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# -- BEGIN LICENSE BLOCK ---------------------------------------
# This file is part of Dotclear 2.
# Copyright (c) 2003-2010 Olivier Meunier & Association Dotclear
# Licensed under the GPL version 2.0 license.
# See LICENSE file or
# http://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/gpl-2.0.html
# -- END LICENSE BLOCK -----------------------------------------
if (!defined('DC_RC_PATH')) { return; }

@ingroup DC_CORE
@brief Themes specific handler

Provides an specialized object to handle themes. An instance of this
class should be created when needed.

This class extends dcModules.
class dcThemes extends dcModules
	This method registers a theme in modules list. You should use this to
	register a new theme.
	<var>$parent</var> is a optional value to indicate them inheritance.
	If <var>$parent</var> is null / not set, we simply fall back to 
	the standard behavior, by using 'default'.
	<var>$priority</var> is an integer. Modules are sorted by priority and name.
	Lowest priority comes first. This property is currently ignored when dealing
	with themes.
	@param	name			<b>string</b>		Module name
	@param	desc			<b>string</b>		Module description
	@param	author		<b>string</b>		Module author name
	@param	version		<b>string</b>		Module version
	@param	parent		<b>string</b>		Module parent
	@param	priority		<b>integer</b>		Module priority
	public function registerModule($name,$desc,$author,$version,$parent = null,$priority = 1000)
		if ($this->id) {
			$this->modules[$this->id] = array(
			'root' => $this->mroot,
			'name' => $name,
			'desc' => $desc,
			'author' => $author,
			'version' => $version,
			'parent' => $parent,
			'priority' => 1000,
			'root_writable' => is_writable($this->mroot)
	Loads namespace <var>$ns</var> specific file for module with ID
	Note : actually, only 'public' namespace is supported with themes.
	@param	id		<b>string</b>		Module ID
	@param	ns		<b>string</b>		Namespace name
	public function loadNsFile($id,$ns=null)
		switch ($ns) {
			case 'public':
				$parent = $this->modules[$id]['parent'];
				if ($parent) {
					// This is not a real cascade - since we don't call loadNsFile -,
					// thus limiting inclusion process.
					// TODO : See if we have to change this.
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