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EBA-News - news management system
Version 1.1.1 Final
Espen Andersson, http://ebascripts.com/


1.  Installation
  1.1)  Requirements
  1.2)  Installation page
  1.3)  Additional information
2.  Other
  2.1)  New version
  2.2)  Reporting security vulnerabilities
  2.3)  Reporting bugs
  2.4)  Support


  1.1) Requirements

       EBA-News requires a server with PHP => 4.3.0, MySQL => 4.1 and 
       GD => 1.6 to work as intended.
  1.2) Installation page
       To install EBA-News on your web server, please make sure you 
       create a database before entering the installation page. You 
       can find this page in the install directory where you 
       uploaded EBA-News.
  1.3) Installaion information
       It is recommended to upload all EBA-News files in its own 
       directory, e.g. eba-news. uploadpics needs to be chmoded to 
  1.3) Additional information
       More information about the installation part can be found in 
       the support area at ebascripts.com.

  2.1) Show the content
       To display the content, you use the including index.php file.

  2.2) New versions
       EBA-News is under constant development and new versions will be 
       available when they are ready. Please check ebascripts.com 
       frequently for more information. All new version will come with 
       a update script and a changelog.
  2.3) Reporting security vulnerabilities

       EBA-News is designed with security in mind and we take security 
       vulnerabilities seriously. Please inform us if you have found 
       one using the bug tracking system and make sure you select 
       "Security vulnerability" in the dropdown menu.
       Bug tracker: http://ebascripts.com/bugs/

  2.4) Reporting bugs
       If you think you have found a bug in EBA-News, please report it 
       using the bug tracking system.
       Bug tracker: http://ebascripts.com/bugs/

  2.5) Support

       If you are having problems with EBA-News, you should first 
       check if there are any articles which describe the problem and 
       provides a sollution. If not, search the support forum to see 
       if the problem has been discussed earlier.
       If you not find any information about your problem, feel free 
       to post a question in the right forum.


Copyright 2003-2006, Espen Andersson. All rights reserved.
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