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Version 1.4.3, released on 2009-06-12:
Fixed bugs:
2796518 Project import fails for project without leader at creation
2796909 Attachment link in phase pages fail if filename has space

Version 1.4.2, released on 2009-03-03:
Fixed bugs:
1719382 Homepage: project selection control invalid
1720034 Display of means of verification in the logical framework
1720053 Display of codes in the logical framework
1720058 Display of indicators ' valors in the logical framework
1760346 Validation page always linked to project administration
1844131 Unable to consult logical framework from other projects
1886956 No monitoring report validation date if no conclusion
2235006 Key process filled by ++ if empty on See evaluation report
2235040 Evaluation marks (++/+/-/--) not saved
2430720 No more report generation link if design phase not validated
2430724 Unvalidated document not available in "See project document"
2510380 Colors of flags (monitoring vs summary)

Developed features:
2414071 Start the chapters' numbers from 1 in all phases
2619469 Create a default project upon installation
2619477 No project selection required if only one project
2630216 Generating the MAEE Cerfa 12156*02 form

Version 1.4.1, released on 2008-10-01:
Fixed bugs:
1719302 Answer date not modified upon answer modification
1824821 Asian fonts in key questions responses Word document
1824838 Logical frmwk indicators hidden in Monitoring report page
1844868 Links display/hide all not working in incomplete view report
1844869 Impossible to un-flag all evaluation radiobuttons
1868597 Phase name LABEL error
1874621 Report generation failure on project code containing '#'
1874883 Logical framework missing in the COMPAS Board
1887083 Unable to create objectives when ajusting empty log. frame.
1889707 Some COMPAS Board boxes contents don't match their titles
1889729 Report generation fails on totally empty phase
2013580 Word document generation fails if project code contains '/'
2037391 Bad background screen refresh when modifying an indicator
2091343 Homepage header items alignment disrupted under Firefox 3
2093079 Copyright date not up-to-date
2093085 Specific obj. deletion doesn't delete associated exp. result
2100172 Multi monitoring not handled in consult answers
2107818 Dead links towards the compas rose under Mac/Linux
2114040 Dead link to switch between key processes under Linux
2122545 'Tools' documents not translated in English

Developed features:
1781023 Attach project to its author by default
1889683 New parametrization to hide key-questions and chapters
2124190 Firefox built-in spell checker not parsing CDyn textboxes

Version 1.4, released on 2008-02-13:
Fixed bugs:
1886857	Import all data always fails the first time
1886971	Institution documents and logo not exported
1888614	Import project always fails the first time

Developed features:
1882636	New parametrization to hide unnecessary phases
1890711	Enable the Custom Report framework to welcome new models

Version 1.3, released on 2008-01-29:
Fixed bugs:
1716443	Country list: no spanish names, and display errors
1719306	Missing error message "Attachment file missing"
1719878	Specific objectives, Results and Indicators code uniqueness
1720051	Cancel indicators in the logical framework
1720166	Monitoring phase validation without any monitoring
1722671	Delete without warning in LogFrame
1725453	Spanish Translation of ADMINISTRATION label
1725467	Two labels for same title in ADMINISTRATION
1725478	Impossible to click on administration icons
1734954	Export failure on project code containing '#'
1760135	Refresh action duplicates Critical events m. after creation
1781018	"Exportar" button to replace by "Intercambio de datos"
1781029	Ajusted design attached files errors
1781030	Unable to attach a file to an empty monitoring chapter
1816521	Missing project attachment directory
1822849	Enforce single attachment rule
1823735	Backup/restore service not reliable
1823939	Spelling mistakes in French description of criteria C,G,H,J
1824842	Chapter attachments filenames with "_" cannot be download
1829096	Logical frmwk headers contain uppercase HTML entity codes
1838464	Attachment loading failure from monitoring validation page
1839223	Project import fails if user login or proj. code duplicates
1843340	Unable to un-flag a no-answer shortcut
1844134	Log. frame. not read-only when validated, locked or no right
1844862	Indicators monitoring values missing in consult document
1844866	Label "Fichier attaché" only in French in ajust design page
1852540	Phase validation possible on a locked project
1866045	Project exportation fails without a project selected
1874911	More than 8 characters password truncated for 1rst user

