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   <title>Exercise 1.2.A.1</title>
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<font color="#FF0000">Exercise 1.2.A.1</font>

<p>Images may be included in exercises, like this one:</p>
<img src="../contents/imglocal/aurora.jpg"></p>

<p>The way to formulate the problem, e.g. as multiple choice
like below, is up to the lecturer's ingenuity.</p>

<p>Try to solve the problem in each case and then verify your answer by
clicking on one the corresponding command!</P>
What happens in a UNIX-shell when entering:
[Question]<font face="Courier New,Courier">man man</font>
<br>This way you get infomation on the UNIX-command "man".
<br>[Question]<font face="Courier New,Courier">man woman</font>
<br>Did you try?
<p><tt>23 % man woman</tt>
<br><tt>No manual entry found for woman.</tt>
<p>UNIX knows nothing about a woman. (There is no UNIX-command named
<p>[Question]<font face="Courier New,Courier">man: "Why did you get divorced?"</font>
<br>Did you try? For most UNIX installations you get</p>
<p><tt>23 % man: "Why did you get divorced?"</tt>
<br><tt>man:: Too many arguments.</tt>
<p>Well, UNIX is NOT intelligent. It just cannot interpret this
string and returns a standard error message.</p>


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