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$us= $HTTP_SESSION_VARS['uid'];
//echo "user=$us<br>"; 
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<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=KOI8-R">
<title>Menu - list</title>

<body class="speise">

echo "<form name=edit_speise method=POST  action=rezult_speise.php>";

 $strsql_5 = "select p.speise_name,p.speise_id, t.type_name ,p.speise_recept from  speise p, speise_type t where ( (p.speise_id='$_GET[speise_id]') and(p.speise_type=t.type_id) and (t.user_id='$us'));"; 
 echo "speise=$strsql_5<br>";
  $result_5 = mysql_query($strsql_5, $connection);
  while ( $row_5 = mysql_fetch_row($result_5) )
 echo "<center><B><input type=text name=speise_name value=$row_5[0]></B><BR><input type=text name=type_name value=$row_5[2]></center><P>";
 echo "<B>Teiles</B>:";    

$strsql_6 = "select p.prod_name from  product p,  teil t where ( (t.speise_id='$row_5[1]') and (p.prod_id=t.prod_id));";

echo "teil = $strsql_6 <br>";
  $result_6 = mysql_query($strsql_6, $connection);
  while ( $row_6 = mysql_fetch_row($result_6) )
 echo "$row_6[0] ";
echo "<P><BLOCKQUOTE>$row_5[3]</BLOCKQUOTE><P>";     

<TR><TD COLSPAN=7 align=center><INPUT type=submit value=Edit name=Edit><TD></TR>
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