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<title>2. General appearance</title>
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<h2>2. General appearance</h2>

<p>The html-code provided by the lecturer may be prepared in any html-editor or
text-editor, as you prefer. </p>

<p>You may use <font face="Courier">arbitrary fonts 
(like here: Courier)</font>.The standard font (default) for all 
course pages can be defined in the file "css/coursestyle.css" as
the class &quot;standardtext &quot;, according to the usual rules. The fonts
used in tables (like the figure caption below) are the usual defaults,
unless defined explicitly in the css-file.</p>

<table border="0">
<td WIDTH="50%">
<p>You may use all features of html, including figures,
sound-files and video-files. The applicability rest solely on the
students' web browsers.</p>
<td WIDTH="10%"></td>
<td WIDTH="40%"><img SRC="../contents/imglocal/screen-small.gif" ALT="Sample image" ></td>
For the purpose of this test the first pages have been publicly available. This
has been defined in the file <i>inc/general_vars.inc.php</i>. For such pages
there is no "Participant's notes"-field provided at the bottom of the contents frame. This
page now may be accessed only by legitimated (logged in) users; you have looged in
successfully and now you find
this field below. Try to add a remark in order to find out, whether the
database has been set up correctly. Comments, that you have contributed 
can be removed by you (or the course admin) later.

<p>These few pages serve only the purpose of a first test and provide a 
starting point for the lecturer. Further information on the electure 
syntax and general structure may be found in the 
[EXLINK=../doc/ TEXT=documentation] 
and in the [EXLINK=../admin/ TEXT=lecturer's administration area].</p>

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