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  <title>Theme Editor</title>

<p>The Theme Editor lets you modify the template files, the stylesheets and the JavaScript files of the theme you are currently using..</p>

<p>The file list is divided in three sections&nbsp;:</p>
  <li>Template files : the templates</li>
  <li>CSS files : the stylesheets</li>
  <li>JavaScript files</li>

<p>The yellow bullet in front of the name of a file indicates that this file is part of the theme. The red bullet means it is a part of the parent theme. The black bullet means it is a part of the "default" theme.</p>

<p>If you modify a file belonging to the "default" theme, it will be copied into the theme you are currently using.</p>

<p>To edit a file, click on its name to display its content in the edition area. If the file can be written, you will be able to save your modifications by ckicking on "save".</p>

<p>The modifications are applied immediately after saving, so be careful.</p>

<p>To help modify your templates, you may consult the <a href="http://doc.dotclear.net/2.0/resources/templates">template tag list</a>.</p>

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