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<title>electure Demo Pages</title>
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<h1>electure Demo Pages</h1>

<p>Welcome to <img src="../img/electure_logo.gif">!</p>

<p>These pages should facilitate to check the 
correct installation. They also introduce some of the possible features
of the <img src="../img/electure_logo.gif"> system.
For a full information of all features you do have to consult the 
online documentation available through the admin area.

<p>If the installation went well, you should find a menu line separating the
title image from the lower part of the window. The default choice would include 
the items Start, Login, Contents, Meeting Place, Man-Pages, FAQs and Help. The
menu item &quot;Help&quot; leads to a page explaining these

<p>You should have enabled "Javascript" for your browser. 
In case you have logged on to this course already in an earlier version, it may be useful
to remove the old cookie from your cookielist (if it still is there).</p>

<p>This page is used as the start page and will 
also appear when you click the &quot;Start&quot; button in the menu line.</p>

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