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Copyright (C)2005-2009 Todd Strattman 
License: LGPL

Edit-Point 4.01 Beta
April 18, 2009
- Upgraded TinyMCE to
- Upgraded TinyMCE Compressor to 2.0.2
- Remove autosave from default.
- Removed iBrowser.
- Removed/replaced upload.php.
- Installed Tinybrowser for script uploading function and for TinyMCE.
- Fixed logout bug.
- Added new htaccess rules for php5 and html.
- Added max_execution_time = 200 and max_input_time = 200 to php.ini.
- Modified language files (translation fixes needed).
- Changed script CSS.
- Too many small/minor changes to list.

Edit-Point 4.00 Beta
December 26, 2007
- Changed default script directory name from "text" to "edit-point."
- Added option "Delete Edit-Point."
- Fixed typo in options.php that resulted in wrong documentation in created config.php.
- Fixed Nederlands language in TinyMCE ibrowser and filemanager plugins.
- Fixed TinyMCE open textarea init.
- Upgraded TinyMCE to 2.1.3.
- Added fix for Windows Servers. This automatically checks the server OS and creates a file "winfix.php."
- Added option for index files in the fileupload and imageupload directories.
- Added upgrade instructions.
- Changed charset to utf-8.

Edit-Point 3.27
September 16, 2007
- Added option to add Edit-Points to *.html/*.htm files. This creates a .htaccess file in the webpage directory and lists html files to select.
- Added checking if CSS file was created.
- Added Nederlands/Dutch support. Thanks to Tjerk Plantenberg: www.tjerkhelpt.nl
- Fixed options.php CSS/php.ini popup problem.
- Upgraded TinyMCE to 2.1.2
- Fixed TinyMCE icon/language problems (maybe?). Added strange bugfix to espanol language when using compressor.

Edit-Point 3.26 Beta
July 1, 2007
- Rewrote password code as a CHAP using md5.js (http://pajhome.org.uk/crypt/md5/) and sha256.js (http://anmar.eu.org/projects/jssha2/).
- Added single click code insertion when adding Edit-Point to webpage.
- Added option to have "edit" icon link below Edit-Points on webpage.
- Removed TinyMCE header from all pages except the editor page.
- Changed doctype to xhtml transitional and got everything(!?) to validate (except, of course, pages with code in textareas) and cleaned up css.
- Added directory content "hiding" index files.
- Rewrote/cleaned up chmod code in setup.php.
- Added custom css for use in TinyMCE.
- Added "Top of Page" links to options.php.
- Cleaned up language files.
- Downgraded tinymce compressor to 1.0.9.
- Added "rel" to extended elements in tinymce.
- Added spanish language.

Edit-Point 3.25 Beta
February 19, 2007
- Changed header to reflect if image or file is on and adds/removes ibrowser and filemanager plugins with "Full" TinyMCE setting.
- Added image and file upload directory check/creation in options.php and changed setup.php to only chmod.
- Rewrote file listing(s) in admin.php to make it more shared server friendly (no shell commands).
- Removed "isset" because of problems with admin.php. Added "@" to squash undefined index notices.
- Added support for easy(er) translation of languages.
- Added German language support. Contributed by Beat Beer (www.stardesign.ch).
- Added documentation for howto add translations.
- Fixed layer_theme typo in header.php.
- Fixed 0777 typo in setup.php.
- Fixed paths to chmod images directory in setup.php.
- Fixed logout menu in setup.php.
- Added checking for if php.ini was created.
- Fixed listing files to add points to in "add point to multiple places".
- Removed flash plugin in TinyMCE (not needed because of media plugin).
- Upgraded tinymce compressor to 1.1.0.
- Upgraded TinyMCE to 2.1.0.

Edit-Point 3.24 Beta
December 12, 2006
- Changed header.php to load TinyMCE Compressor better.
- Fixed link menu when using "add links to all pages".
- Fixed cancel link at add Edit-Point to page.
- Added cancel button to manually add edit-point.
- Fixed password protection in setup.php.
- Worked on multiple minor bugs in setup.php.
- Possible fix for the "Undefined index: cmd ..." some servers were reporting.
- Fixed .zip for correct permissions when unzipping.
- Updated README

Edit-Point 3.23 Beta
November 25, 2006
- Added logout for password protection.
- Added (finally...) option to ignore directories when listing files to add Edit-Points.
- Fixed? "cmd" bug in admin.php (maybe a cure for the "Undefined index: cmd..." error some were getting???
- Upgraded TinyMCE to latest release: 2.0.8
- Added more TinyMCE plugins (included with 2.0.8).
- Added option to use TinMCE Compressor v1.0.9.
- fixed ugly options.php typo/error message.
- fixed typos.

Edit-Point 3.22 Beta
August 31, 2006
- Changed "File Upload" layout.
- Added "hidden" config options to options.php (for advanced directory installation options).
- Fixed directory listing bug in upload.php (when using directory structure other than default).
- added filemanager plugin to TinyMCE. This lets you access the files in the "File Upload" option in Edit-Point.
- Added TinyMCE plugin options.
- Removed "Save" from TinyMCE.
- fixed typos.

