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  <dt>Optimize database room</dt>
  <dd>After numerous delete or update operations on Dotclear's database, it gets fragmented.
  Optimizing will allow to defragment it.<br />
  It has no incidence on your data's integrity.<br />
  It is recommended to optimize before any blog export.</dd>
  <dd>Initializing comments and trackbacks counters allows to check their exact numbers. 
  This operation can be useful when importing from another blog platform
  (or when migrating from dotclear 1 to dotclear 2).</dd>
  <dt>Search engine index</dt>
  <dd>These operations are necessary, after importing content in your blog, to use internal search engine, on public and private pages.
      <li><strong>Index all posts:</strong> allows to index all posts</li>
      <li><strong>Index all comments:</strong> allows to index all comments and trackbacks</li>
  <dt>Vacuum logs</dt>
  <dd>Logs record all activity and connection to your blog history. Unless you need to keep this history, 
  consider deleting these logs from time to time.</dd>
  <dt>Empty templates cache directory</dt>
  <dd>It may be useful to empty this cache when modifying a theme's .html or .css files (or when updating 
  a theme or plugin).<br />
  Notice : with some hosters, the templates cache cannot be emptied with this extension. 
  You may then have to delete the directory <strong>/cbtpl/</strong> directly on the server with your FTP software.</dd>
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