params are not populated in the mambots table)
    Window Popups will not render the CSS. Thickbox will. Your player's alignment maybe different in the main page and popup window.
    We did not include the latest JW Players in this release. If you want to give those a try, you can simply replace the SWF files under moseasymedia/players/ directory.
    You may see a warning message when you first go in the mambot/plugin settings in J! 1.5, and some incorrectly escaped "player extensions". No worries, the warning message disappears after the first time, and incorrect espaces cause no harm.
    WikkaWiki configuration is somewhat cumbersome. Not GUI for that yet. You need to edit moseasymedia.ini.php file manually. An admin gui will be built for that. 
    If you come across a bug, give us a holler at our forum. 


2.0 release contains significant updates in moseasymedia. 
    Uninstall / reinstall will probably do fine for the mambot, but you may loose the data in your modules if you uninstall. 
    Be warned!!! Hope we grabbed your attention here. 
    Please follow the steps below, and don't yell at us. And please do not go jump of a bridge because you lost the content of your media-full modules.


    If you modified the CSS files, back them up. You can safely override them once you have the new version installed/updated. 
    If you or us or someone else did some hacking in php code, back up the files changed. DO NOT override them back after install, they will not be compatible. A manual merge will be required. Contact us :)

    Unpack the zip files you downloaded locally, and preferably in seperate folders. 
    Take your site offline, if you will. 
    The "bot" will go under mambots/content/ (or plugins/content/)
        1. Delete the mambots/content/moseasymedia/ (or plugins/content/moseasymedia/) folder.
        2. Upload the unzipped bot files. moseasymedia.php, moseasymedia.xml and moseasymedia/ folder. (basically keep the same structure)
    The "module" will go under modules/  (or modules/moseasymedia)
        1. No deletion necessary. Just upload and override the files.
    The "editor button" will go under mambots/content/ (or plugins/content/)
        1. No deletion necessary. Just upload and override the files.         

    If you updated some params (width, height etc) take a note of those. After the reinstall, you need to reapply them in mambot configuration.
    If you have moseasymedia modules on your site, you will need take a note of their positions and the {moseasymedia ....} tags in the modules. (will be painful)

Once you completed the upgrade or new install, please go the mambot config and click "SAVE". And you're good to go. 


Download the Wikka Wiki distro of moseasymedia. Copy it over the "actions/moseasymedia" folder. That's it. 

Wikka Wiki's moseasymedia tag is slightly different. You need two "{" to trigger the moseasymedia code. {{moseasymedia media=brilaps.mp3}} 

All the other tags, override mechanisms are the same as Mambo, Joomla (if you're familiar with moseasymedia in those systems). Or just take a quick look at the doc. 

Lots and lots of work goes into those projects, even updating a readme.txt file can be daunting. Hope you appreciate our efforts.

Read more @ http://wiki.brilaps.com && free || ! free support @ http://forum.brilaps.com 



2008-02-22 Release 1.0.4

It's been a while since the last release. Here are a few perks - really minor ones.

bgcolor attribute added for Flash player to support the blend-in to different background colors

wMode bug fixed for Flash player (it was windowMode in 1.0.3 causing the player not falling behind Menu items)

wMode, shuffle params added to JW Players. 

moduleclass_sfx Param added to the moseasymedia Module

<noscript> support added to display some customizable text when javascript is not enabled

swfobject.js 1.5.1 is replaced with a compressed version.

The bug with determining which player to use with  mms:// rtmp:// type URLs fixed.

2007-09-03 Release 1.0.3

Version numbers shortened ( really up to the developer ain't it ;) )

mod_moseasymedia Module is introduced to use moseasymedia family to allow media embedding in modules.
*check http://www.ocszone.com for details

Generation of the embed code is rewritten for the sake of extendibility.

Internet Explorer's dreaded "Click to activate ActiveX" problem is resolved. moseasymedia can embed the code using an external javascript.

moseasymedia supports DivX embedding.

A Logo can be assigned to JW Players and DivX.

