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	ecoCMS Free - Quick & easy to use Content Management System (CMS)
	(c)2009 by ecoCMS.com - visit for PRO version.
	ecoCMS Free is simple, easy to install and even easier to use, 
	Comntent Management System (CMS). "Quick Edition" comes with the most basic feature,
	like online subpages editing in visial mode, without HTML knowledge
	Website configuration can be done in single file, 
	where you can set admin's username and password as well as the most important website parameters
	like Meta Tags, webiste name, slogan or footer.
	ecoCMS Free is fully compatible with ecoCMS PRO template unique system,
	and each website can be upgraded to full ecoCMS PRO if there is a need for more online features.
	Subpages adding process is very easy, all subpages info is stored in single text file, 
	and each subpage name is searate line. Subpage files are created automatically.
	"Quick Edition" doesn't require any database, all files are stored in separate html files,
	which you can edit also with your favorite HTML editor - like Dreamweaver.
	Key Features:
		- Visual HTML editor (WYSIWYG) - no HTML knowledge required
		- Unlimited subpages
		- One-click to setup - the easiest setup ever!
		- No database required
		- Subpages content stored in html files instead in database records 
			-> this allow you to edit subpages with any external HTML editor!
		- Administration area protected by password
		- Dynamic meta tags - website title is differnt for each subpage
	Third Party Included.
	"Quick Edition" use some free 3rd party resources:
		- jQuery v1.3.2
		- TinyMCE v3.2.5
		- Admin Layout, icons and template system from ecoCMS PRO (ecoCMS.com/IzzyWebsite.com)
	Please create folder, "pages" and make it writable - if required, 
	set permissions 777 if you use Linux or use console 
	to set writable permissions in Windows server
1)	Open "config.php" file for quick configuration:
		- your website name, slogan and metatags
		- your admin area access details (username and password)

2)	Open pages.txt file in Notepad or any other text editor to set subpages in the list. 
	Each subpage should be listed in separate line, starting with ID number.
	3_Our Products
	4_Contact Us
	"pages.txt" file can be edited at anytime later. You can add more pages (lines)
	to this file. When you save changes, and refresh your website, page will be created automatically.
	All subpages are stored in "pages" folder, as .html files, which are full editable 
	with any HTML editor - like Dreamweaver or Frontpage.
3)	Your new script is ready to use now.

	Upgrade to ecoCMS PRO/IzzyWebsite.com

	If you need more features and decided to upgrade to ecoCMS PRO - it's easy!
	First, run index.php?import=1, when it's completed - proceed with ecoCMS PRO online installation
	to install all ecoCMS PRO/IzzyWebsite files.
	When installation is complete, move all files from "pages" folder to "data" folder, 
	and file "pages/menu1.db" to "data/db" folder. Done!
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