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		<h1>Customization - Creating a language translation</h1>
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		<h2>Making language file</h2>
		<p>Language packs are simply JavaScript name/value arrays placed in the &quot;.js&quot; 
		files in the &quot;lang&quot; directory. Notice there are two kinds of language packs.</p>
			<li><p>The first one is the general one located at &quot;edit_area/langs/&quot; and used by the EditArea core. 
			The example below shows how the search and	 replace texts are lang packed.</p>
search: "search",
replace: "replace"
			<li><p>The second ones are plugins specific language packs. These are contained in 
			&quot;edit_area/plugins/&lt;plugin_name&gt;/langs/&quot;. Here is the example of the test plugin.</p>
test_select: "select tag",
test_but: "test button"
				<p>For creating a new plugin, remember to always use the &quot;&lt;plugin_name&gt;&quot; 
				prefix for these value names so that they don't override other variables in the templates.
			Remember, the last translation line should not have a , character at the end.
		<h3>Files to edit</h3>
			When translating EditArea, these are the files that currently needs to be translated:
			edit_area/langs/en.js<br />
			edit_area/plugins/&lt;plugin_name&gt;/langs/en.js<br />
		<h3>Contributing your language pack</h3>
			Go to the <a href="http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?atid=829999&group_id=164008&func=browse">sourceforge patch page</a>
			and upload a zip containing all the language files in the correct directory structure.<br /><br />
			Please translate all the plugins, even if you aren't using them.<br />
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