Jeroen Wijering's MediaPlayer, MP3Player and FLV Player (3.11 versions) are bundled into moseasymedia. 
   * JW Players' 3.11 version supports Talkr - great feature. See the demo on jeroenwijering.com
   * Please, and please check with Jeroen Wijering (http://www.jeroenwijering.com/) for the licensing requirements.
   *  Jeroen's FLVPlayer, MediaPlayer and MP3Player are released under Creative Common's license - which requires you
      to purchase a commercial license for the player if you intend to use them for commercial purposes. 
   *moseasymedia is released under GNU/GPL.

Fabricio Zuardi's XSPF Web Music Player 0.2.3 (slim and extended versions) bundled into moseasymedia to support xspf playlist format to play mp3s.(http://musicplayer.sourceforge.net/)
   * See http://xspf.org/ for playlist creation and more info.
   * Please check xspf_license.txt for licensing requirements.

Due to the "plugin vs. player" dilemma introduced to moseasymedia after adding bundled support for JW players, some naming convention
and architectural changes had to happen. 

With the introduction of JW Players and XSPF Players , moseasymedia has "PLAYLIST" support. Since moseasymedia relies on mostly file extensions to determine the player, you need to 
   trick moseasymedia to handle mp3 playlists, flv playlists, or other media playlists. 
   Here is how;
    * Name your mp3 playlist files with the extension .mp3list, flv playlists as .flvlist etc... And associate those extensions with the certain players. ;) 
    * .m3u extension associated with Windows Media Player for Audio files by default

The "player" also added to overrideable attributes. 
   For example, if you like play MP3 files with RealPlayer on a certain page of your site, the following will do the trick. 
   {moseasymedia player=RealPlayer media=./songs/song.mp3}
   Valid "player" attributes for moseasymedia is 
   * WindowsMediaPlayerVideo
   * WindowsMediaPlayerAudio 
   * Flash
   * Shockwave 
   * Quicktime 
   * RealPlayer
   * JWFLVPlayer
   * JWMediaPlayer
   * JWMP3Player
   * XSPFPlayer (slim and extended versions)

Other overridable attributes are:
	media, url, link,
	width, height, displayheight
	autostart, autoplay, play,
	loop, playcount, repeat,
	autosize, displaysize,
	logo, previewimage, previewmessage,
	controls, mode, largecontrols
*Please check the mambot settings for possible override values.

CSS support for players are added. Users can assign different CSS classes for each player or edit the provided ones. 

Additional MIMETypes for Windows Media Player are selectable from a list.

ShowControls and Loop bug for Quicktime players are fixed. 

MediaSharingWebsitesUsing feature bug is fixed.

AutoPlay for Flash(swf) videos bug is fixed.

Alignment parameter removed.

If you have any problems, questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me. I try respond to every single email promptly. 


Update: 2007-05-12 Release

Change & Fix Log
Regex search was causing problems on multi-page and multi-video-pages for the mambot. 

Some media plugin attributes were not working such as loop, auto start etc..

Default Height Width param increased in the installation XML.

2007-05-08-Patch-moseasymediaFlash Patch release code integrated with this minor release

Update: 2007-04-30 
alignWindowsMediaPlayerVideo parameter had wrong options. 
It's changed to left, right, center 

Last update: 2007-04-28 
The override feature is implemented within the mambot tag { } for width and height and also for 
other applicable attributes. Such as autoplay , showcontrols, align etc..

Allowed overridable attributes are defined as:
$VALID_OVERRIDE_ATTRIBUTES = array("media", "url", "file", "link", "width", "height", "align", "autostart", "autoplay", "loop", "autosize", "displaysize", "quality", "allowscriptaccess");

An additional parameter is introduced to set the alignment for each plugin type.

In order to implement a broader-range override capability, the certain "mixed-case" attributes 
for different plugins needed to change to lower-case. 
i.e. ShowControlsWindowsMediaPlayerVideo is showcontrolsWindowsMediaPlayerVideo
but MIMETypeWindowsMediaPlayerVideo stayed the same

Notice that, only the actual attribute part is lowercase. The plugin name is intact.

