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DynPage V1.01 - A simple Content Management System
Copyright (C) 2009-2010 Matthias Wiede



1. Unzip dynpage.zip into the home directory of your Website.

After that in your Website exists the sub directories dynpage and

2. Set file write permissions for following directories and files. 

You can set the permissions with your FTP program (CHMOD).

      /conf                777
      /content             777
   /dynpage_upload         777
FAQ: Problems with write permissions?
On some Servers only 755 or 775 permissions for directories are allowed!
If you get an Internal Server error like this Directory "xxx" is writeable by 
group or Directory "xxx" is writeable by others, please set 755 permissions 
instead of 777!

3. Start DynPage with http://www.my-domain.com/dynpage

Password for first login: admin

4. Detailed configuration

See dynpage/config_global.inc.php for more properties.

If you have problems with the installation, please read FAQ.
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