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 *                                                                        *
 *                                                                        *
 *         Solution: eBlog                                                *
 *          Release: 1.7                                                  *
 *             File: install/lang.php                                     *
 *               By: Emuci inc.                                           *
 *          Website: http://www.emuci.com                                 *
 *        Copyright: (C) 2010 Emcui inc.                                  *
 *                                                                        *
 *                                                                        *
 *                                                                        *
 *                                                                        *
 *   This script is NOT freeware and is subjected to Emuci terms of use   *
 *   located in the docs folder.                                          *
 *                                                                        *
 *                                                                        *
// Installation Language
$lang_install_pageTitle = "Installation Guide";
$lang_install_step = "Step";
$lang_install_of = "of";
$lang_install_nextStep = "Next Step";
$lang_install_start_message_1 = "Old data in the database will be permanently deleted.";
$lang_install_start_message_2 = "You have to manually edit and upload the config file before you start.";
$lang_install_dbname = "Database Name";
$lang_install_dbuser = "Database Username";
$lang_install_dbpass = "Database Password";
$lang_install_dbhost = "Database Host";
$lang_install_blog_name = "Blog Name";
$lang_install_blog_url = "Blog URL";
$lang_install_admin_username = "Admin Username";
$lang_install_admin_password = "Admin Password";
$lang_install_admin_email = "Admin Email";
$lang_install_db_name = "Database was found.";
$lang_install_db_username = "Username and password match.";
$lang_install_db_host = "Host was found.";
$lang_install_db_connected = "Successfully connected to the Database";
$lang_install_tablesCreated = "Tables were successfully created.";
$lang_install_tablesSetup = "Tables were successfully configured.";
$lang_install_tablesReady = "Tables are ready to store data.";
$lang_install_imported1 = "Default settings were successfully imported.";
$lang_install_imported2 = "Sample categories were created.";
$lang_install_imported3 = "Sample data were added.";
$lang_install_alert = "You have to delete the (install) folder immediately, in order to prevent any attempts to re-install the script.";
$lang_install_example = "example";
$lang_install_done = "eBlog was successfully installed.";
$lang_install_sectionTitle = "Sample Section";
$lang_install_sectionDisc = "A sample section that you can modify or delete from the control panel";
$lang_install_topicTitle = "Sample Topic";
$lang_install_topicContent = "You have successfully installed eBlog. You can modify or delete this sample topic from the Administration control Panel";

// Erorr Messages
$lang_erorr_connectivity = "Unable to connect to the database";
$lang_erorr_loadTemplate = "Unable to load the template";
$lang_erorr_goBack = "Click on the button bellow to go back and fix the error(s).";
$lang_erorr_goBack2 = "Click here to go back";
$lang_erorr_code101 = "Unable to connect to database";
$lang_erorr_code202 = "You did not enter the name of the blog";
$lang_erorr_code303 = "You did not enter the URL of the blog";
$lang_erorr_code404 = "You did not enter a username";
$lang_erorr_code505 = "You did not enter a password";
$lang_erorr_code606 = "You did not enter an email address";
$lang_erorr_code707 = "You entered and invalid email address";
$lang_erorr_code808 = "The config file was not modified correctly or you might have not configured the database correctly. Check the config file and your database settings then refresh this page.";
$lang_erorr_code909 = "Unable to connect to database";

// To Do Language
$lang_todo_01_content = "Pick your language and set your eBolg appearance preferences";
$lang_todo_02_content = "Bookmarks your profiles in social websites such as Facebook and MySpace";
$lang_todo_03_content = "Add new sections to your eBlog and keep things even more organized";
$lang_todo_04_content = "Start adding topics to your eBlog";
$lang_todo_05_content = "Add new friends to the mailing list and keep in touch";
$lang_todo_06_content = "Invite your friends to visit your new eBlog.";
$lang_todo_07_content = "Register Your eBlog at emuci.com";

// External page
$lang_install_ep_nameI = "Sample Page";
$lang_install_ep_discI = "You can modify this page from the (sections and pages) tab in the control panel";
$lang_install_ep_nameII = "Sample Web Link";
$lang_install_ep_discII = "http://www.emuci.com";

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