{moseasymedia media=/videos/myvid.mpg}

{moseasymedia media=/videos/myvid.mpg height=500 width=400} 

{moseasymedia media=/videos/myvid.mpg height=500 width=400 autoplay=true} 

{moseasymedia media=/videos/myvid.mpg height=500 align=center} 

moseasymediaFlashFLV.php added to handle the FLV extensions. 

Initial Release: 2007-03-24 

moseasymedia is a very easy to use(I hope) content mambot that eases media-embedding into Mambo/Joomla content.
Media (video/audio) is presented via their respective plugins. 

-How to use?

{moseasymedia media=/videos/myvid.mpg} or 
{moseasymedia media=http://www.youtube.com/blahYZW008saAS}    

That's it. 

-What's different ?
moseasymedia is highly customizable through Mambo Administration (Administration->Site Mambots). 

Currently moseasymedia handles the following media-plugins. 
(all the names below are copyrighted/belonging/possessed-by to their respective owners blah blah blah.... :) )
* Windows Media Player
* Macromedia Flash
* Real RealPlayer
* Apple Quicktime
* Adobe Shockwave
* DivX
* Jeroen Wijering's wonderful players JW FLV Player, JW Media Player and JW MP3 Player
** moseasymedia seems pretty flexible (at least to me) in order to add new plugins. We shall see. 

moseasymedia allows assigning different file types to different plugins. For example, you may want your
website's visitors play MP3s with Quicktime. All needs to be done is, adding the MP3 to the extensions 
to be handled by Quicktime (Administration->Site Mambots)
I already tried to assign the most commonly used file types to their respective plugins. Be my guest if you'd 
like to change them. 

The following file types are assigned to the plugins above:
wmv, avi, mpg, mpeg, asf, asx, swf, dcr, dir, mov, mp4, ram, rv, rpm, ra 
If you have more, just add them to the particular plugin's extension list. 

moseasymedia constructs the proper HTML <object> <embed> code depending on the plugin type, also giving the 
website a uniform look -from a video display perspective-. 

-How about embedding videos from YouTube, Google, Yahoo etc... ?
moseasymedia parameter -MediaSharingWebsitesUsing(PLUGIN NAME)- is used to assign videos/music from different websites
to a particular plugin. So far, I only did it for Flash plugin just because it seems like most of them are using Flash.

The param for handling the videos from the web with Flash looks like;
<param name="MediaSharingWebsitesUsingFlash" type="textarea" cols="40" rows="8" label="Media Sharing Websites Using Flash" 
default="google.com, yahoo.com, youtube.com, myspace.com, stupidvideos.com, ifilm.com" 
description="If the the type can not be determined from the extension, This parm will be checked to see, if the video is from google, youtube, yahoo etc..."></param>

For example for videos from MSN or Microsoft, it would probably look like;
<param name="VideoSharingWebsitesUsingWindowsMediaPlayerVideo" type="textarea" cols="40" rows="8" label="Video Sharing Websites Using Windows Media Player" 
default="msn.com, microsoft.com" ></param>

moseasymedia is tested under 
* Mambo 4.7
* Mambo 4.6.4
* Mambo 4.6.3 
* Mambo 4.6.2 
* Mambo 4.6.1 
* J! 1.0.12 (joomla) 
* J! 1.0.13 (joomla) 
* J! 1.5.1  (joomla) 

*Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you need a similar implemantation for other web applications.
*Depending on my availability and willingness; moseasymedia may be implemented for Drupal, WordPress or Twiki....

* You may notice two different sections for Windows Media Player. Just becase, I wanted to keep the Audio and Video totally
seperate during the HTML generation. It kinda makes sense. :)

mosmodule(http://ongetc.com/) had the biggest inspiration for moseasymedia during it's initiation.

And here is "moseasymedia" for you all. Use it && || abuse it. Up to you. :)

Oh, one more thing; donations are highly appreciated, however they are not required. 

Ozgur Cem Sen

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