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  <title>Simple Menu</title>


<h3>Simple Menu</h3>
<p>Simple Menu allows you to display on your blog a single level menu, if your theme supports it.</p>
  <dt>Menu items list</dt>
  <dd>Here are displayed your menu items. 
  You can reorder this list by dragging its items upwards or downwards. You can also modify label, description and URL of each item.
  Once done, clic on "Update menu".</dd>
  <dt>Delete selected menu items</dt>
  <dd>Allows you to delete menu items by checking the boxes next to each of them.</dd>
  <dt>Add a new menu item</dt>
  <dd>First select the type of item. Then clic on "Continue…". Then, if necessary, you may have to define a sub-type (category, page, etc). If so, do it and clic on "Continue…". Then finally you can modify proposals done for label, description (not mandatory) and URL of the menu item. Once done, clic on "Add this item".</dd>
      <li><strong>Label : </strong>Type here the anchor text. For example "Archives". This field is mandatory.</li>
      <li><strong>Description : </strong>Type here a short description for the menu item (will be displayed under Label depending on theme selected). For example "Archives from 2004 to 2011".</li>
      <li><strong>URL : </strong>Type here the item's destination. This field is mandatory.</li>

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