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// EgO v_0.6b by VairuX                                           //
// WARNING: This is unsupported beta version, download and        //
// install it at your own risk.                                   //
//                                                                //
// This software is property of VairuX (http://www.vairux.da.ru)  //
//   You may copy, distribute and sell this program as            //
//   indicated in Artistic License (See LICENSE.TXT).             //
//                                                                //
// This program may contain pieces of code from other systems     //
// that aren't property and/or responsability of VairuX.          //
//                                                                //
//  (C) Copyright 2004 VairuX Systems                             //
//        http://www.vairux.da.ru/ -                              //


Things to do on EgO before the first Full release:

    * Do better support for modules and Administration of modules.
    * In the Works administrator, list only Orphan works (without category) and Expired works. Also, give a treatment to this works (i.e: assign to a category, delete, etc..)
    * Make better the code. (it's fast, but...)
    * Make complete documentation, distribution of Modular Standars and Examples for developing modules and skins for EgO.
    * BugsFixing


For an Ideal EgO, we have to do this (at least):

    * Provide support for adding custom fields to the works (ie: specify a field called "price", and make it available from the works administrator and in the front end).
    * Fully administrable modules Standard with full integration with EgO.
    * Implementation of "categories tree", a full system with categories and infinite subcategories.
    * Provide tools like simple FTP (upload, rename, erase), Webpagemaker (using the HTMLArea module to generate the files), etc...
    * BUGSFIXING (always)
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