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 * Mailer.php
 * The Mailer class is meant to simplify the task of sending
 * emails to users. Note: this email system will not work
 * if your server is not setup to send mail.
 * If you are running Windows and want a mail server, check
 * out this website to see a list of freeware programs:
 * <http://www.snapfiles.com/freeware/server/fwmailserver.html>
 * Written by: Jpmaster77 a.k.a. The Grandmaster of C++ (GMC)
 * Last Updated: August 19, 2004
class Mailer
    * sendWelcome - Sends a welcome message to the newly
    * registered user, also supplying the UserName_L2 and
    * password.
   function sendWelcome($user, $email, $pass){
      $from = "From: ".EMAIL_FROM_NAME." <".EMAIL_FROM_ADDR.">";
      $subject = "Welcome!";
      $body = $user.",\n\n"
             ."Welcome! You've just registered at the ecanteen Site "
             ."with the following information:\n\n"
             ."UserName_L2: ".$user."\n"
             ."password: ".$pass."\n\n"
             ."If you ever lose or forget your password, a new "
             ."password will be generated for you and sent to this "
             ."email address, if you would like to change your "
             ."email address you can do so by going to the "
             ."My Account page after signing in.\n\n";

      return mail($email,$subject,$body,$from);
    * sendNewPass - Sends the newly generated password
    * to the user's email address that was specified at
    * sign-up.
   function sendNewPass($user, $email, $pass){
      $from = "From: ".EMAIL_FROM_NAME." <".EMAIL_FROM_ADDR.">";
      $subject = "Your new password for ".EMAIL_FROM_NAME;
      $body = $user.",\n\n"
             ."We've generated a new password for you at your "
             ."request, you can use this new password with your "
             ."UserName to log in to ecanteen Site.\n\n"
             ."UserName: ".$user."\n"
             ."New password: ".$pass."\n\n"
             ."It is recommended that you change your password "
             ."to something that is easier to remember, which "
             ."can be done by going to the My Account page "
             ."after signing in.\n\n";
      return mail($email,$subject,$body,$from);

/* Initialize mailer object */
$mailer = new Mailer;
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