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The speed on awardspace for e-hris seems to be o.k.. But, their own website must be hosted over in the U.K., because it seemed extremely slow. If you decide you'd like some hosting space here in the U.S., I can give you a few MySQL databases as well as room on the server for your files, plus e-mail addresses if you'd like. Just let me know, and I'll give you the name server info to point the domains. I even have a few extra domains if you need them.
It sounds like you have a promising future. I did look at your website for your organization. Looks like a great organization with great intentions. With your skills, and as long as the organization can afford it, I'm sure your future there will be long term. My wife works for a non profit organization as an instructor that deals with adults with disabilities. In our country, the organizations like hers and yours depends heavily on public monetary donations, with the rest coming from the government. With how the economy has been for the last year, the government funds as well as public donations are not flowing like they used to. But, my wife's position there is secure. My wife has been there for 15 years, and will most likely retire from there. Actually, she'd retire now if I let her. But, we can use the extra income. Myself, I'll work until I'm dead. I like to work. It keeps me busy, and makes me money. Those are two things I enjoy, keeping busy, and money. Money doesn't buy happiness, but it certainly keeps a lot of misery at arms length. Keeping busy keeps your mind off of any minor problems that might be nagging. The older you get, the more of those minor problems surface, such as arthritis, and other health issues. Right now, I'm starting to feel the effects of age. But, I enjoy every minute of it. God has been extremely good to me.
 You will most likely find some errors in some of the edits I did. I didn't spend a lot of time on those edits, and have noticed some bugs popping up when entering data into those fields. I'll try and track down the code causing it this weekend.
I'm adding some suggestions on what could be added to this package to increase it's worth to a business here in the U.S.
1. There are several types of leave here in the U.S., and two types are considered benefits to the employee. Sick time and vacation time qualify as benefits. The majority of businesses give out more vacation time and sick time to employees that have served for longer terms. An example would be my company. You have to work for the company for one year in order to qualify to earn vacation time or sick time. Before that year is up, if you don't work, you are not paid. From year one to year 2, you are given 40 hours of vacation time (equivalent to one week), and 24 hours of sick time, equivalent to 3 days. After the second year, you qualify for 80 hours per year vacation, but you remain at 24 hours of sick time annually during your entire tenure. After 10 years of service, you are eligible for 120 hours of vacation per calendar year. The time is accrued to the payroll costs averaged out on a monthly basis. During the first year of employment, the company is accruing 3.33 hours per month to the employees cost for vacation time, and adding that time into that employees time bank. So, if you can figure a way to code your leave module to allow entries to be made to how much time in hours per period, with the user defining the period in a drop down field, allowing the choice of days, weeks, months, years, and having the script to automatically calculate the total amount of leave available to the employee, based on leave already taken, whether the time can be rolled over and accumulated, and the other factors mentioned above. Allow the user to define more time for more years service, etc. If it will help, maybe I can throw together a html or php file with the fields and descriptions next to them to give you an idea of the suggestions I'm trying to relay.
2. Another leave is called FMLA, which is the Family Medical Leave Act. This law allows an employee that works for a company with more than 75 employees within a certain distance of each other, to take unpaid leave for medical issues, as well as for immediate family with medical issues. Most companies force employees to take FMLA leave with vacation pay. This helps to eliminate employees abusing the system, where they can take 120 hours of paid leave, and also take the 12 weeks of unpaid leave, and keep their job and benefits going. The insurance benefits are extremely expensive for the company, and there have been cases of employees misusing the FMLA to work side jobs, keep their benefits, and not really have a valid reason for taking FMLA. A good  addition would be the ability to track how many days off an employee takes off for FMLA during a one year period. Perhaps a radio check box beside a leave allowing to check for FMLA or regular leave, plus tracking the different leave totals.They might take 10 weeks during the last part of the year under FMLA, and think they can take another 12 weeks after the first of the year, but that's not how it works. It's calculated 12 weeks within a one year period.
3. Displaying terminated and suspended employees on separate pages away from active employees would be great. The ability to sort the employees by clicking on the employee no., employee name (in alphabetical order), sort by Dept, station, designation, etc. Perhaps tab out the employees to keep down the scrolling. Have a page link pop in to show how many pages, and the ability to click on a page number at the bottom.
4. On dependents, add a field for the dependents social security number, but not make it a required field. With insurance benefits, we have to supply these numbers to the insurance company
5. On the insurance benefits, we are now required to not only allow the employee to continue benefits after termination, but companies now have to contribute about 66% of the costs of the benefits (66% is an approximate amount, will have to check), and allow the employee to continue on the health benefit plan for a specified amount of time unless other conditions are met. I can get the exact information and lengths of time on this later, and give it to you if you are interested in building a module to track the benefits after termination and costs. The company does not recover the costs on these benefits until they file tax returns, and then they receive the funds back in tax credits. A way to track this would be greatly needed, especially with the new laws that just took effect on COBRA (COBRA is the name of the law requiring the employer to provide benefits past termination).
6. One last suggestion for the night:
The ability to track the history of pay raises during the employees length of service, with the dates of the raise, as well as how much the percentage of the employees income for the pay period. Employees might receive merit raises several times a year, along with an annual raise. Most companies like to look at the employees history to use as a factor in deciding if they should receive another raise now, and as well as to how much the raise should be. Have it automatically calculate the raise as a percentage of the income for the pay period. Some companies give an employee a 3 to 4 % annual pay raise as a cost of living increase. And, if times are good for the company, they might also give the employees another 3 to 6 percent annual raise as a merit increase. These are figures I'm basing on my own experiences.
I do have a few other suggestions, but will let you look these over first.
Have a great day and God Bless.
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