Edit-Point 3.21 Beta
June 17, 2006
- Added option to use either FTP or PHP to upload files.
- Added "file_uploads = On" to custom php.ini.
- Fixed options.php "php.ini" css popup link.
- Upgraded TinyMCE to latest release:

Edit-Point 3.20 Beta
March 18, 2006
- Added 755 or 777 option to setup.php.
- Added custom php.ini option so that larger file sizes can be uploaded.
- Added recursive directory listing of all "*.php" files so edit-points can be added to any php file, regardless of it's location. Basically, edit-points are no longer restricted to one directory. Removed "files to ignore" as only php files are listed. Windows servers may not work with the new recursive file listing??? Made an optional "admin.php" for windows servers in case the default "admin.php" doesn't work. Can be found at http://covertheweb.com/edit-point/files/admin.WINDOWS.txt
- Added files to ignore(not list) in the upload directory. ".htaccess" is ignored by default.
- Upgraded TinyMCE to 2.04.
- fixed "a point to multiple pages" bug(s).

Edit-Point 3.12
March 18, 2006
- 3.11 very stable so 3.12 stable.
- Fixed many typos.
- added file size to file upload.

Edit-Point 3.11 Beta
December 18, 2005
- Fixed IE css bug in upload.php ascii/binary tooltip.
- Added name of webpage being edited when "editing the raw html..."
- Possible fix for long-standing textarea bug. Now "fread" is used instead of "file_get_contents" to open a webpage for Edit-Point insertion or to "edit the raw html...".
- Removed "use an end slash" misprint concerning image directory name (no slash is needed).

Edit-Point 3.10 Beta
December 11, 2005
- Removed iManager and replaced it with iBrowser 1.3.2.
	- Replaced "text/jscripts/tinc_mce/plugins/ibrowser/scripts/rdirs.php" with 1.3.1 version. Getting "can't find config/config.inc.php" errors.
	- Changed line 1266 in "text/jscripts/tinc_mce/plugins/ibrowser/ibrowser.php" to 45 from 53 so that upload "pointer/arrow" is not hidden behind the browse button (firefox 1.5 linux).
	- changed styles.css to make window height greater so that more size options are available when uploading pics.
- Replaced upload.php with new one that uses FTP upload instead of PHP upload to avoid PHP file size limitations.
- Added iBrowser cache and temp directory file permission settings to setup.php.

Edit-Point 3.04
December 06, 2005
- Whoops! added iManager back into TinyMCE.
- The Upgrade to TinyMCE 2.01 was to fix an IE specific rendering bug.

Edit-Point 3.03 Beta
December 05, 2005
- Upgraded TinyMCE to 2.01

Edit-Point 3.02 Beta
November 21, 2005
- Fixed "edit raw html" file list bug.

Edit-Point 3.01 Beta
November 20, 2005
- rewrote files to ignore.
- rewrote "choose file to add point to".
- rearranged options.php.
- added utility to edit raw html of webpages.

Edit-Point 3.00 Beta
November 17, 2005
- upgraded TinyMCE to 2.0RC4.
- made TinyMCE full default to using all current plugins including the iManager plugin.
	- removed "header on/off" option so as not to interfere with "TinyMCE."
	- removed "script directory name" option so as not to interfere with "iManager."
	- removed "path from script directory to webpage directory" option so as not to interfere with "upload"
- added setup utility to automatically chmod data directory and create image directory or change permissions on the current image directory.
- added phpinfo file and link from options page.
- removed file extension/type option under "File Upload Settings." All files are now allowed unless you manually edit upload.php.
- added url to file list in upload.php.
- added option to have all links on all pages.

Edit-Point 2.1
July 27, 2005
- fixed ibrowser permission bug.
- upgraded TinyMCE to 1.45.
- added documentation.

Edit-Point 2.02 Beta
June 9, 2005
- added a simple file upload/delete option. made from a modified version of "Simple Upload" by: http://tech.citypost.ca/.
- added password for upload.
- fix(?) for password "remember" bug.
- added some extra documentation.

Edit-Point 2.01 Beta
March 21, 2005
- upgraded TinyMCE from 1.42 to 1.43.
- added easy to turn on/off TinyMCE plugins.
- fixed "add edit-point to another file" bug.
- added links to admin and options pages.
- added page names to admin, options, and editor pages.
- took nl2br out of include code if wysiwyg option is on.
- changed "head","adminlink","multi" in config from yes/no to on/off.
- added password protection option.

Edit-Point 2.0 Beta
Mar 4 2005
- added option for default text in "Choose a name for the new Edit-Point."
- used php's "function" to combine "admin*.php" files into one file and "edit*.php" files into one.
- updated README.
- added option to edit the editor-page (no wysiwyg).
- added webbased configuration.
- combined the script with the option to "turn on" WYSIWYG editor.
- so many changes and little testing so...Edit-Point 2.0 Beta.
- added the name of the point that your are editing.
- added option to change admin and edit redirect speeds.
- added option to specify edit textarea size.
- added option to add one edit point to multiple places on a website.
- added "cancel" button to edit page.
- added ibrowser specific site settings to config.
- added mozilla friendly ibrowser.
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