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The Dynamic COMPAS© is a knowledge management system that has been designed exclusively for humanitarian aid projects (recording, storing, sharing and consulting project data). It allows Users to:
•	be accountable, i.e. "Say what we do, do what we say and prove it";
•	build on previous experience in order to continuously improve the quality of services provided to crisis-affected populations.

The Dynamic COMPAS© is the interactive version of the Quality COMPAS©, a quality assurance method. It has been designed for different technical sectors and different humanitarian aid contexts. It is based on the principle of Project Cycle Management.

The Quality COMPAS© is a quality assurance method designed specifically for humanitarian aid projects. It can be used for both project management and project evaluation, and its overall objective is to continuously improve the quality of services provided to crisis-affected populations. 

Funding for the development of this Software product and its associated quality assurance method has been provided by ECHO, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fondation de France, etc.

The Dynamic COMPAS© is based on the Quality COMPAS©, a quality assurance method. Before using this Software product, Users are strongly recommended to consult the Quality COMPAS website http://www.compasqualite.org or contact Groupe URD (contact details below).

N.B. In order to use the Software product, you may need to install other types of freeware that have not been developed by Groupe URD, such as Apache, Mysql and PHP.

Under no circumstances Groupe URD will be liable to the User for the quality of humanitarian programmes that use the Software product, nor for any damages whatsoever arising out of the supply of or User’s use of or inability to use this Software product.

Under no circumstances can the Software product be used as a substitute the expertise of humanitarian actors involved in humanitarian programmes.

Some of the information recorded in the Software product may be confidential. The User is solely responsible for protecting this information and agrees not to divulge any of this information to third parties.

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