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eclime v1.1 (December 2010)
eclime is a free opensource smarty based shopping cart
build on osCommerce 2.2 solid engine, with many useful
contributions added.

# Notes
For discussions and support visit: http://www.eclime.com/forum

If you find any bugs or problems go to:

Using smarty
For those of you who have used PHP template engines,
the basic concepts of Smarty should look quite familiar.

For quick information on how to use smarty, please visit:

# Installation
1). Download the latest package from the downloads
    section "http://www.eclime.com/download.html",
    unzip it and extract the 'catalog' folder.

2). Create a blank database via your web hosting control panel.

3). Upload all the contents of the catalog folder to
    your root directory via FTP.

4). Make sure that the permissions of the following folders
    are set to 755; configure/, templates_c/, images/, temp/,
    cache/, sessions/, and if that does not work then set
    them to 777.

5). Then go to http://www.yoursite.com/install and begin
    the install procedure.

6). After the installation completes delete the install
    folder. Reset permissions on the two configure/admin_configure.php
    and configure/catalog_configure.php files back to read only.

7). Even though the admin panel is already password protected,
    I recommend to password protect your 'admin' folder using
    the Password Protect feature in your web hosting control panel.

8). Done.

Roman Vidyayev (hide@address.com)
eclime Development
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