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<h1>DutchPIPE Help</h1>
When you enter this site, you are assigned a guest avatar with a random image
and random name, like Guest#465. If you like the place, you can register a name.
Your avatar is placed at the bottom of the page, with your name in bold, along
with other people who are viewing this page, and computer controlled characters
and objects on this page. Each page is a different location where people and
objects can be. People can wander from page to page, carry objects around, and
hand them over to others or drop them on the page. Just like you see other
people and what they are up to, they see you and what you're doing, and you can
communicate with them.
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You can click on all objects to make things happen. You will be shown a menu
with possible actions. Click on your avatar for general actions or actions that
apply to you. Click on other avatars to communicate with them. Click on objects
on the page or in your inventory to examine them, pick them up or give them to
someone else.
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