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 * @package    Easy MusicBox
 * @author     Kevin Pentiah <hide@address.com>
 * @copyright  2006 3scriptz
 * @license    PHP License 
 * @version    Release: 1.0.0
 * @link       http://www.3scriptz.com

Dynamically browse a directory of music files (mp3, wma)
Search entire directory
Create a playlist
No database needed
Easily visualize your site
Easy template system
A variety of players, windows media player, javascript*, quicktime*, real player*, flash*, java*
Displays ID3 tags*
Add an image to each directory(album)*
Ajax for browsing and editing the playlist*


1 - Upload the folder 3scriptz
2 - Open config.php
Edit the following two lines to match your full path to the script and your site url
$home_dir = 'C:\apache2triad\htdocs\MusicShare/'; //set your path to the script here e.g. /home/script00/public_html/demos/3musicZ/
$web_path = 'http://www.3scriptz.com/demos/3musicZ/'; //set your website address to the script here
3 - Add you music in as many subfolders as you like
4 - Enjoy your site.

Changing the template:-
1 - Rename your template to template.html
2 - Open it
	Add {config} to the vey top of the file
	Add {title} in between the "<title></title>" tags
	Add {body} whereever you want the body of the script to appear
	Add {left} whereever you want the playlist to appear
3 - Upload your template as template.html in the /skins/ directory
4 - Images, CSS and JavaScript must be relative to the script, usually this all would be in the root folder
5 - Include <script type="text/javascript" src="play.js"></script> at the inbetween <HEAD></HEAD> tags

Remember this is in its first stages so expect will be changed a lot in the future. If you want any feature that I have not mentioned here please do not hesitate to let me know.
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