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<title>Congratulation !</title>


<p><font type="Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif">{ERROR}</font></p>

<p><font type="Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif" size=+1>
Congratulation, the installation process is finished, now you only have to move
the file<BR>
<b>{EASYSITE_BASE}/temp/config.inc</b> to the file <b>{DOCUMENT_ROOT}/config_easysite.inc</b> and the installation will
be completely over.
To begin making your site follow the instructions as explained in the file
/doc/README from the distribution.
To view the exemple, click on the following link<BR>
<a href="{RELATIVE_PATH}/one_exemple/index.php">One exemple</a>
To manage your database (if you have one and you must here have mysql),
click on the following link<BR>
<a href="{RELATIVE_PATH}/administration/index.php3">Manage your mysql
The easysite team wish you a plaisant site building.
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