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<b>Standard commands:</b><br />
Avatar and display settings: <tt>settings, config</tt><br />
Examine stuff: <tt>examine <i>item</i>, look at <i>item</i></tt><br />
Pick up stuff: <tt>take <i>item</i>, take all, get <i>item</i>, get all</tt><br />
What am I carrying?: <tt>inventory, inv, i</tt><br />
Drop stuff: <tt>drop <i>item</i>, drop all</tt><br />
Give stuff to others: <tt>give <i>item</i> to <i>user</i></tt><br />
Say something to users on this page: <tt>say <i>what</i>, '<i>what</i></tt><br />
Tell to another user anywhere: <tt>tell <i>user</i> <i>what</i>, "<i>user</i> <i>what</i></tt><br />
Shout something to all users on the site: <tt>shout <i>what</i></tt><br />
Emotions: <tt>smile, grin, laugh, shrug, pat, emote</tt><br />
Read something readable: <tt>read <i>item</i></tt><br />
List of people on this site: <tt>who</tt><br />
View source of page: <tt>source</tt><br /><br />
Toggle input area mode: <tt>mode</tt><br /><br />
<tt><i>item</i></tt> can be something like <tt>beer, cool beer</tt> or <tt>beer 3</tt> to refer to the third beer. All commands are case insensitive!<br /><br />
Examples: <tt>say hello, tell guest#2 hello, get note, read note, give note to guest#2, drink beer 2</tt>
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