Developed features:
1714123	Limit Restore operation to Administrators
1720174	Replace .sqldyn extension by .cdyn
1838028	Consult phase doc pages in duplicates
1840216	Make documents optional to reduce installer size
1841045	Titles to all pages
1844138	Stronger separation of logical framework modify/delete links
1872728	Exporting a backup to initialize a duplicated database

Version 1.2.2, released on 2007-10-31:
Fixed bugs:
1720171	Destroy session on exit
1792346	No Single Form generation without full logical framework
1816613	Project import failure: undefined migrateImportedDataVerbose

Version 1.2.1, released on 2007-09-28:
Fixed bugs:
1799001	Word pasted text randomly shortened in Answers
1801860	Project without attachments exportation locks it and fails

Version 1.2, released on 2007-09-07:
Fixed bugs:
1705762	Critical event empty line (HISTORICAL)	
1705921	Identifiers Uniqueness failure (HISTORICAL)
1705962	Logical framework verification source duplicates(HISTORICAL)
1711765	Indicators "Modify" link is dead in ajust design
1711768	Unable to un-flag a critical event
1711791	Reorder critical events to match printed Compas board order
1711870	Unable to unselect a box (++/+/-/--)
1711873	Revise the characters size in the Word reports
1712180	User-Project rights not exported in project export
1712183	Users without project not displayed in Manage Users
1714135	Start new monitoring unlocked in locked project
1714155	First user creation can be ignored
1715824	Exporting for consultation unlocks locked projects
1716443	Country list: no spanish names, and display errors
1716598	Critical event monitoring displayed date is current date
1717114	Button "Créer le suivi" not translated
1717316	Infos page not translated in Spanish
1718665	Asian font in titles of Word exports
1719322	Import/Export only partially translated in Spanish
1719344	Evaluation: critical event evolution tooltip not translated
1719410	Unused documents
1719948	Deleted user can still log into Cdyn
1719957	User login uniqueness
1723292	Heterogeneous labels for section titles in Spanish
1723300	No tooltip on the sextant icon in evaluation pages
1723303	Critical ev. monit. homepage partially translated in Spanish
1724981	Paste from Word management
1725401	Comments in Analysis by criterion not saved
1725463	Lack of validation of the uniqueness of project code
1727484	No paragraph creation on 'Enter' keystroke in editor Firefox
1761864	Login page loading failure on unknown language
1763475	Monitoring validation static label
1780292	Project form: country list displayed in french only
1781088	Activities duplicated for each specif. obj. in Log. F export
1786926	English translations of Surname and Support materials

Developed features:
1711741	Monitoring phase : order of all monitoring
1711792	Reorder chronologically critical events monitorings
1711794	Evaluation : order of all evaluations
1712067	Confirmation before clearing with shortcut fullfilled answer
1714130	Add consult/modify labels to filenames of exported projects
1719946	No double-check before deleting a user
1719953	Deleted users are not deleted
1720061	New status "not taken into account" in monit. chapt.&quest.
1720076	"Generate the single form" link disabled in T2
1720149	Infos page contact links
1720155	Versioning of the Export service
1727508	Inter-paragraphs margin too wide in text editors
1760909	Add icon to item used in ECHO report
1790373	Inclusion of the User's Guide in the Printable Supports

Version 1.1, released in April 2007 (HISTORICAL):
Fixed bugs:
1705762	Critical event empty line (HISTORICAL)	
1705901	Old version displayed (HISTORICAL)	
1705921	Identifiers Uniqueness failure (HISTORICAL)	
1705930	Incorrect read-only display of subphase report (HISTORICAL)	
1705962	Logical framework verification source duplicates(HISTORICAL)	
1705987	Indicators modif. is dead link from ajust design(HISTORICAL)	
1705992	Indicators' values not displayed (HISTORICAL)	
1705995	Ajusted standard for original std in report (HISTORICAL)			
1706011	Ajusted design not available in report page (HISTORICAL)	

Developed features::
1705723	Installation language as default language (HISTORICAL)	
1705835	Remove apache service black window (HISTORICAL)	
1705911	Unlock first three phases (HISTORICAL)				

Version 1.0.1, released in February 2007 (HISTORICAL):
Fixed bugs:
1701034	Big files upload impossible (HISTORICAL)

Developed features:
1705712	New password double check (HISTORICAL)
1705723	Installation language as default language (HISTORICAL)

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