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<title>About This Site</title>


<h1 align="center">About this site</h1>

<h3 align="justify">This site has been developed as a part of the software engineering course of undergraduate students at DAIICT.<br /> 
It is a dedicated site for college festival management and is the perfect solution for Event Planners to effectively <br />plan the key elements of a college festival and events like sponsorship, Public Relations, Accommodation, Meeting <br />scheduling etc. 
  The system brings together all the aspects of an event at one portal and allows the various event<br /> coordinators to update and manage their events, simultaneously aiding them to manage and maintain the accounts<br /> and expenditure and other related aspects. The project provides technological backup to a process that is primarily<br /> done on paper, to create more synchronization. There are four levels of user hierarchy and each level is defined by<br  /> certain rights he is assigned. Rights will be provided in terms of accounting, marketing, sponsorship, public relations<br />, attendee management etc. </h3>

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