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1) Unzip elsphpwebquiz.zip and put folder to your www folder 
2) Run tables_and_data.sql and then procedures.sql in your mysql database 
3) Open elsphpwebquiz/config.php file and enter database information 
4) Open web page and login to system. Login : admin , password : admin

download videos and learn how to create quizzes and questions .


Changing to debug mode

Change "DEBUG_SQL" to "yes" in config.php file and you will see all executed SQL queries in your session .

Migrating with your system 

if you want to enable your users to be able to login to quiz system , you need to configure "v_imported_users" view in database . Edit this view to return your users. After it , you will see your users in quiz application and be able to add them to assignments . By default for hashing password of your users will be used md5 method of PHP . If your passwords are hashing by another method you can configure it in config.php .To do that , you need to open this file and modify Imported_Users_Password_Hash method .

Please, let us know if you have any questions or if you need support .

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